What is good for heel cracks? How do heel cracks heal? Things that are good for cracked heels

However, not taking care of the feet also causes various foot problems. These include the heel crack. Heel cracks can be treated under the supervision of a doctor. However, it is possible to remove it at home using herbs and natural methods.

What is good for heel cracks?

The main application that is good for heel cracks; It is the constant hydration of the feet with moisturizers. In addition, foot care with vinegar should be done beforehand, and then moisturized with moisturizing creams. Doing this daily care can prevent heel cracks.

It is good for heel cracks by mixing oral care mouthwash and apple cider vinegar. However, the feet should remain in the basin for about 15 minutes in these two mixtures. Soaked feet should be rinsed with water immediately after brushing with pumice stone.

How do heel cracks heal?

Heel cracks, which can be prevented by eating a balanced and healthy diet and consuming plenty of water, can also be treated with moisturizing creams and medical treatments. Cracks that develop in the balls of the feet can be treated under the supervision of a specialist doctor. The on-site specialist can remove the hardened tissue to treat the crack in the heel. With the removal of the hardened skin, the tearing problem ends. Tissue glue can be used if necessary.

It is possible for very dry skin to absorb moisture with moisturizers bought at the pharmacy. The dermatologist, who is an expert in the field, should decide whether to use moisturizers. Aside from this, any moisturizer can be used if the heel cracks don’t get too hard.

Things that are good for cracked heels

Lemon, which is good for many skin problems, softens the skin due to its acidic structure. This prevents cracks in the heels. If the heel cracks bother the person; Add a certain amount of lemon juice to warm water and leave it in the water for about 15 minutes. Then the dead skin on the heels should be removed with the help of a pumice stone. Finally, the feet should be washed with clean water and dried with a towel. The main thing to note is that the water is warm. Very hot water causes the skin to dry out and the heels to crack.

Vaseline is a kind of moisturizer that is present in everyone’s home. However, it is important to use petroleum jelly to soften the heels and give the skin the necessary moisture.

Solution for cracked heels with rose water and glycerin

By using rose water and glycerin together, heel cracks heal in a short time. Glycerin, which is widely used in the cosmetic market, has a skin softening property. rose water; It has antioxidant, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties and protects the skin with its vitamins.

All you need to do to benefit from the positive effects of rose water and glycerin is to mix both ingredients in equal amounts. The resulting mixture should be applied to the feet and heels with the help of a massage before going to bed at night, and then go to sleep by wearing socks on the feet.

Cause of the occurrence of heel cracks

Causes of heel cracks;

– diabetes mellitus,

– A lot of standing

– Feet that stay in shoes for a long time,

– dry air,

– Incurable calluses,

– Insufficient foot care

– Inadequate and unhealthy food,

– lack of moisture,

– Choosing the wrong shoes,

– old age,

– It can be listed as major skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis.

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