What is Easter, why is Easter celebrated?

Easter is one of the most important Christian holidays. It is celebrated to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus on the third day after his crucifixion. Easter is celebrated every year on the first Sunday of March or April. In this article you will learn more about the origins, celebrations and symbolism of Easter.

Easter is one of the most important holidays in the Christian world and is celebrated all over the world every year. This special day symbolizes the death and resurrection of Jesus and shows that Christians believe in the eternity of life. However, there are many different theories and stories about the history and symbols of Easter. That’s why it’s important to learn more to understand and celebrate Easter.

In this article you will learn about the definition, history, symbols and celebrations of Easter. Let’s learn more about what Easter is and why it is celebrated here.

What is Easter?

Easter is one of the most important holidays in Christianity, celebrated to commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus. Due to its place and importance in the Christian calendar, it is celebrated by millions of people around the world.

Easter includes the symbolic celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus, one of the central events of Christianity. This holiday is of great importance in the Christian world and is celebrated on a different date every year. Easter ends with Easter Sunday, which is celebrated three days after the Friday on which Jesus was crucified according to the Christian calendar.

Easter is a holiday that symbolically celebrates Christian beliefs about life, death, and resurrection. The importance of this holiday emphasizes the fundamental belief of Christians that life is eternal and death is not the end. Therefore, Easter is of great importance in Christianity and is celebrated by millions around the world.

The symbolic meaning of Easter is also very important. Symbols such as Easter eggs, Easter buns, crosses and rabbits are often used on this holiday. The cross represents the crucifixion of Jesus, while symbols such as the rabbit and egg symbolize rebirth and resurrection.

Date and time of Easter celebration

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The history of Easter is based on the origins of the Christian faith. The date Jesus was crucified is estimated to be between 29-33 AD. After this event, the commemoration of Jesus’ resurrection began even earlier. Christianity began to spread from the 2nd century and Easter began to be celebrated on these dates.

The determination of the day of the resurrection of Jesus was a controversial subject among the Eastern and Western Churches until the 8th century. Christians in Anatolia celebrate the day of Jesus’ crucifixion on the 14th day after the first full moon of spring, which is celebrated as Passover, which is important to Jews. According to the Jewish calendar, it is April 14. However, this month, which is called April in the Jewish calendar, does not coincide with the Gregorian calendar used today. It covers part of March and April.

In the Western churches, since Jesus was resurrected on a Sunday, the first Sunday after the Jewish April 14 is considered “Resurrection Day”. At the Council of Nicaea in 325, it was decided to celebrate Easter on the Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox (March 21). Therefore, Easter falls on one of the Sundays between March 22 and April 25 in the Gregorian calendar.

Symbols of Easter

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Easter symbolism includes many symbols used to celebrate this special day, one of the most important holidays in Christianity. Symbols such as Easter egg, Easter bun, cross, rabbit are used to represent the symbolic meaning of Easter.


The cross is one of the most famous symbols of Easter. The cross symbolizes the crucifixion of Jesus. In the Christian world, the cross is considered a symbol that represents the death and rebirth of Jesus.

Rabbit and easter egg

The rabbit and Easter egg are other symbols often used at Easter. The rabbit symbol is a symbol of rebirth and resurrection. The egg represents rebirth. Easter eggs are prepared in the form of colorful and decorated eggs and are given as gifts to family and friends during Easter celebrations.

Easter buns

Easter buns are another symbolic food of Easter. Easter rolls are prepared in many different ways in many different countries and are a traditional dish often eaten by families to celebrate Eid. The donut is a symbol associated with bread and Jesus’ last meal in Christianity.

What to do at Easter?

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Easter is celebrated with great enthusiasm in the Christian world. This holiday is celebrated with different traditions and rituals in each country and region. However, some of the most common ways to celebrate Easter are:

Easter eggs are painted

Easter eggs are a common tradition in the Christian world. Boiled eggs are often painted in different colors and decorated in different ways. These eggs are given as gifts to loved ones at Easter.

How to make Easter buns

Easter rolls are a common dessert, especially in Eastern European countries. These donuts vary in shape and content, but are usually made by layering ingredients such as sugar, nuts, and chocolate onto a sweet dough.

Go to church mass

Easter is celebrated with special rituals in churches. In these rites, prayers are said in remembrance of Jesus’ resurrection and relevant passages are read. Baptism ceremonies are also held in churches.

Easter bunny gift

The Easter bunny is a figure usually made of chocolate and is given as a gift at Easter. The Easter bunny represents rebirth and is often loved by children.

Spring-themed celebrations are held

Easter is a holiday that symbolizes the arrival of spring and rebirth. Therefore, several spring-themed events are held at Easter. These events can include picnics, nature walks, and spring-themed concerts.

When is Easter celebrated?

Easter is celebrated every year on the first Sunday of March or April.

What is the origin of Easter?

Easter has its origins in the crucifixion and resurrection on the third day of Jesus.

What is the symbolism of Easter?

Easter symbolism is about feelings of rebirth, new life and hope.

Why are Easter eggs celebrated?

Easter eggs symbolize rebirth and are an important part of Easter celebrations.

In which countries is Easter celebrated?

Easter is celebrated in many parts of the world. However, it is more widely celebrated, especially in countries with large Christian populations.

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