What is Coffee Fortune? Information about the history and how to watch

Coffee fortune telling is a tradition that is very popular all over the world. Coffee fortune telling is an application based on making predictions about the future by looking at the symbols of the coffee sediments in the cup. However, there is no definitive information about the origin of this tradition.

What is Coffee Fortune?

Coffee Divination is a popular tradition that has been practiced in Turkish culture for centuries. Coffee Fortune is a practice based on predicting one’s future by looking at the coffee grounds in the cup.

Coffee Fortune is an application that helps a person to get an idea about his life and get clues about his future. The fortune teller examines the coffee grounds in the cup and makes comments about the positive and negative developments that may occur in the person’s life.

It is widely practiced in Turkish culture and is a fun hobby for many people. Traditionally, Coffee Horoscope has been known as an activity among friends at home or in cafes. Therefore, Coffee Horoscope can be seen not only as a form of entertainment, but also as a social activity.

Coffee Horoscope’s popularity continues to this day. There are many applications and sites that watch Coffee Fortune on the internet. These apps usually work when the person uploads the coffee grounds as a photo and submits it for a fortune teller to interpret.

History of Coffee Divination

Coffee fortune telling

The tradition of coffee divination is said to have originated in Yemen in the 16th century. Arabs living in Yemen used to grind coffee beans and boil them with water. This drink had an important place in many respects. In particular, it had become an indispensable part of social life.

Coffee was served in the form of a dinner in Yemen. In these invitations, the coffee served to the guests in special cups had a special significance. Guests used these special style coffee cups prepared especially for them. This particular style involved making predictions about the future by looking at the shapes of the sediments at the bottom of the cup.

The tradition of coffee divination spread from Yemen to the Ottoman Empire and from there to the rest of the world. Especially in Turkey, it has become a common practice. In Turkey it is practiced in the form of shaking the coffee cup by turning it upside down, reading the symbols by turning the cup over and making comments about the future.

Today, the tradition of coffee fortune telling is still gaining popularity all over the world. Apart from being a fun activity for many people, fortune telling is also seen as a way to have an idea about personal development and the future.

Fortune Why sin?

Coffee fortune telling

Hz. When Muhammad spread Islam, when new Muslims asked him about divination; ʺAccepting the singing or flying of a bird as unlucky, divination with small stones, drawing shapes on the sand and judging the future from them is magic and prophecy.ʺ and ‘Fortunates are nothing.’ With this short and concise hadith about divination, it can be seen that according to Islam, divination is haram because only God knows the future.

What Does Fortune Look Like?

Coffee fortune telling

Coffee Divination is a popular tradition that has been practiced in Turkish culture for centuries. Coffee Fortune is a practice based on predicting one’s future by looking at the coffee grounds in the cup.

For coffee divination, coffee is first prepared and drunk. Then the cup is turned upside down and placed on the plate and the coffee grounds are spread in the cup. Divination is based on the distribution of lands. In fortune telling, the handle of the cup is first turned towards the person and the ground is read from the top part of the cup.

The shapes and patterns of the terrain give clues to the fortune teller about the person’s future. In divination, attention is paid to the handle of the cup, the outline of the cup, the traces the cup leaves on the board and the meaning of the shapes in the terrain.

For example, the shape of a snake around the handle is usually interpreted as a harbinger of bad news, while the traces left by the cup on the plate in the shape of a heart can indicate that the person will be lucky in love life in the near future. future.

Divination is an art that requires some experience and intuition. However, the most important thing to consider when looking at fortune telling is that fortune telling is just for fun and life decisions should never be based on fortune telling results.

Coffee Horoscope Symbols

Coffee fortune telling

Coffee fortune telling is a method used to predict the future through the interpretation of a cup of coffee grounds. In coffee fortune telling, various symbols found in coffee grounds are interpreted to give clues as to what might happen in a person’s life. Coffee fortune symbols are one of the most important elements for fortune tellers to interpret.

Here are some symbols commonly seen in the coffee fortune:


In coffee fortune, the bird means freedom, new beginnings, hope and inspiration. But in some cases, the bird symbol can also mean separation or longing.


The symbol of a snake in coffee grounds can indicate a danger or obstacle in someone’s life. At the same time, the snake symbol can represent fears or doubts in one’s inner world.


In coffee fortune, the heart symbol can be related to one’s romantic life. This symbol indicates that the person has a feeling of love, passion or intimacy.


The symbol of a horse in coffee grounds indicates that the person will have an important journey or make a change in the coming days. At the same time, the horse symbol represents one’s courage and strength.


The symbol of fish in coffee fortune signifies abundance, fertility and wealth. This symbol indicates that the person will be financially successful.

How do you view the coffee fortune?

Divination is based on the interpretation of the coffee grounds in the cup. The coffee grounds that are put into the coffee cup are spread in the cup in a certain order, so that after a few minutes it runs over the cup and these shapes are interpreted.

Does fortune telling on coffee really give accurate results?

Fortune telling is a fun and interesting activity for many people. However, it does not have the power to draw definitive conclusions about the future and is based entirely on personal interpretation.

Is it necessary to use special coffee for coffee fortune telling?

It is not necessary to use special coffee for coffee fortune telling. However, Turkish coffee is preferred because the grounds are denser and clearer shapes are formed.

What symbols mean in fortune telling about coffee?

The meaning of the symbols in the coffee fortune can differ per interpreter. However, some symbols have generally accepted meanings. For example, the bird symbol can represent travel, the flower symbol for love and happiness, and the snake symbol for danger and risk.

Is there any special skill required to interpret the coffee fortune?

No special skill is required to interpret coffee fortunes. However, since the interpretation process is based on personal interpretation, the interpreter must be experienced and know the meaning of the symbols well.

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