What is Libertarian Governance? Principles and benefits

Libertarian government is democratic government. In other words, the way of a liberal government is through democracy. We can define democracy as follows; It is a form of government that does not recognize privileges among citizens, where administrators come to power through elections and is based on popular sovereignty.

What is Libertarian Governance?

Libertarian management is a management philosophy and approach that has become popular in the field of management in recent years. This approach focuses primarily on the freedoms and personal development of individuals. The goal is to create an environment where individuals can manage themselves and make their own decisions.

This management approach aims to increase the success of companies and organizations by enabling people to unleash their creativity and potential. Libertarian management also increases the productivity of enterprises by enabling individuals to increase their involvement in their own work and be happier in the work environment.

Business operations replace traditional hierarchical structures with a structure in which employees at lower levels can take more responsibility and have more say. This creates a more flexible and dynamic company culture and increases employee motivation, enabling companies to be more successful.

Libertarian management recognizes that businesses exist not only to make a profit, but also to meet the needs of their employees and society. Social responsibility and sustainability are therefore among the basic principles of this approach.

Libertarian principles of governance

Libertarian administration

For a government to be democratic, there must be the concepts of equality, liberty and justice. Without one of these, we cannot talk about democracy. Then let’s open these concepts and enlighten you more. Taking these into account, try to analyze whether the country you live in is democratic or not.


Equality, people should be equal before the law. In a democratic government, everyone is equal before the law. No one is privileged except in special cases provided for by law. By emphasizing the principle of equality in Article 10 of the Constitution; He defines equality as: “Everyone is equal before the law, regardless of language, religion, race, sex, political opinion, philosophical belief, religion or sect.” For example, if there is sectarian, religious, A or B party discrimination in a country, we cannot talk about democracy in that country. Everyone must be equal before the law. Everyone should be one, without distinction between rich and poor.


Freedom is being able to do anything without harming anyone else. Our freedom ends when we begin to harm another person. Democracy is a form of government that recognizes and protects human rights and freedoms.

In democratic governments, people are free to do anything, provided they do not harm others. Freedom is very important to people. In a society where freedom is restricted, order and security deteriorate.

Since democracy is based on the sovereignty of the people, one must listen to the wishes of the people and give space to freedoms. To understand whether a state can be democratic, it is first necessary to see whether the people living in that country are free enough. Freedom is the basis of democracy. In democratic countries, people have been given certain freedoms within the law. It is possible to list these freedoms as follows; Freedoms such as the right to vote, the right to be elected, the right to expression, the right to religion and conscience are enshrined in the laws.

In fact, these are the fundamental freedoms of people, these freedoms that make people human have only been legalized by enacting them into law. Otherwise it would be wrong to see them as rights given to a person, they are fundamental rights that should be. If these fundamental freedoms are not observed, although they are enshrined in law, then that country is not a democratic country, but a so-called democratic country.


justice; recognizing the rights of individuals and making correct judgments about them. Justice in society takes place in the axis of the rules of law. Democratic states are based on law. It would be an appropriate definition to say that democracy is a form of government based on justice. Everyone should protect the rights of each other and the state should protect the rights of the people.

It would be correct to divide rights into two categories, personal rights and public rights. personal rights; are the rights related to the material and spiritual existence of the person and which they want to develop. personal rights; rights such as personal and domestic inviolability, privacy of private life. Public rights are the rights of a person connected to society. If we give an example of these rights; right to vote and be elected, to enter into public service.

Justice is very important, because where there is no justice, people are not equal before the law. When we look at these rights, they are intertwined. If one is absent, the other does not exist.

Libertarian management philosophy

Libertarian administration

Libertarian philosophy of management is an approach to management based on the freedom, equality and participation of individuals. This philosophy suggests a more flexible and open structure rather than hierarchical structures to create an environment where individuals can manage themselves. Thus, the motivation of the employees increases and the productivity and success of the companies increase.

The philosophy is aimed at creating a working environment where employees can make their own decisions and be more involved in their own work. This helps employees unlock their creativity and potential and helps companies operate more efficiently. Libertarian management occurs when management recognizes the potential of the workforce and respects the opinions of the employees.

This management philosophy recognizes that businesses exist not only to make a profit, but also to serve the well-being of employees and the needs of society. Social responsibility and sustainability are therefore among the basic principles of this philosophy.

Libertarian management philosophy increases the success of companies by respecting the freedom of employees and ensuring their participation. Employees feel part of the company and feel connected to the company. This increases employee motivation and helps companies work more efficiently and flexibly.

Benefits of Libertarian Management

Libertarian administration

Libertarian government is a form of government that operates independently of the pressure of a leader or group of leaders who establish and enforce its rules. This management style gives employees more freedom and responsibility.

As for the benefits of libertarian rule, it offers many benefits:

Stimulates creativity and innovation

Libertarian management allows employees to implement their own ideas and find new ways. This stimulates creativity and innovation.

Increases employee loyalty

Employees are more engaged in their work when they are given more responsibility and involvement in decision-making. This increases employee satisfaction.

Increases productivity

Libertarian management enables employees to become more self-confident. This helps employees to work more motivated and to complete their work more efficiently.

Increases flexibility

Libertarian management allows employees to feel more flexibility and freedom. This helps to complete tasks faster and better adapt to changing circumstances.

Reduces operating costs

Libertarian management increases the number of employees who work independently of pressure from a leader or board of directors. This reduces the company’s management costs.

How does libertarian government differ from traditional management models?

Libertarian management is a form of management in which employees feel more free and responsible without depending on the pressure of leaders or managers as in traditional management models. Employees can make their own decisions and organize the activities necessary to achieve the company’s goals.

Is liberal management suitable for every company?

Libertarian management may not be right for every business. This form of leadership creates a working environment in which employees feel freer and more responsible. However, some companies don’t have enough resources and time to provide this freedom. For this reason, the applicability of liberal management should be judged by considering the characteristics of the enterprise.

What is the role of leaders in a liberal government?

In libertarian management, leaders respect employees’ freedoms and provide the support, resources, and guidance necessary to achieve the company’s goals. Leaders help employees make their own decisions and fulfill their responsibilities. However, in a situation where leaders need direction, their direction is accepted and they work with team members to achieve business goals.

How does libertarian management make employees take more responsibility?

Libertarian management makes employees believe that they can carry out the tasks and decisions assigned to them completely independently. When employees feel confident, they take more responsibility and work harder to achieve the company’s goals. Leaders also help by providing appropriate tools and resources to empower employees to take more responsibility.

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