What is FantaVerse? Web 3.0 Metaverse Game

FantaVerse is a Web 3.0 metaverse game world inspired by the legendary science fiction movie READY PLAYER ONE. FantaVerse will be huge, like the OASIS from the movie, but with endless outer space and countless planets where players can play different games and experience life on each planet.

The FantaVerse metaverse consists of 480 planets and is divided into Genesis, Life, Core, and Resource class planets. Each planet class offers several core features such as social interaction, gameplay, in-game quests, resource mining, and entertainment.

Game developers or gamers can further enhance the FantaVerse game ecosystem by building their own planet with FantaVerse’s own game editor, FantaEditor. FantaEditor allows creators to further enhance the features of the FantaVerse metaverse with scenes, characters, resources, and custom gameplay they can imagine.

FantaVerse Technology

FantaVerse uses the latest technologies to develop the following products to solve industry problems:

FantaVerse Metaverse is a decentralized metaverse ecosystem, using industry-leading cloud technology, where people can log in from anywhere with just an internet connection. It delivers low-latency (low friction) gaming, encourages virtual socializing, prioritizes immersive gaming with AAA graphics, and integrates seamlessly with AR/VR/MR hardware.

  • AAA level graphics quality without downloading
  • Offer unlimited content
  • Providing Blockchain Gaming and the Creator Economy

FantaVerse recently released the beta version of its gaming ecosystem, bringing a new gaming experience to users around the world with the promise of high poly true 3D immersive interaction and the benefits of blockchain integration.


FantaVerse attempts to fix the following issues in existing metaverse games.

  • Graphic quality
  • Available devices
  • Immersive experience
  • Game Client Size
  • to download
  • World size
  • Content Creator Economy

The FantaVerse team has found a solution to all the above problems. For a more detailed review, you can reach the official pages via the link at the end of the article.


FantaVerse is a Web3.0 application that uses blockchain technologies such as smart contracts, cross-chain bridges, NFTs, decentralized transactions, and decentralized storage. Players log in with their wallet such as MetaMask/TrustWallet and enter FantaVerse by purchasing NFT characters in ETH/BSC/Polygon/Solona to start the game. All resources in FantaVerse, such as characters, terrain, legendary gear, skins, vehicles, mounts, and planets, are NFT resources. Gamers can also use FantaEditor to gamify their NFTs in the FantaVerse metadatabase and turn these NFTs into real game applications, not just a collection.

FantaVerse uses the blockchain economy to reward players for their contributions to the ecosystem. Players can earn various tokens by participating in world building, gameplay and contributing to the ecosystem. There are two types of tokens in FantaVerse: Governance Token (FantaCoin – FTC), Utility Token (Universal Token – UT). Each token has its own usage scenarios.

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