What is a demonic dream? Reasons and prayers to be read

Demonic dreams, as the name suggests, are frightening and disturbing dreams caused by a demonic or evil presence. Such dreams often occur during sleep and create an intense sense of fear and anxiety along with the sense of reality one feels when awake. Besides being psychologically disturbing, demonic dreams are also an important religious issue.

What is a demonic dream?

Demonic dreams are scary and disturbing dreams that occur during sleep. Demonic dreams, which often create a feeling of intense fear and anxiety along with one’s sense of reality, is a problem that reduces sleep quality and negatively affects daily life. The exact cause of these dreams is not known, but some studies show that they can be associated with stress, anxiety, and depression, as well as some health issues. In this article you will learn what demonic dreams are, why they occur, their symptoms, effects and how to get rid of them.

Demonic dreams are a disturbing condition that seriously affects one’s sleep quality and in some cases leads to sleep disturbances. The most distinctive feature of these dreams is that they contain a scary and disturbing scenario that can be observed during sleep according to the reality of the person.

These dreams create an intense sense of fear and anxiety along with the sense of reality one feels when one is awake. Demonic dreams usually occur during the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) phase, which is observed for a short time during sleep, and they often disrupt the person’s sleep patterns.

Although the cause of demonic dreams is not exactly known, psychological factors such as stress, anxiety, depression and some health problems can cause these dreams to appear. Another possible reason for such dreams is the influence of demonic entities on the person. For this reason, some people believe that demonic dreams indicate the presence of a real presence.

Causes of bad dreams

Evil dream

While the causes of demonic dreams are not fully known, it is believed that they can occur due to a combination of several factors. These factors include psychological and physiological factors, changes in sleep patterns, environmental factors and mental effects.

Stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety are among the most common causes of demonic dreams. Difficulties in daily living can affect sleep patterns by increasing anxiety and stress levels. Experiencing stress and anxiety during sleep can cause demonic dreams.

Sleep disorders

Sleep disorders are considered another cause of demonic dreams. Sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, sleep paralysis, and narcolepsy reduce a person’s sleep quality and can affect activities in the REM phase. Therefore, demonic dreams are more common in people with sleep disorders.

Wrong sleeping position

Sleeping position can cause demonic dreams to appear. Sleeping on your back can induce demonic dreams, especially in people with acid reflux. In addition, pain in the neck or back during sleep can also cause demonic dreams.

Environmental factors

Environmental factors can be one of the causes of demonic dreams. Factors such as high noise level, light pollution and temperature can negatively affect sleep quality and cause demonic dreams.

Spiritual Effects

Some people believe that spiritual influences can provoke demonic dreams. Meditation, yoga and other spiritual practices can reduce the occurrence of demonic dreams by improving one’s mental state.

Effects of bad dreams

Evil dream

Demonic dreams are frightening and worrying experiences during sleep. Such dreams can have many effects on the person. Bad dreams can negatively impact the quality of daily life, have effects on mood and emotional state, and can even cause physical health problems.

Influencing sleep quality

Demonic dreams can significantly affect sleep quality. As the person experiences fear and anxiety during sleep, the quality of sleep becomes low and the person may wake up without rest. This decrease in sleep quality can cause a person to feel more fatigued and stressed in their daily life.

Influencing emotional state

Bad dreams can affect one’s mood and emotional state. Increased fear and anxiety can cause the person to feel generally unhappy or restless. Some individuals show symptoms of anxiety or depression after demonic dreams.

Reliving nightmares

Another effect of demonic dreams on a person is reliving these nightmares. The person may experience anxiety and fear again if they remember the fearful experience. This can affect the person’s daily life, making them less productive in their work and social lives.

Causing physical health problems

Demonic dreams can cause physical health problems. Increased fear and anxiety can cause heart rate to accelerate and blood pressure to rise. Also, sleep deprivation after nightmares can weaken the immune system and make it more susceptible to health problems.

