What is Central Voice Over? Construction and working system

A telephone exchange address system is a telephone system that helps a business communicate with its customers and manage calls. These systems are used to improve customer service, reduce personnel costs and reflect the professional image of companies.

What is Central Voice Over?

Central Public Address is an automatic voice response system or an interactive voice response system used in a telephone system. These systems allow a caller to take action by selecting from a menu or dialing a number. Requests from callers, such as calling a department or making an appointment, are forwarded to the central address system. These systems are used to streamline the call management processes of many companies.

It allows the company to communicate with its customers through a telephone system. These systems help businesses improve customer service, answer calls faster and more efficiently, and increase customer satisfaction. It also helps companies reduce staff costs and answer more calls with fewer staff.

Central address systems respond to callers’ demands by following a menu configured in a particular way. These menus are used to direct callers to the correct department or person. Menus often contain several options and callers can decide which option is most appropriate. These menus can also contain information such as opening hours, holidays and more.

It helps companies make customer service more effective while also reflecting the corporate image. A good voice-over system shows that the business is professional, organized and involved. For this reason, it is very important for companies to make a good sound recording and correct configuration of the central audio system.

How does the central public address system work?

Central voice over

The central public address system consists of many components. Typically, a switched telephone exchange, a computer connected to a voice response system, and a sound card are used. Voice response systems use software to manage the call. This software performs functions such as creating a menu and directing callers to the correct department.

The principle of operation of the system is quite simple. The caller picks up the phone and connects to the telephone exchange. The exchange automatically transfers the call and directs the caller to a menu. The menu usually contains several options. The caller listens to the options and chooses the most appropriate option. This option is forwarded to a department to fulfill the caller’s request.

Let’s take an example of a caller looking for a department. The caller chooses from a menu and chooses customer service. The switchboard transfers the call to customer service and connects to the customer service representative. The agent listens to the caller’s request and takes the necessary steps to assist them.

How is the central voice recording made?

Central voice over

Audio recordings from the telephone exchange are a professional means of communication that companies can offer to their customers. These records can be used in corporate call centers, automatic response systems, telephone exchanges, and many similar places. So, how do you make a central voice recording? These are the phases:

Scenario preparation

Before you record the central voice-over, it is important to prepare a screenplay. The script contains the text that the voice-over must read. These texts may contain messages, explanations, options and similar elements aimed at customers.

Voice artist selection

Once the script is ready, it will be necessary to choose a voice actor. A professional voice actor can accurately convey the company’s message. With factors such as correct intonation, emphasis and pronunciation, it also makes the message more effective.

Recording equipment

After a voice actor has been selected, the recording equipment must be prepared. Many different microphone and recording device options are available. For best results, it is important to use professional recording equipment.

Registration place preparation

It is important to choose a place to register. Ideal is a place where the sound reverberates, such as a closed room or studio. It is also important to avoid outside noises and other noise sources.


When everything is ready, you can start recording. While the voice actor reads the script, the tape recorder records the sound. At this stage, proper emphasis, intonation, and pronunciation ensure that the message is conveyed more effectively.

Edit Registry

Professional editing may be required after registration. The editing process can include trimming unnecessary sounds in the recording, editing the sound, and so on. This process ensures that the final recording looks better quality and more professional.

In which sectors is Central Audio used?

Central voice over

Central public address systems are a technology used in many different sectors. These systems help businesses communicate more effectively with their customers and manage conversations more efficiently. Well, in which industries are central speech systems used? Here are some examples:

Financial sector

Banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions communicate frequently with their customers and the quality of customer service can determine the customer experience. PBX systems help customers conduct their transactions quickly and easily and allow customer service to be managed more effectively.

Telecommunications industry

Telecom companies have a lot of contact with their customers and therefore receive many calls. PBX systems help efficiently manage customer service and improve customer experiences.

E-commerce sector

E-commerce companies reach their customers through many channels and customer service is vital to the success of the business. PBX systems simplify customer service management and improve customer experiences.

Health sector

Healthcare organizations have a lot of contact with their patients and therefore receive many calls. Central public address systems help patients easily book appointments, exams and other transactions and enable healthcare facilities to manage calls more effectively.


Retail companies have a lot of contact with their customers and receive a lot of phone calls. PBX systems allow customers to easily process orders, returns, and other transactions and allow retail businesses to manage their calls more efficiently.

What is IVR (Voice Response System)?

Central voice over

It describes the technology of interactive voice response, which allows people to interact with computers by using their voice or using them through a phone’s keypad. Voice response systems are often used to reduce costs and improve customer experiences in high volume call centers.

Voice response systems allow customers to provide critical information, direct themselves to top-quality representatives, and complete simple tasks (such as making a credit card payment) before they arrive.

This frees up agents to handle more customer issues while reducing the amount of time it takes to provide service. While IVR systems are commonly used in large-scale corporate sales organizations, even small businesses have found value in IVR technology because it makes them appear larger than they actually are.

What does central voice-over do?

Switchboard voice over is used to accurately convey the messages that a company will forward to its customers. These messages can be used to direct customers to a specific department, take a specific action, or learn more about the company.

How do you make a central voice recording?

First of all, a scenario has to be prepared to record the central voice-over. The scenario contains messages to be forwarded to customers. Then a voice actor is selected and recording equipment is prepared. Recording requires an indoor space or studio. Finally, the recorded audio recording is professionally edited.

Why is central voice-over important?

Central voice-over helps a company to get a professional image. Recordings made with the correct intonation, emphasis and pronunciation give clients the feeling of providing a professional service.

In which sectors is central voice-over used?

Central voice over can be used in many industries. These include the banking, telecommunications, healthcare, education, travel and retail sectors. Also, voiceover from the switchboard is required if a company uses customer service or a call center.

How long does it take to prepare the central voice recording?

The preparation time for the central voice recording depends on the needs of the company and the length of the message to be recorded. In general, the preparation time for recording can vary from a few hours to a few days.

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