What is croup? Why does it happen and how does it happen?

Croup disease, a common condition during seasonal transitions such as spring and fall, is seen between the ages of 6 months and 3 years, but is more common in boys than girls. In this content, we talked about what you need to know about croup.

This is all about croup…

What is croup?

Croup disease, which causes inflammation of the vocal cords and trachea due to viruses, is a disease mostly seen in children. Croup disease, popularly called false avian paralysis or childhood angina, causes infection starting in the upper respiratory tract, runny nose, headache and fever.

In the case of the spread of the virus and the progression of the disease, it can directly affect the trachea and bronchi. If the virus affects the bronchi and trachea, it is called laryngotreobronchitis. Croup, an allergic condition, can often recur in children and is more common in children with an allergic nature.

The disease is divided into two types based on the symptoms and severity. In the type called pseudokrup, the disease is mild. However, in the type called epiplottis, the disease develops quite severely and can lead to death due to severe shortness of breath.

What Causes Croup?

The main cause of croup is viruses. The reason why this disease, which is caused by viruses, is mainly seen in children is because the airways are narrower. Croup causes edema due to inflammation of the airways and increased mucus production.


Swelling of the vocal cords can occur in croup, which is usually caused by viruses that cause the common cold. Hoarseness and severe coughing in children are the most obvious symptoms.

It is an infectious disease, as can be understood from the fact that it is a viral disease. In addition, this disease can occur due to the virus that causes the common cold, as well as the “parainfluanza” virus.

What Are the Symptoms of Croup?


This condition manifests itself with various symptoms. Hoarseness, difficulty breathing, barking cough, pain on coughing, fever, runny nose, wheezing, swelling in the airways, swelling in the neck seen in progressive and severe croup, difficulty swallowing, and nighttime seizures are the symptoms of crotch.

This disease occurs with the symptoms listed above. If you see several of these symptoms together in your child, we recommend that you consult a doctor. The doctor will choose the type of treatment depending on the condition of the disease.

Croup treatment

In mild cases of this disease, cure can be achieved by application of cold steam, humid air and high fluid consumption. In the case of severe and severe croup disease, which is usually cured by home treatment methods, hospital treatment may be in question.


Giving oxygen and cold steam to the child eases his breathing. If your child has coughing attacks at night in the form of seizures and difficulty breathing, you should contact your doctor as soon as possible.

In addition to the oxygen therapy used in the hospital, antibiotic therapy may be used if deemed appropriate by your doctor to reduce and prevent infection. Croup is a disease that can usually be treated at home and for which there is no specific treatment.

Ways to prevent croup


There are several methods you can adopt to prevent the onset or recurrence of this condition. These are: taking the child outside, using a pillow with the head up, practices that speed up the child’s breathing, avoiding people with flu and cold symptoms, and using methods to minimize the chance of transmitting the virus.

If you follow these recommendations, you can prevent the recurrence of croup. In addition, if you integrate these recommendations into your child’s life, you can protect your child against many respiratory diseases, such as croup.

What is good for a child with croup?

Antibiotics are not necessary in the treatment of patients with viral croup. More than 20-30 minutes of cold steam application is sufficient. Cold air reduces swelling of the vocal cords and makes it easier for the child to breathe.

What Are the Symptoms of Croup?

Croup disease first starts with cold symptoms. Later, symptoms such as high fever, cough and runny nose appear. Finally, the sound is muted.

What Are the Causes of Croup?

Croup disease, which is common in children, is an upper airway obstruction caused by infection. This discomfort occurs due to swelling of the entrance to the main trachea.

Will croup go away without medication?

Antibiotics can be used in the treatment of croup and different methods can be followed. Especially the use of cold steam and a lot of fluids ensure a drug-free treatment of croup.

How is croup cough at home?

Cold steam application is also used at home in the treatment of croup cough. Thanks to this application, applied for an average of 20 minutes and sufficient fluid intake, the disease can be easily treated.

Does croup have mucus?

This discomfort manifests with swelling, coughing and hoarseness in the areas. Apart from this, sputum is one of the conditions that occur with croup disease.

How many days is croup contagious?

Croup usually disappears in a short time. The disease disappears without treatment in an average of 3 to 4 days. In more severe cases, it improves with antibiotic treatment.

At what age does croup appear?

Croup is a childhood disease that occurs very rarely in adults. This disease is most common in children between the ages of 6 months and 3 years. However, it is not a situation to be afraid of, as treatment is sometimes unnecessary and is usually easy.

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