What is clubhouse? Invitation benefits and information

Clubhouse, which appeared in 2020, is one of the most talked about social media applications in recent days. This application, which is distinct from Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, does not use any photo and video sharing features, but instead offers the ability to communicate through voice chat rooms. What is clubhouse and how is it used? How do I get invitations to access the Clubhouse?

What is clubhouse?

With the rapid development of social media, people started looking for new ways to communicate. Clubhouse was created as a result of this search. Clubhouse is a voice-based social media platform that allows users to interact with each other through interactive conversation spaces. Released in 2020, this application gained huge popularity in a short time and was used by millions of people.

The most notable thing about Clubhouse is that users can participate in real-time voice chats. The platform offers interactive audio spaces that take place between a speaker and listener. Anyone can create a space on a topic they want and provide the opportunity to speak to the participants. Rooms can be about any topic: art, technology, sports, business and more. Clubhouse users can join rooms based on their interests, participate in conversations as listeners or active, and share their ideas.

Clubhouse has gained a large following, especially among celebrities, entrepreneurs, industry leaders and experts. The app gives users a chance to interact directly with different personalities from all over the world while also sharing information and networking. Conversations that take place in the clubhouse are often held in a friendly, relaxed and less regimented atmosphere, providing a unique experience for the users.

Clubhouse use is currently limited to the invitation system only. That is, you must receive an invitation to access the app. However, this limitation has made Clubhouse more attractive and intriguing, creating a desire and anticipation among users.

How do you use the clubhouse?


Clubhouse is a voice-based communication application that offers a different experience than popular social media platforms. Here are the basic steps to use Clubhouse:

1. Create an account

To start using Clubhouse, you must first create an account. After downloading the Clubhouse app you will be prompted to enter your name, username and phone number. After registration is complete and an invitation code is required, you can enter it.

2. Make profile settings

You can introduce yourself by editing your Clubhouse profile. You can add your name, username, a photo and a short biography to your profile. The information in your profile is visible to other users and is an important element to promote you.

3. Newst exploring rooms

Clubhouse is a platform with rooms on different topics. You will see suggested rooms on your home screen and the search option will help you find rooms that match your interests. You can enter the room to monitor conversations in the rooms.

4. Join rooms and chat

When you join a room, you can listen to speakers and participate in conversations. Speakers can interact with the audience and answer questions while delivering their speeches. If you want to participate as a speaker, the venue manager can put you on stage as a speaker.

Attend 5 events

Events and communities are also available at the clubhouse. Participating in events gives you access to private chats and panel discussions. By joining communities, you can regularly access conversations about your interests and connect with community members.

How do I get the Clubhouse invite code?


Although Clubhouse is a popular social media platform, it uses an invitation system that restricts access. To access the application, you must receive an invite code. Here are some steps to get the clubhouse invite code:

Contact us

The first step is to let them know you want to use Clubhouse and request an invite code. If you have connections with Clubhouse users, it may be a good option to message or email them about this. You can also search for users who share Clubhouse invite codes on social media platforms and apply directly to them.

Wait and watch

Clubhouse invite codes are shared in limited numbers by existing users. After requesting an invitation, you may have to wait a while. You’ll be notified when someone with an invite code adds you to their list or sends you an invite. Stay tuned to Clubhouse during this time, as invite codes can sometimes be distributed through official accounts or events.

Join communities

The clubhouse offers communities and events on various topics. By joining these communities, you can participate in conversations about your interests, share valuable information, and connect with new people. Actively participating in communities can increase your chances of connecting with more users and thus getting an invite code.

Watch Clubhouse Events

Clubhouse hosts events from time to time and may distribute special invite codes. Participating in pre-announced events will increase your chances of getting an invite code. By following Clubhouse’s official accounts, you can access up-to-date information on events and code distributions.

