What Health Problems Are Caused by Obesity

Those who want to eat healthily like to consume wholesome foods together. Although a varied diet is one of the golden rules of a healthy and regular diet, it is necessary to be careful with some foods. Beneficial foods can be very beneficial when consumed together, but they can also cause health-damaging effects. Nutrition and Diet Specialists; stresses that caution should be exercised when consuming melon-watermelon, potato yogurt, and dried bean-rice dishes together. Here are the foods that should not be consumed together: Milk and chicken: Milk and chicken are among the foods rich in protein. When these two foods are consumed together, a large amount of protein is stored in the body. Yogurt and fish: According to experts, yogurt and fish are perishable products. When there is even a small amount of spoilage in one of the two foods, it has a toxic effect on the body in the other. Therefore, yogurt and fish should not be consumed together. Melon and Watermelon: According to the recommendations of experts, these products, which have diarrhea-inducing effects, should be consumed alone. Melons and watermelons; It should not be consumed with fruits, dairy products and grains.


Milk and eggs: Consuming foods high in animal protein in one meal can cause toxic wastes in the body. Therefore, it is recommended not to consume eggs and milk together in one meal. Potatoes and yogurt: Potatoes should not be consumed along with yogurt and milk. Fruits and sugary foods: Fruits with a high sugar content, such as melons, peaches and grapes, should not be consumed with sugary foods. When the amount of sugar in sugary foods is combined with the amount of sugar in the fruit, it can cause various diseases in the body.


Onion and Garlic: As two high antioxidant foods, onions and garlic should not be consumed together. Consuming onions and garlic together can cause excessive blood circulation in the body. Rice and vinegar: The fiber content of rice is quite high. When used with vinegar, the fiber value decreases.


Cucumber and Tomato: Cucumber and tomato, which we are used to consuming together for breakfast, are actually harmful to the body. Meatballs and Buttermilk: Meatballs with a high iron content should not be consumed with buttermilk. When consumed with yogurt, the iron absorption of meatballs decreases. In this case, it leads to complaints such as anemia. It is recommended to consume vegetables with meatballs and cold cuts.

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