What is liquidation? What are the advantages of residential houses?

Owning your own home is an important step that many people dream of. However, there are many factors to consider when buying a home. Proof of residence is one of these factors. Establishment is a document issued by the relevant municipality if the immovable property is built with a user permit in accordance with the project. So what is isna? What are the benefits of inhabited buildings? In this article you will find the answers to these questions.

What is liquidation?

Settlement is a document issued by municipalities certifying that a building has been completed and constructed in accordance with the project. After the building has been completed, the owners of the building submit an application to the municipality and are entitled to a residence permit. The deed of use represents the official permission to use the building and provide services such as electricity and water. It is also a necessary document for commercial activities.

How do you get a settlement?

What is liquidation?

To get a certificate of establishment, construction must be completed and the project must be approved by the municipality. After construction is complete, the owners of the building submit an application to the Zoning Directorate of the relevant municipality and submit a petition for the declaration of use. Municipalities inspect the building on site and check whether it is suitable for the project. In case of suitability, a “occupation permit” or in other words “occupation” is issued.

Documents required to obtain a settlement

The documents required to obtain a residence permit are:

  • Country register
  • Building address details
  • Country stocks and numbers
  • Square meters
  • Types and classes of independent sections
  • Owner information

The application for a residence permit is made with the issuance and submission of these documents.

What is liquidation?

Can I buy a jobless house?

Buying a house or business without a residence permit can involve difficulties and risks. Banks in particular often look for housing conditions for home loans. Facilities such as electricity and water cannot be obtained in an uninhabited building and no permit can be obtained for commercial activities. This can affect the value of the building and lead to restrictions in the sale or rental process. In addition, occupants of an unoccupied building may not be able to issue residential subscriptions and may incur additional charges for site subscriptions.

How is a settlement investigation conducted?

What is liquidation?

To find out whether or not the user permit is valid, one should contact the Destinations Department or the Building User Permit Department of the relevant municipality. Prior to the usability survey, it is important to check that the building has not fallen into disrepair and has been built in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. In this process, the settlement status can be learned by registering with the official archives of the municipality.

Can the title deed be changed after the settlement has been made?

What is liquidation?

After receiving the resettlement certificate, municipalities must submit a declaration to the Kadaster and update the records of the Kadaster Directorate. In Land Registry records, the title deed type, which appears as “land” before resettlement, is changed to “building” after settlement. In this way, independent section owners can obtain title deeds of their own residences or workplaces.

What are the advantages of permanent buildings?

What is liquidation?

Legal certainty: Occupied buildings have an official document proving that they were built in accordance with the project. This gives buyers and tenants legal certainty and prevents legal problems.

1. Serviceability

Residential buildings meet the necessary conditions to receive services such as electricity, water and natural gas. In this way, residents or entrepreneurs can easily use these services.

2. Suitability for Business Activities

Residential buildings provide the opportunity to obtain the necessary permit for commercial activities. Entrepreneurs can legally run their business and serve their customers.

3. Value increase

Inhabited buildings are generally considered more reliable and valuable. This offers the opportunity to realize higher value in future sales or rentals.

4. Safety of use

Residential buildings meet construction safety standards, as they are built in accordance with the project. This increases the durability and user safety of the building.

5. Easy access and infrastructure

Residential buildings often have well-planned infrastructure. Common areas such as roads, car parks, car parks and landscaping are regularly provided. In addition, occupied buildings often have easy access to transport networks and essential services.

6. Better rental and sales potential

An apartment or business in an inhabited building can be more popular and easier to rent or sell. The certificate of habitation is seen as a security for potential tenants or buyers.

Why is the certificate of residence important?

The declaration of use demonstrates that a building is suitable for legal use and provides legal certainty.

Can I buy a house or a workplace without resettling?

Buying a vacant home or business can be risky and difficult. It is safer to choose a residential building.

How to apply?

You must request the usage study from the Destinations Department of the relevant municipality or the Usage Permit Buildings department of the relevant municipality.

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