What is burnout syndrome, what are the symptoms?

The most common symptoms of burnout syndrome are not being able to enjoy and enjoy life, constantly focusing on the negative, often feeling unhappy, not being able to do even the daily tasks that were done before, constant sleepiness, intense anxiety and restlessness.


First, realistically examine what makes you feel tired, unhappy, exhausted, and exhausted. This situation can be illustrated as incompatibility with your spouse, tough circumstances in your business life, financial worries, problems with your family. Then analyze the meanings you attribute to this situation you discovered. If you feel the need to please constantly, try to catch up and control it; you are in a perfectionist endeavor and you run out quickly.

1- Don’t ignore your own needs, think of yourself. If you want to meet the needs of others, start by meeting your own needs first.
2- Instead of focusing on pleasing everyone, focus on pleasing yourself first.
3- It is not possible to keep track of everything in your daily life. Even when you grow up, you forget yourself.
4- You don’t have to do things that don’t like you, that make you tired and upset, you have to say no when necessary.
5- Make a list of what to do during the day. This makes it easier for you to track them.
6- Give yourself daily breaks and rest.
7- Don’t compare yourself to other people as you may feel inadequate.

Expert psychologist Kaan Üçyıldız said: “Remember! If you try to keep up with everything and everyone, you will be too late for yourself. Catch up with yourself first, then you can easily catch up with others. In short, the person who knows your worth will not tire you, but the person who does not know your worth will tire you. No matter what you do to him, you will not be able to achieve and create him. on the contrary, it can lead to more serious physical or psychological conditions.If you have been feeling many of the mentioned symptoms for a long time, it is helpful for you to get support from a mental health professional.

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