What is Compulsory Earthquake Insurance (DASK)? ROOF How much?

Earthquakes are natural disasters that can cause significant damage and loss in many countries every year. In regions with a high earthquake risk, such as Turkey, it is very important to provide financial security against earthquakes. This is exactly where the Mandatory Earthquake Insurance (DASK) comes into play.

TCIP is a guarantee system that aims to cover material damage caused by earthquakes. This insurance offers protection against major risks such as earthquake, tsunami and fire, but also against damage caused by earthquakes.

Therefore, in our content we will discuss in more detail what TCIP is, how it is done, its objectives and damage detection and investigation processes.

What is TCP?

TCIP is an insurance system that aims to cover property damage caused by earthquakes in Turkey. The main purpose of TCIP is to offset the damage caused during earthquakes and ensure that life returns to normal. This insurance provides security against earthquakes and other risks that may occur as a result of an earthquake. In particular, situations such as earthquakes, tsunamis and fire can contribute to the devastating effects of an earthquake. TCIP helps people return to normal life by providing compensation in cases such as partially damaged or uninhabitable homes.

What is Compulsory Earthquake Insurance?

Compulsory earthquake insurance is an insurance system developed to protect people living in buildings in Turkey against earthquake risks. TCIP has been mandated by the state to cover damage caused by the earthquake. This insurance provides insurance with premiums to be paid for material damage caused by earthquakes. It thus aims to maintain the standard of living after the earthquake and to make society more resilient to earthquakes.

Mandatory earthquake insurance

The Compulsory Earthquake Insurance covers damage to buildings as a result of earthquakes. This insurance covers the structural elements such as the structural system, exterior and interior walls, roof, ceiling, floor, stairs, as well as the basic construction.

Mandatory earthquake insurance

What is the purpose of DASK?

The main objectives of DASK are:

  • Secure all homes in the scope against earthquakes with premiums to be paid.
  • Ensure in-country risk sharing and distribution of earthquake claims to international reinsurance and capital markets.
  • Reducing the state’s financial burden caused by the earthquake and avoiding possible additional taxes that will be reflected on citizens.
  • Using the insurance system as an incentive to produce healthy buildings.
  • Covering earthquake damage through long-term accumulation of resources.
  • Contribute to the development of insurance awareness and social solidarity in society.

How is compulsory earthquake insurance taken out?

Compulsory earthquake insurance is obtained through companies offering insurance brokerage services. People who want to take out this insurance must first contact an insurance company. The insurance company determines the premium amount based on the value of the home and other factors. After filling in the necessary data for the DASK policy, the insurance policy is issued. The insurance premium is valid for one year from the issue of the policy.

How much is earthquake insurance?

The TCIP premium fee differs per region and is determined per square meter. While this fee is calculated as 3,016 TL for reinforced concrete structures, it is determined as 2,080 TL for other structures. TCIP insurance premium and insurance cost are determined by the province you are in, building type, area, etc. by entering data from this address you can learn.

Mandatory earthquake insurance

How is damage determined?

Damage assessment procedures are carried out by independent damage appraisers appointed by TCIP. For damage assessment after the earthquake, the insured must turn to TCIP and request an expert to assess the damage. The expert appointed by TCIP comes on site to determine the extent of the damage and the repair costs. As a result of this determination, compensation payments will be made by TCIP and necessary steps will be taken to repair the damaged home.

How to set up a damage investigation?

TCIP damage investigation can be done through the official website of TCIP. citizens, https://dask.gov.tr/tr/hasar-sorgulama They can start the damage investigation by entering the address. After filling in the necessary details, they can conduct a claim investigation via the policy number or TR ID number registered in the system. This gives them access to up-to-date information about TCIP’s payments and the claim status.

What is Compulsory Earthquake Insurance?

Compulsory earthquake insurance is a type of insurance that people living in Turkey must take out to secure their homes against earthquake risks.

How do I get a DASK policy?

The TCIP policy can be obtained from companies that provide insurance brokerage services. A policy can be taken out by contacting an insurance company.

How long is the DASK policy valid?

The DASK policy is valid for one year from the date of issue. At the end of this period, the policy must be renewed.

How is the Compulsory Earthquake Insurance premium determined?

The premium for compulsory earthquake insurance is determined based on the value of the home, region, building material and other factors.

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