What is biokinesis, how is it done? Benefits and Effects

What is biokinesis and how is it done?

Biokinesis is wondered by many, but it is a subject full of unknowns. Essentially, biokinesis is the domination of the human body by harnessing the power of thought. So do you guys really know the meaning of biokinesis and how it works?

Here’s what obscure biokinesis is and how to do it:

What is Biokinesis?

“Biokinesis” is the control of the body using the power of thought. Some may think that we already control our bodies, but our bodies allow us to intervene to some extent. For example, the movement of our internal organs or body temperature is beyond our control. In fact, the term beyond our control is inappropriate because it is all controlled by our brain.

With this control of the brain, it manages our thought control separately. The body is like a machine, it has a biological clock. When he is tired he wants to sleep, when his energy is gone he wants to eat. The circulatory or other systems are established systems and work in a certain order. You can improve or disrupt the way these systems work with the harmful factors you inflict on your own body from the outside, but you cannot take control whenever you want.

Benefits of Biokinesis


Biokinesis is a method that measures and analyzes the physical movements and muscle activities of the body. This method is used to increase the functionality of the human body, treat health problems and improve sports performance. Here are some of the benefits biokinesis offers:

1. Increases muscle strength

Biokinesis is an effective method of increasing muscle strength. Thanks to biokinesis measurements, detailed information about the strength, capacity and performance of the muscles can be obtained. This data helps to increase muscle strength by creating appropriate exercise programs.

2. Improves range of motion

Biokinesis is also used to improve range of motion. Range of motion refers to how comfortably and easily the body can perform certain movements. Biokinesis measurements detect which areas have movement problems and help solve those problems with appropriate exercises.

3. Corrects posture

Biokinesis is also used to correct posture. Improper posture can cause back and neck pain and other health problems. Biokinesis measurements detect posture problems and help correct posture with appropriate exercises.

4. Treats health problems

Biokinesis is also used to treat health problems. Especially in patients with musculoskeletal problems, problems with the biokinesis method are identified and appropriate exercises and treatment plans are drawn up. In this way, the healing process of patients is accelerated and health problems are reduced.

5. Improves sports performance

Biokinesis is also used to improve the performance of athletes. To optimize factors such as muscle strength, coordination and range of motion of athletes, biokinesis measurements are performed and appropriate exercise programs are drawn up. In this way, the performance of the athletes increases and the risk of injuries decreases.

What is Imagination?


Imagination is production. All you need to create is your imagination. In other words, you can feel the story you designed with your imagination. Imagination works except for the 5 senses of man. The point is to bring your imagination to your 5 senses. The power of the imagination is a power inherent in every human being, but then it shrivels up because it is not used or it is used unconsciously. Learning to master it takes effort and time. Everything in the universe consists of energy. While there are situations that cannot be explained in physics, this is an accepted fact. Dreams produced by our brain are actually energy.

Scientists have stated in their recent studies that energy is constant and we see it as our brain perceives it. It is even claimed that even colors are a game of our brain. When you can control the energy, you can direct it. That’s what is done with biokinesis. It transforms the energy you imagine into tangible energy by directing it and creating changes.

How to develop imagination and biokinesis?


Imagination strengthens your imagination and gives you a different perspective. You learn to look at things from different angles. As we mentioned above, it’s not just about the changes that need to be made in the body. Take control of your stress, joy of life, balance, etc. You can also improve many of your emotional activities. So, what are biokinesis and imagination techniques? First you need to start with relaxation. It can provide relaxation during physical movements. You need to relax your body and mind with the help of music or scents that will help you relax in an environment that will motivate you. Meditation and yoga are concepts that arose in this way. You can get real relief by trying this one.

Another important point is breath control. If you breathe properly, you will notice that your relaxation and mental control increase. Breath is the fuel of body and mind. Learning to breathe properly is important for physical and mental health. The other problem is to concentrate on thinking. You need to focus on what needs to be on your mind right now. This is not easy under the stress of everyday life. Therefore, you must first learn to burn bad thoughts with your breath. You should try to get away from other thoughts in your head and move on to the subject you are going to focus on when you clear your mind.