Prayers for satanic dreams

Evil dream

Demonic dreams can be defined as dreams that affect people’s sleep and create feelings of fear, anxiety or discomfort. The source of such dreams can often be bad thoughts, fears or negative experiences in the person’s mind. However, sometimes there can be a demonic influence behind such dreams.

We have listed the prayers you can read after the bad dreams you see in the section below. Here are the prayers that can be read after nightmares.

Arabic pronunciation of Ayetel Kursi

  • Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.
  • Allahu la ilahe illa huvel hayyul kayyum,
  • la te’huzuhu sinetun velâ nevm,
  • lehu mâ fissemâvâti ve ma fil’ard,
  • men zellezi yesfeu indehu illâ bi’iznih,
  • ya’lemu ma beyne eydiyhim vema halfehum,
  • velâ yü-hîtûne bi’sey’im min ilmihî illâ bima şâe vesia kursiyyühüssemâvâti vel’ard,
  • velâ yeûdühû hifzuhumâ ve huvel aliyyül azim.

Ayetel Kursi Turkish Meaning

  • In the name of Allah, the Merciful and Merciful.
  • Allah, there is no god but Him; He lives, the existence of everything depends and depends on Him.
  • He neither sleeps nor sleeps.
  • Everything in the heavens and on the earth belongs to Him.
  • No one can interfere with Him except by His permission.
  • He knows what is in front of and behind them.
  • No one can fit anything of His knowledge – except whom he wills – into his knowledge.
  • His seat encompassed heaven and earth.
  • It is not difficult for him to protect them.
  • He is supreme, absolutely amazing.

Arabic pronunciation of Surah Nas

  • Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.
  • Kul e’ûzu birabbinnas.
  • melikinnas
  • divine
  • Min şerrilvesvâsil ḣannâs.
  • Elleżî yuvesvisu fî sudûrinnâs.
  • minelcinneti vennas.

Surah An-Nas Turkish Meaning

  • In the name of Allah, the Merciful and Merciful
  • Say: I seek refuge in the Lord of men,
  • To the ruler of the people,
  • To the gods of men,
  • From the evil of that sneaky whisperer.
  • It is he who whispers delusions into people’s breasts.
  • Both jinn and humans.

Recitation of Surah Ikhlas

  • Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.
  • Kul huvellahu ahad
  • Allahussamed
  • Lem yelid and lem yûled
  • I’m sure you can do it

Surah Ihlas Turkish Meaning

  • In the name of Allah, the Merciful and Merciful.
  • Participation; He is God alone.
  • Allah is complete, the same (all beings need Him, but He does not need anything).
  • She did not give birth and was not born
  • There was no match for him.

What should we do if we have bad dreams?

What should we do first when we see the dreams the devil shows us, how can we overcome this bad situation? We will try to answer your questions like this. You can contribute by writing your questions, thoughts and information you want to add in the comments section.

If you have bad dreams, never tell anyone about this dream. According to the hadith Sharif: “If an evil dreamer wakes up, he should spit on his left side three times and seek refuge with Allahu ta’ala from the evil of Satan. In this case, the dream will not harm him.) [Müslim]”Then read the prayer that dispels the satanic dream.

How do we know we have bad dreams?

The person who has a demonic dream is not feeling well, his mind is narrowed; darkness, unpleasant visions, but can also dream of morally unhealthy sensual situations. When you wake up, you will not get rid of the effects of this dream easily. For this reason, if you have bad dreams, don’t let this dream affect you, seek refuge with Allah by praying.

Who has bad dreams?

It is not right to distinguish between who has a demonic dream. As someone who has no Islamic equipment sees; It can also be seen by people who are intertwined with worship. There is even such a term. Satan associates more with worshipers because he tries to do everything in his power to lead them astray. Before going to bed, you should open your hands and pray not to see the bad dreams that everyone can see.

How to avoid bad dreams

Evil dreams are dreams that frighten us and give us bad feelings by the devil. The only way to keep the devil from taking over us is prayer. We have collected the prayers that our Prophet (saas) recited before going to bed. If you read these prayers before going to bed, you will have a peaceful sleep, protected from all evil.

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