What is Jingle Voice Over? Things to watch out for

Jingle voice over is an effective marketing tool and can increase brand recognition. Jingle music and lyrics must be created in accordance with the target audience and correctly voiced by a professional voice actor.

What is Jingle Voice Over?

Jingle is the vocalization of the words of a short and concise piece of music used in publicity, advertising, radio or television programs. Jingle voiceovers are used in the promotion of products and services, in advertising campaigns and during short breaks between broadcasts, to influence the listener and audience in a dynamic and impressive way.

Jingle voice-over is an important marketing tool that strengthens the image of the brand or product and the connection with the target group. Jingle music and lyrics should be made in accordance with the target audience. For example, jingle music made for a children’s product may be more cheerful and energetic, while jingle music made for a pharmaceutical company should be more serious and reassuring.

Jingle voiceover, if done correctly, can increase brand recall and strengthen the bond between the target audience and the brand. Using a professional approach and quality equipment in the voiceover process helps to enhance the effect of the jingle.

To speak a jingle, a jingle music is composed and the words of this music are read by a voice actor. Jingle music often has a short and repetitive melody and the lyrics should be short and concise. When jingle vocalization is done with proper intonation and emphasis, it can grab the attention of the listener or viewer and convey the intended message more effectively.

How is Jingle Voice made?

Jingle voiceover

Jingle voice over is a promotional and advertising tool that consists of saying the words of a short and concise piece of music. Jingle voiceovers are used in radio and television advertisements, promotional films and broadcast breaks. So, how is jingle voice made? Here’s the step-by-step jingle vocalization process:

Jingle music composed

The jingle vocalization process first starts with composing the jingle music. Jingle music should have a short and repetitive melody for the advertising or promotion campaign.

Words are written

After the jingle music is composed, the lyrics for the jingle are written. Words should be formed in accordance with the target audience. Being short and concise will be easier to remember and better remembered by the listener or viewer.

Voice artist selected

A suitable voice actor is selected for the jingle. The voice actor must read the text with proper intonation and emphasis, in line with the purpose of the jingle.

Registration is done

The jingle music and lyrics are recorded in the sound recording studio. During the recording process, the voice of the voice actor must be professionally captured. The files containing the jingle music and the voice of the voice actor are also edited in post-production.


The jingle music and lyrics are post-processed. At this stage, merging music and lyrics, adjusting intonation and emphasis, adding effects, and other editing is done. Post-production processes help improve the quality of the jingle.

The jingle is ready

After the post-production phase, the jingle is prepared. The ready-made jingle can be used for advertising or promotional campaigns.

Things to consider in Jingle Voices

Jingle voiceover

Jingle voiceovers play an important role in promotional and advertising campaigns. They appeal to the target group with their short and concise messages and increase the memorability of the brand. However, there are some points to keep in mind when creating jingle vocalizations. Here are the things to keep in mind with jingle vocalizations:

Correct tone

In jingle vocalizations, the right tone is very important. The tone of voice should be determined according to the purpose of the jingle and the words should be read with the correct intonation. The tone of voice should be determined in accordance with the target audience. For example, while a more cheerful and energetic tone is preferred in children’s jingle vocalizations, a more serious and professional tone can be used in adult jingles.

Speed ​​and Highlights

Jingle vocalizations require attention to proper speed and emphasis. The words must be read with proper emphasis and the message conveyed correctly. In addition, the speed of the jingle must be correctly determined and tuned to the music.

Originality of words

With jingle voice-overs it is important that the words are original and catchy. Words should reflect the identity of the brand and be tailored to the target audience. It is also important that they are concise so that they are more easily remembered by the listener or viewer.

High quality sound recording

With jingle voiceovers, it is important to obtain a high quality sound recording. The voice of the voice actor must be professionally captured and harmonized with the music. Sound recording should be done with quality equipment and the best results should be obtained.

Jingle music

Music selection is also very important in jingle voiceovers. Music should be chosen in accordance with the purpose of the jingle and should be appropriate for the target audience. Combining music and lyrics must also be done correctly.

Required equipment for Jingle Voice Over

Jingle voiceover

Jingle voice over business requires using the right equipment to get a high quality sound recording. Here are the necessary equipment for jingle vocalization:

Recording microphone

The microphone is one of the most important jingle vocalization devices. The quality of the microphone is essential for accurate and clear sound recording. Condenser microphones are generally the preferred type for jingle vocalization. Such microphones give the best results due to their high sensitivity and wide dynamic range.

Pop filter

The pop filter reduces loud hits that occur when you blow directly into the microphone. This ensures that the audio recording is cleaner. The pop filter is an essential tool in jingle vocalization.

sound card

The sound card is a device that connects to the computer and is an important piece of equipment for the jingle sounding business. The sound card converts analog audio signals into digital signals and transfers them to a computer for recording or editing. Sound cards are required to achieve high quality sound recordings.


Headphones are an essential tool for hearing sound accurately during jingle vocalization work. The headset improves the quality of the audio recording and makes it easier to detect possible errors during the audio recording.


Computer is required for jingle voice work. A computer is required to connect the sound card and other equipment. Computer programs are also used to record and edit the jingle.

Studio equipment

Voice over work with jingles requires a professional studio environment. Sound insulation panels for soundproofing, studio acoustics diffusers, lighting, furniture and other equipment are also used for jingle sound work.

How long does jingle voice over take?

The jingle vocalization time varies depending on the complexity of the project, the length of the jingle and the musical instruments to be included. In general, the jingle vocalization process takes between 2 and 4 hours.

Which musical styles are preferred for jingle dubbing?

The preferred music style for jingle voice-over depends on the characteristics of the brand and the target audience. Many different styles of music such as pop, rock, jazz, country and electronic music can be used for jingle vocalization.

How do you make a jingle voiceover?

Jingle dubbing is usually done by professional sound engineers in a sound studio. The musical instruments of the jingle are recorded, then the vocal recordings are made and finally the jingle is mixed. The jingle vocalization process varies depending on the experience and skills of sound engineers and musicians.

Why is jingle voiceover important?

Jingle voice over is an effective tool in promoting the brand or product. Jingle makes it easier to remember the name of the product or brand and increases sales by helping consumers remember the brand. In addition, the creative and entertaining jingle has a positive influence on the image of the brand.

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