Another problem is worship. Yoga is a form of worship that originated with Buddhism at its core. Prayer in Islam is also a focus. When you pray, you are actually meditating. Praying means putting aside the worldly thoughts in your mind and turning to Allah at that moment, being able to enter into His presence. Prayer in all religions is also a transmission of energy. It is important to concentrate while praying. “If you pray sincerely, it will be accepted.” The source of his treatise actually agrees with what we have said.

What can be done with biokinesis?


Here, biokinesis is the ability to control the entire brain. You do this with your mind. You can change the events in your body, you can improve your body. For example, you can accelerate the regeneration of your cells, “change your eye color” or even strengthen your body against diseases. It may seem crazy, but there are people who do this. Although it is a situation related to talent, people with talent also have to put time and effort into it. It can take months or even years to achieve this control.

1. Feel no pain

Things to do with biokinesis are of the kind that would be called impossible. People who learn to control the ability of biokinesis can make changes in their bodies that normal people cannot. For example, they can eliminate the feeling of pain. Think of people who walk on fire or can hold glowing objects with their hands. We thought that the coal he took in his hand did not burn his hand. The answer to that is biokinesis. If you manage to convince your brain with your imagination, the glowing object may not be so hot for you. In another way, you can reduce or completely eliminate the feeling of pain.

2. Change eye color

Again, it is possible to change the eye color. Do not change from black to brown or blue to green. It is possible to transform it into the color you want with your imagination. There are many people who have learned and tried these techniques and have been successful. This color change is not permanent. In the beginning there are 15-20 minute changes, but as you learn to use your skill it is possible to move it to 1-2 hours.

3. Heart rate and body temperature monitoring

Buddhist Shaolin monks in the Far East can control their heart rate up to 13 beats per minute. This heart rate is far below what a human can normally tolerate. Breathing and slowing down circulation causes your temperature to drop and your organs can’t work properly, but time stops for them and they can meditate for a long time without eating or drinking. Likewise, priests can increase their body temperature by increasing their heart rate. In the winter of 1985, a group of scientists from Harvard Medical School decides to conduct an unimaginable experiment on a group of Buddhist monks at a temple in the Himalayas.

The team, seeing that these Buddhist monks did not get cold by meditating at -25 degrees, even though they had very little clothing on, were shocked to see another priest walk between them and wrap them one by one in sheets soaked in water. in cold water. The team watching the meditation saw the priests begin to sweat as they waited for chills or shivering. Steam begins to rise from the wet sheets and the sheets begin to dry. In this all-night experiment, some priests dried two sheets, others dried three. The relaxed attitude of the priests to this experiment, which could harm a normal human being, was enough to astonish the scientists.

4. Treating Diseases

Diseases cause disturbances in the body system. It is possible to cure these disturbances with biokinesis. It is also possible to regenerate cancerous tissue if you are at the highest level in this area, instead of illnesses such as normal flu or cold. Blood pressure, sugar, hormonal disorders are caused by the malfunction of organs or glands or genetically.

Biokinesis allows you to regulate the work of organs and glands. This ability knows no bounds. If the person wishes, he may have the opportunity to prevent diseases transmitted by interfering with hypersensitive ears, eyes with improved vision and even his genetic structure. Ensuring that all of these checks are skills that can be developed with time and effort.

It is also important that you are able to do this. Not everyone who tries will be successful. If you feel this ability within yourself, it is not too late. If you focus on it and persevere patiently, you too can succeed.

How is biokinesis applied?

Biokinesis is practiced by experts. Usually, movements are measured by means of sensors placed on certain parts of the body. These measurements are analyzed using computer programs and detailed information about the body’s functionality is obtained.

For what purposes is biokinesis used?

Biokinesis is used to increase muscle strength, improve range of motion, correct posture, treat health conditions, and improve sports performance.

Who Can Use Biokinesis?

Biokinesis can be used by anyone. In particular, patients with musculoskeletal problems, athletes and people who want to exercise can benefit from the biokinesis method.

How effective is biokinesis?

Biokinesis is an effective method to increase the functionality of the body, treat health problems and improve sports performance. However, each person’s body structure and condition is different. Therefore, the effect of biokinesis can vary from person to person.

Are there any risks in applying biokinesis?

Biokinesis exercises are generally safe and pose no risks. However, some sensitivity and discomfort may be felt during application. Therefore, the application of biokinesis should be done by experts and should be planned according to the health status of the patients.

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