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Arm wrestling is an interesting sport that requires strength and endurance. This sporting competition, where two people are placed on either side of the table, is based on lowering the opponent’s wrist to the table or taking control with a strong hold and twist. Arm wrestling is a sport that dates back to ancient times and is still followed with interest by many people. This sport, which can be played at both amateur and professional levels, not only requires strong arms and wrists; concentration, technique and strategy are also important. In this article we have collected everything you need to know about arm wrestling.

History of arm wrestling

The history of arm wrestling dates back to ancient times. In ancient Greek and Roman times, arm wrestling was a technique used in military training. It later developed in England in the 19th century and has survived as a modern day sport of arm wrestling.

In England, arm wrestling became popular, especially among miners. Workers started arm wrestling to keep their arms strong due to the harsh working conditions. Therefore, arm wrestling became a kind of social activity among the miners.

Arm wrestling spread to the United States in the early 1900s and quickly gained popularity. The world arm wrestling championship was first held in 1952, and this date gave arm wrestling recognition as a recognized sport around the world.

Today, arm wrestling is performed in many different organizations around the world. The World Arm Wrestling Federation (WAF) administers and organizes arm wrestling worldwide. In addition, many countries have national arm wrestling teams and regularly compete in international tournaments.

What is arm wrestling?

Arm wrestling information

Hand wrestling or arm wrestling, as it is commonly known, is a sport where two people try to win by placing their arms on the table and using their strength to lower the other side’s arm to the table. Today it is seen by many people as a recreational activity.

Basic rules of arm wrestling

Arm wrestling information

There are some basic rules in arm wrestling, it is very important to apply these rules correctly, wrestle safely and determine the winner correctly.

1. The wrestler’s hands must be in the center of the table.

In arm wrestling, the wrestlers’ hands must be in the center of the table. This is one of the rules necessary for an equal fight. Placing the hands in different positions can give another wrestler an advantage and an unfair fight can ensue.

2. Fingers should be open.

Keeping your fingers open while wrestling ensures that your wrists are properly grasped. This ensures that the wrestler has a strong grip as well as injury prevention. When your fingers are closed, the pressure on your wrists increases, which can lead to serious injury.

3. Elbows should be on the table.

Wrestlers’ elbows must remain stable on the table. This prevents wrestlers from moving their elbows to gain an advantage over the opponent and ensures that the fight is fair.

4. Thumbs should be on top of each other.

A strong grip in arm wrestling is achieved with well-grasped thumbs. Wrestlers’ thumbs must be on top of each other. This helps wrestlers strengthen their grip and apply pressure to their opponent’s wrist.

5. The winner of the match is the one who lowers his opponent’s ankle to the table.

In arm wrestling, the winner is determined as the one who hits the opponent’s wrist on the table. The first person to touch the table is not the winner of the match. Therefore, it is important to use a strong grip and correct technique to lower the opponent’s wrist onto the table.

Arm wrestling techniques

Arm wrestling information

First of all, one of the most basic techniques of arm wrestling, “strong palm grip”, should be emphasized. A strong palm grip can be a huge advantage in arm wrestling. For this it is important to do hand clamp exercises regularly. To strengthen the wrists, wrist curl and extension exercises should also be done.

Another important technique is “balance”. In arm wrestling, finding the right balance is of paramount importance. For this, the feet should be shoulder-width apart and the body weight should be evenly distributed. It is also important that the elbows are close to the table and the shoulders are kept as straight as possible.

Another important technique in arm wrestling is the “squeeze” technique. Squeezing is an important strategy in arm wrestling to weaken the opponent’s hand and win. This technique requires you to squeeze the wrists together tightly and pull the opponent’s wrist towards you.

Finally, “speed” techniques are also important in arm wrestling. Quick moves can be used to confuse the opponent and take control. These techniques require exercises to flex and straighten the wrists quickly.

What is arm wrestling?

Arm wrestling is a sporting event in which two people face each other. It is a power sport with the aim of lowering or controlling the opponent’s wrist on the table.

What is the origin of arm wrestling?

The origins of arm wrestling are not exactly known, but several historical sources indicate that the sport dates back to ancient times.

What Muscles Does Arm Wrestling Work?

Arm wrestling works specifically on the arm, wrist, hand and wrist muscles. Since it requires strong grip strength, it also develops the finger and palm muscles.

How to arm wrestle?

For arm wrestling you need a special table. Two people sit on opposite sides of the table, facing each other, and clasp hands. You struggle by trying to get or control the opponent’s pulse on the table.

Is arm wrestling dangerous?

Arm wrestling, like any other sport, can be safe if done correctly. However, overdoing or not warming up and stretching enough can cause serious injuries to the wrist, hand, and arm.

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