Benefits of using a clubhouse


Clubhouse is a voice-based communication platform that offers a different experience than traditional social media platforms. Here are some benefits of using Clubhouse:

  • Clubhouse allows users to interact live with its interactive rooms with real-time voice chats.
  • It allows you to instantly share your ideas, talk directly to other users and participate in conversations that match your interests.
  • Hearing the voice and interacting directly with the speakers creates a more intimate and in-depth communication experience.
  • Clubhouse is a platform where experts, market leaders and interesting personalities come together.
  • It’s a great opportunity to learn and share knowledge.
  • By participating in the spaces organized in the Clubhouse, you can listen to valuable information, practical advice and experiences from experts in their field.
  • You can ask your own questions and actively participate in discussions.
  • Clubhouse offers the opportunity to make new connections and networks between people.
  • You can meet and interact with like-minded people by joining rooms that match your interests.
  • It increases your chances of connecting with new business partners, mentors, potential clients or people with common interests.
  • With Clubhouse you can connect with people from different industries and gain access to a wider professional network.
  • Clubhouse is a platform with rooms on a wide variety of topics.
  • By choosing the ones that suit your interests, you can listen to the speeches and valuable content of experts in the field.
  • Clubhouse provides users with easy access to real-time and high-quality content on many different topics.

How to join the clubhouse?


While Clubhouse is a popular social media platform, the membership process is a bit different. Here are the steps you need to follow to join Clubhouse:

Download and register

To join Clubhouse, you must first download the application. You can get started by searching for the Clubhouse app in the App Store or downloading it directly, as Clubhouse is only available for iOS devices. After downloading the app you need to register. When registering, you may be asked to enter your name, phone number and, if an invite code is required, the invite code.

Invitation Code

Clubhouse limits its memberships to the invitation system. If you already have the invite code, you can enter the invite code during registration. If you don’t have an invite code, you may have to wait for an invite. If you have connections between Clubhouse users, you can request an invite code from them or search for users who have shared Clubhouse invite codes on social media platforms.


After registration is complete, you can create your Clubhouse profile. In your profile you can add your name, username, photo and a short biography. Editing your profile allows you to introduce yourself to other Clubhouse users and share your interests.

Follow your interests

Clubhouse offers rooms with conversations on different topics. You can search the clubhouse or view suggested rooms to find rooms that match your interests and hobbies. Following topics that are of interest to you gives you access to interesting and valuable conversations.

Join rooms and communicate

Once you are a member of the clubhouse, you can join different rooms and participate in conversations as an audience member or speaker. Clubhouse provides a platform to interact with other users and share your ideas.

How does the clubhouse invite system work?

The main feature that sets the application apart from other popular social media applications is the invitation system. For now, you can only log into the system with one member’s invitation. Each new member is entitled to 2 invitations. The most important thing to note is that the person you are going to invite is also registered in your directory.

Will the clubhouse be eligible for new invites in the future?

Users will be able to earn new invites in the coming days, apart from the 2 entitlements they get when they join for the first time. There is no clear information on whether there is a factor for this.

When is Clubhouse coming to Android phones?

As we mentioned in our article, the application can only be downloaded to iPhone devices. Alpha Exploration, the owner of the application, announced on social media that this application will also be coming to Android devices in the coming days. If the project is realized in a short period of time, it will come as no surprise that it will compete with the social media accounts that are actively used today.

Will there be a donation system for the Clubhouse Application?

Although it is a new application, one of the mentioned events about Clubhouse, which has reached huge masses in a short time, is the donation system. It is said that it will be a system similar to the Twitch application. Donations can be sent to users who regularly produce content and create chat rooms through Clubhouse.

Can Clubhouse be added to Twitter and Instagram profiles?

You can link the Clubhouse application to your Twitter and Instagram accounts that you have already used. Thanks to this system, you can share the chat rooms you create with other social media accounts and appeal to a wider audience. The main issue that should not be forgotten here is that the people who come to your chat room have a membership in the application.

Is future chat planned?

While you can create instant chat rooms through the Clubhouse application, it is also possible to schedule future broadcasts. For example, reminder notifications will be sent to the users who follow you before the broadcast.

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