What is make-up baking technique (baking), how is it applied?

What is makeup baking technique?

The makeup cooking technique is a makeup trend that has become popular in recent years. This technique is used to make makeup look more permanent and natural. It takes its name from the stage of holding and fixing for a certain period of time, as if the firing process is over.

The make-up cooking technique is especially preferred to satisfy the need for concealment in the under-eye areas. This technique is ideal for reducing puffiness and dark circles. However, it can also be used on other parts of the face and can make the makeup more permanent.

This technique consists of several steps to make the makeup more permanent. First, the skin must be moisturized and the primer applied. Then concealer is applied to the area under the eyes and distributed. Then a large amount of powder is applied and kept for a certain period of time. During this time, the powder integrates with the skin by using the skin’s warmth and moisture and allows the makeup to be more permanent. Finally, the excess powder is removed with a brush and the make-up is complete.

The make-up cooking technique, when applied correctly, ensures that the make-up is smoother, flawless and permanent. However, this technique must be performed with the right materials and techniques. It is also important to choose a powder that is suitable for your skin. Powders that are too thin or too thick will not give the right result. The ideal powder should be fine and light colored.

Makeup baking technique is a preferred technique for making makeup more permanent, especially on special occasions and photo shoots. However, it can also be used in everyday life and makes makeup more natural and permanent.

How is the baking makeup technique applied?

Makeup cooking technique

You can easily apply this make-up technique at home. However, you may experience time constraints as this technique takes a long time and is labor intensive. You can get a flawless look by applying this makeup technique on your special days.

After applying the foundation to your face, apply the liquid concealer and powder to the areas you want to brighten up and leave it on for about 10 minutes. During this process, the temperature of your makeup and your skin will reach the same level and you will perform the application called “boiling”. The reason it is called baking is because the powder and illuminator are cooked on your face with your skin temperature.

To list how the baking makeup technique is applied, in terms of items;

Before applying make-up, moisten your eye area with a moisturizer suitable for your skin. This way you reduce the visibility of wrinkles and lines.

Apply the foundation of the moisturizing process and then apply the thick concealer under your eyes. You can apply this process using your ring finger or a damp sponge, using upward and downward movements.

If necessary, you can apply the contouring process after applying another layer of concealer.

After applying sufficient concealer, apply a generous amount of translucent powder using a thick eyeshadow brush. However, only apply the powder to the illuminator and do not spread it too much.

Using a sponge, apply a generous amount of powder to the transparent powder that you apply after the concealer. Wait 10 minutes after this application.

During the waiting time, the powder and concealer are cooked with your skin heat and integrate with your skin. This way, pores and wrinkles are completely eliminated and you have smooth skin.

At the end of the waiting time, remove the excess powder using a thick eyeshadow brush and distribute the powder. Softens by reducing sharp lines with the dispersion process.

What Ingredients Are Needed For Makeup Cooking Technique?

Makeup cooking technique

The ingredients you will use for the makeup cooking technique are generally the same as the ingredients you would use in any makeup routine. However, some additional materials may also be required.

moisturizing cream: The make-up cooking technique is especially preferred to ensure that the make-up in the under-eye areas is more permanent. It is important that the skin in this area is moist. That’s why it’s important to apply a moisturizer before makeup.

Primary: Since the makeup cooking technique is made to make the makeup more permanent, a makeup base can also be used. Primer makes makeup last longer and look smoother.

Concealer: It is necessary to use concealer to reduce dark circles and bags under the eyes. It is important that the color of your concealer is in harmony with your skin.

Powder: Powder is the main ingredient of the makeup cooking technique. The ideal powder should be fine and light colored. You can use a powder brush to apply the powder.

Sponge or brush: You can use different types of sponges or brushes to apply concealer and powder in the makeup baking technique. Whichever you prefer, be gentle and careful while applying.

Clarifying: An illuminator can be used to reduce dark circles and bags under the eyes. The illuminator provides a clear and radiant appearance to the skin.

Fixing spray: You can use a fixing spray to make the make-up made with the make-up cooking technique last longer. Fixing spray fixes the make-up, making it more permanent.

For which skin types is make-up baking technique suitable?

Makeup cooking technique

The makeup cooking technique is one that can be suitable for all skin types. However, it can provide more effective results, especially for oily and combination skin.

Oily skin is skin that can shine during the day and produces excess sebum. The make-up cooking technique for this skin type can help make the skin look more matte by allowing the make-up to sit longer.

Combination skin, on the other hand, is skin that is oily in some areas and dry in some areas. For this skin type, the makeup cooking technique can help make makeup look more balanced by reducing shine in oily areas.

On dry skin, the makeup cooking technique can be used, but moisture-based products are recommended. Otherwise, this technique can further dry out the skin in dry areas and increase the appearance of lines.

The makeup cooking technique, regardless of skin type, can make the makeup last longer and give you a more professional look. However, before using any makeup technique or product, it’s important to understand your own skin type and needs.

What is makeup cooking technique?

The make-up baking technique is a technique used to make the make-up last longer and make the skin look smoother. This technique gives the makeup a more natural and permanent look by applying powder or concealer to some areas of the face and then waiting for a while, where the products melt with the heat of the skin.

Which materials should be used?

The materials you need for the makeup cooking technique; moisturizer, concealer, concealer brush, sponge or blender and transparent powder.

What skin types is the makeup cooking technique suitable for?

Makeup cooking technique can be suitable for any skin type. However, it can provide more effective results, especially for oily and combination skin.

How many minutes should the makeup cooking technique be applied?

The duration of applying makeup cooking technique may vary depending on personal preference and skin type. However, it is usually sufficient to wait between 3 and 5 minutes.

What should be done after the make-up cooking technique?

After the makeup cooking technique, it is enough to wipe your face lightly using a brush or sponge to remove the powder residue. You can also increase the durability of the makeup by using a fixing spray at the end.

Does makeup baking technique cause lines on the skin?

When applied correctly, the makeup cooking technique does not cause lines on the skin. However, lines can appear on dry skin or due to overuse of powder. Excessive powdering should therefore be avoided by using proper technique.

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