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As we all know, everything in the universe is energy. We are also energy beings, so our raw material is energy. Here, bioenergy is the low voltage magnetic energy that makes our body work.

We constantly attract this energy. This is life energy. This energy is well distributed through the chakras (energy centers) in our body.

However, when there is a blockage in these chakras for various reasons, the life energy does not flow properly. At that time, various ailments begin to appear in areas that cannot be fed with enough energy. When this energy is given from the outside through various methods in bioenergy, this blockage is overcome and that area gets better over time.

What are the benefits of bioenergy?

If everything in the universe is energy, then bioenergy can be used for any problem we can think of.

Bioenergy is effective in the problems that will arise in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. It is only used for that problem.

The benefits generally accepted so far can be listed as follows:

It strengthens the immune system, accelerates blood circulation, relieves pain, accelerates metabolism, relieves chronic fatigue, strengthens people’s magnetic field, increases people’s awareness of themselves and their environment, removes negative external factors, provides spiritual development, increases the self-confidence , cancer diseases are more common. heals quickly, helps to cure incurable diseases, charges positive energy for all mental illnesses, increases people’s faith in life, increases intelligence level by creating new neuron connections in the brain, makes easy adaptation to difficult natural conditions and climate, makes the physical body energized, institutional It helps the energy activation of workplaces, increases work performance, increases motivation, activates the numb parts of the brain, increases consciousness by making people’s brains more active, reveals hidden possibilities, speeds up the treatment system of injured people eliminate unknown diseases from the body, make it easier for people to live in harmony. It reduces people’s sexual problems, eliminates edema and gas problems in the body.

However, those into energy medicine know that you can take advantage of energy studies to attract your dreams and raise your frequency for everything.

How long does the bioenergy session last, how does it work?

Bioenergy sessions last on average between 30 minutes and 1 hour. Prior to this work, the bio-energist relaxes with techniques such as special meditation. The client lies down and the client relaxes. The bioenergist then extracts the energy from his body and applies it to the client. Of course, this application is not made randomly, it has 2 aspects. First, it ensures that the bioenergist works intuitively with the standard application in line with the patient’s problem. Different studies can be seen at different schools. In itself, however, it is all true. They all have their own logic. Although it is recommended to work between 6-8 sessions on average, this period can sometimes be shortened or extended.

What happens after the bioenergy session? How do you know if it works?

In general, our clients feel relieved from the first session. As they become more energetic, they begin to see differences in their daily lives, relationships and communication, and they look at themselves and life differently, while their pain and other complaints clearly decrease.

With all this, the process does not end after doing bioenergy work. This energy continues to work in the body. Not only the problem of the client, but also different effects arise over time. On average, this energy works in the body for up to 9 months. Most clients say their perception of various topics has increased after months.
After the initial examination, symptoms such as body warming, cooling, sweating, change in stool color and frequency, and yawning may occur, depending on the client’s condition. These effects are related to the rotation of energy within. Its absence does not mean that the work is ineffective. Symptoms can vary from person to person.

Who can make bioenergy?

Today, many people try to do this through videos circulating on the Internet. It can be partially. However, working with energies is a lot of fun, but if not done correctly, negative energy can cause illness in us. For this technique, which can be easily learned by anyone, it is important to receive training from an expert who can approach it scientifically.

Bioenergy can be made by anyone. However, it is like building muscle. The more you do, the stronger your energy field will be. And more energy begins to flow through your hands.

Therefore, instead of just explaining the use of bioenergy in the given trainings, it is aimed at strengthening the energy fields of the people who come through meditation techniques by doing many exercises. In addition, many elements are mentioned that they should include in their daily life where they can keep their energy.

When you learn bioenergy, you don’t just have to do it to others and do this job as a profession. You can also apply for yourself and create great changes in your life.

Energy knows no time and space, it does not take any form. Therefore, it is possible to work remotely and hold sessions.

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