What is Manipulation? Types, effects and results

There is no one who has not heard the word manipulation. This word is commonly used in many fields. Manipulation is when people change, add or delete information to influence their own information or the other person. We have done a detailed investigation into manipulation.

What is Manipulation?

Manipulation is a process that aims to influence people’s thoughts, behavior, or decisions. Manipulation can be defined as the ability to change people’s beliefs, feelings or behaviors in a natural or artificial way.

Manipulation can take place when a person uses ways to bicker or influence others. The purposes of manipulation may include factors such as self-interest, influence, gaining power or control. Manipulation can be done in different ways and is not always obvious or noticeable.

What are the manipulation types?

What is manipulation

It is possible to explore the concept of manipulation by dividing it into two groups. This; psychological manipulation and financial manipulation. Now let’s clarify these two concepts of manipulation.

1. Psychological manipulation

It is defined as a concept that achieves its purpose as a result of psychologically influencing and directing people about a situation or behavior other than their personal thoughts and knowledge. If there is a change in the individual’s behavior as a result of psychological manipulation, then the manipulation has served its purpose. However, the person will be deceived and act on the ashes of artificial knowledge instilled in him. This false and false information suppressed for the person comes before the person’s own thoughts.

The manipulated individual will no longer be anything other than being a sheep and being herded. Imagine thinking in line with the thoughts that have been imprinted on you, think in line with what someone else is saying. Why don’t you reveal your own thoughts, if you can’t see the wrong of the values ​​you believe in, then you’re not really thinking.

2. Financial Manipulation

It is a concept that we come across often, especially in the stock markets. financial manipulation; It is to achieve the goal by deceiving people in any way and make them buy the desired stocks or securities without any tangible information. This way collateral is kept at a certain level.

3. Emotional manipulation

This type of manipulation aims to control people’s emotions. It can make people feel guilty, bad, or worthless, and in this case, people are more likely to comply with the manipulator’s request.

4. Communicative Manipulation

It aims to control communication between people. The manipulator aims to direct the conversation or interaction between people in a way that suits him.

5. Social Manipulation

It aims to control the social relations between people. The manipulator tries to structure relationships between people in a way that suits him.

Manipulation and societal relationship

What is manipulation

Manipulation can be seen in different aspects of society and in different ways. Manipulation is a process that aims to influence people’s ideas, behavior and preferences and is widely used in society. Society can contain many factors that influence the ideas, behavior and preferences of people who are manipulated, but it can be said that institutions such as advertising, media and politics play the greatest role of manipulation.

The effects of manipulation on society are quite diverse. Manipulation can change people’s attitudes, ideas and behaviors and can affect relationships between people in a positive or negative way. In addition, manipulation can endanger people’s safety, well-being and peace.

It should not be forgotten that awareness and education are important in learning about manipulation’s relationship with society and learning ways to protect yourself from manipulation. Before people are manipulated, it is important that people question their beliefs, ideas and behavior and evaluate the reliability of the manipulated sources.

Effects and consequences of manipulation

What is manipulation

Manipulation can have serious consequences for people. That’s why it’s important to make people aware of dealing with manipulation and dealing with manipulative people.

Personal losses

Manipulation can lead to people’s losses, for example financial losses, loss of time or loss of relationships.

Low self-esteem

It can weaken people’s self-confidence and cause low self-esteem.

Stress and stressful situations

Manipulation can expose people to stressful situations and stressful environments.

Mental issues

It may not help him deal with mental problems and may even cause mental problems to develop.

Bad human relations

It can weaken relationships between people and undermine trust between people.

What are the types of manipulation?

Different types of manipulation can include psychological manipulation, social manipulation, cultural manipulation, and political manipulation.

What are the purposes of manipulation?

The purpose of manipulation can be to influence people’s behavior and preferences, change their thoughts, create and control an image in people’s minds.

What are the consequences of manipulation?

The effects of manipulation can be: forming wrong ideas in people’s minds, harming themselves or others, dishonesty of people or displaying dishonest behavior.

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