What is business insurance, how is it calculated and what does it cover?

Workplaces are high-risk areas. Negative events such as fire, earthquake, theft and terrorist attacks are among the situations most affected by workplaces. Companies apply for Workplace Insurance to take precautions against the possible consequences of such events and to minimize material damage. Workplace Insurance ensures that companies are insured against adverse events that may occur and that material damage is covered.

Our content, which we have prepared based on all of these, contains information about employment insurance.

What is occupational accident insurance?

Workplace insurance is a type of insurance that aims to protect entrepreneurs against the risks that await their workplace. This insurance is drawn up depending on the industry in which the company is active and the risk analysis. Workplace Insurance can make the policy comprehensive by taking into account the risk factors in the region where the company is located. This type of insurance provides security to entrepreneurs by covering various situations.

What does the occupational accident insurance cover?

Workplace Insurance is designed to cover many adverse situations. Businesses can secure more situations by expanding policy coverage. In general, employment insurance covers the following situations:

1. Fire

Fire in the workplace is one of the most common risks. The Workplace Insurance reimburses within the limits set in the policy in the event of fire, unless there is a case of unintentional damage.

2. Internal flooding

Some businesses may be at risk of flooding due to their location or climatic conditions. The Employment Insurance also covers such situations.

3. Strikes, Lockouts, Terrorist Incidents

Businesses are protected against malicious strikes, terrorist incidents and lockouts. This insurance pays compensation to the owner of the business in such events that may occur.

4. Landslide

In the event of landslides due to natural disasters or third party errors, the material damage suffered by the company is covered by the labor insurance.

5. Earthquake

Earthquake is a natural disaster that can cause great damage to workplaces. Workplace Insurance covers the damage caused by the earthquake within the limits stated in the policy.

6. Lightning strike

A lightning strike, which may occur due to climatic conditions, can cause material damage to the workshop. Workplace insurance covers damage caused by lightning strikes.

7. Explosion

Property damage as a result of natural gas, cylinder gas, gas or boiler explosions in workplaces where there is a risk of fire is also covered by the workshop insurance.

8. Thunderstorm

Material damage that occurs as a result of the occurrence of the storm near the workshop and the objects caused by the storm that hit the workshop are also covered by the workshop insurance.

9. Snow Weight

Heavy loads on the roof of the workshop due to heavy snowfall in winter can cause serious material damage. Workplace insurance provides a great benefit to the company by covering such situations.

10. Glass breakage

Damage caused by the (unintentional) breaking of windows on the work floor for whatever reason is covered by the work floor insurance.

11. Debris removal

When clearing rubble in the context of the workshop insurance, the insurance comes into the picture and supports the entrepreneur.

12. Vehicle Accident

Vehicle collisions, which often occur near the road where workshops are located, can cause serious damage. Companies that take out workplace insurance are also insured by insuring these situations.

What is occupational accident insurance?

Documents required for workplace insurance

Documents that the insurance company may request when taking out occupational accident insurance are:

  • construction value
  • Assets, machinery and commodity value
  • decoration value
  • Work area of ​​the workshop
  • Trade name
  • Precautions against theft and fire
  • TR ID number for individuals, tax number for companies

These documents are requested by the insurance company to assess the value of the company and the risks. The provision of correct and complete documents is important for the correct preparation of occupational accident insurance and for determining appropriate premiums.

What is occupational accident insurance?

How is employment insurance calculated?

Workplace insurance is calculated differently than other types of insurance and several factors are taken into account when determining the policy premium. Calculations are made by taking into account details such as the area of ​​activity of the workplace, risk analysis and the region where the workplace is located. The insurance premiums of workplaces with special conditions such as terrorist incidents, regions in the risk group and other workplaces differ.

Is business insurance mandatory?

While not a legal requirement, employment insurance is a type of insurance recommended for business owners to protect against high risk. Entrepreneurs prefer workplace insurance to avoid financial losses and potential legal issues that may arise due to unexpected events that may occur in the workplace.

How is the workplace insurance premium calculated?

The workplace insurance premium is calculated on the basis of, among other things, the area of ​​activity, the location, the size and the risk profile of your company.

How long is the Workplace Insurance valid?

Workplace insurance policies are usually issued annually. Continuity is guaranteed by policy renewals.

What does the workplace insurance premium depend on?

The premium for Workplace Insurance may vary depending on factors such as your company’s risk profile, structural features, size of the company, equipment used and the breadth of insurance coverage.

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