What is a job interview? Information on techniques and types

Interviewing requires good preparation and planning. Journalists, researchers or writers research the background of the person they are going to interview, gather information about the topic and formulate questions according to the purpose of the interview. Here is the detailed information about the interview.

What is a job interview?

An interview is a type of interview conducted to gather information about a topic or event. This interview is usually conducted by a journalist, researcher or writer and is conducted with people who understand the subject.

Interviews are an important tool often used in news, magazines or books. These interviews are used to collect detailed information about an event or topic, discover the stories behind the topic, get to know interesting people and share their thoughts.

Looking at the origin of the word reportage, we see that there is the verb reportare, which is used in Latin for collect and bring. This means that the interviewer collects information from the person he is interviewing and then writes it down by adding his own opinion.

Development of the interview


Interview, which was initially worth an interview consisting of questions and answers, has become a branch based on more research, research and even research, bringing out some truths, with the development of journalism and the presentation of such works by famous literary figures. Jack London, Ernest Hemingway, Ilya Ehrenburg, Mihail Solohov and Jean-Paul Sartre are some of these names.

Many political, social, economic and cultural topics are interviewed and a good interview goes deeper into the topic. For this, a good interview writer must collect relevant documents. The interview integrates with the photos and the photo adds realism to the interview.

Interview techniques


Interviewing is not just talking and asking questions. To make an interview a success, it is necessary to use certain techniques. These techniques can improve the flow and quality of the interview and help the interviewer better capture the information they are focusing on.

1. Question preparation

The first step to a good interview is to prepare good questions. Your questions should help gain a better understanding of the topic and engage readers. You also need to be clear and specific in your questions so that your speakers can give you the right answers.

2. Listen

One of the interviewer’s most important skills is the ability to listen. Listening carefully to speakers is essential to ask the right questions and understand the answers. As you listen to your speakers, focus on what they are saying and take careful notes.

3. The right environment

It is also important to choose the right medium for the interview. Choose a quiet, calm environment so that your speakers feel comfortable and safe. Also choose a place where you can see everything during your interview, including your speaker’s facial expression and body language.

4. Open questions

Open-ended questions help speakers explain more and express their thoughts in greater detail. These types of questions improve the quality of the interview and can help your speakers think and give more interesting answers.

5. Relax the speaker

When giving an interview, it is important to put the speaker at ease. Greet your speakers warmly and build a secure relationship with them. Chatting and talking about common interests can also help speakers respond more candidly and openly.

Purpose of the conversation


The main purpose of the interview is to gather more information about a topic or event. This information can be used for writing news, articles or books. The interview can also be used to discover the stories behind the topic, get to know interesting people and share their thoughts.

The purpose of an interview is to gain a better understanding of the topic and provide readers with more information. Therefore, journalists, researchers or writers interview to collect information on the subject and address the issue from different angles. Interviews are also used to understand people’s thoughts and feelings.

Interviews can also be used to explore the background to an event or topic. This background information gives readers a better understanding and helps them understand why the topic is important.

Interview types


It is important to use certain techniques for conducting interviews. It is important to prepare good questions, listen carefully to the speakers and choose the right environment. There are also different types of job interviews. Here are the details;

News interview

One of the most important types of interviews is the news interview. It is news heavy and focused on the topic of a news article.

Dramatic interview

Another important type of interview is the dramatic interview. It has an emotional content and touches the reader with its dramatic aspect. In such interviews, the outcome of the event is given at the end of the text. Kant, the main message of the communication is given at the end.

Biographical interview

This is the kind of interview usually seen in magazines. It describes a famous person.

Historical interview

In these interviews people’s birth/death days, opening ceremonies of buildings, inventions, works of art, etc. take place.

Investigative and interpretive interview

It’s the kind of interview that takes you behind the scenes. It examines events in depth. The goal is to show what belongs to what.

Color interview

It is an interview that shows how something can be done. It appears in daily and weekly newspapers. For example the recipe.

Adventurous and personal story interview

It is about events that interest everyone, such as the journey to the moon, war events.

Interview describing a local situation

For example, issues such as how to deal with Eminönü’s waste are being looked at.

What techniques should be used when conducting an interview?

It is necessary to use techniques such as preparing good questions, listening carefully to the speakers, choosing the right environment, asking open questions and putting the speakers at ease during the interview.

What is the purpose of the conversation?

The purpose of the interview is to learn more about a particular topic or person and pass that information on to the readers.

What skills are needed to conduct a job interview?

Interviewing calls for skills such as good listening, asking the right questions, empathizing and taking notes.

What should be paid attention to when conducting an interview?

In order for the speakers to feel comfortable and safe during the interview, it is necessary to choose a quiet, calm environment, to choose a place where you can see everything, including the facial expression and body language of the speaker, to understand the speakers well ‘ answers and takes notes.

How can open questions be asked during an interview?

Open-ended questions help speakers explain more and express their thoughts in greater detail. Such questions are: “How do you feel?”, “How do you feel about this situation?” There may be questions that make speakers think more broadly.

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