What is Official Plate? Who uses official plates?

While driving on roads with heavy traffic, we sometimes come across vehicles with special license plates that catch our attention. These plates, written in black or different colors on a white background, represent vehicles belonging to the privileged and authorized persons of the state. Our content, which we have prepared based on all of these, contains everything curious about official license plates.

What is Official Plate?

Official license plates play an important role in state protocol. These plates can be found on vehicles used by high-ranking government officials, diplomatic representatives, and other government officials. These plates reflect the privileged status, authority and importance of the persons transported by those vehicles.
The colors and characters of these special plates indicate the authority and status of their users. Official plates are used for the safety of those carrying them and for convenience while performing their duties. These license plates entail privileges such as priority traffic and exemption from parking bans. In this way, important officials and representatives of the state can better perform their services.

Meaning of plate colors

What is Official Plate?

Under Article 58 of the Road Traffic Regulations, the President’s vehicle is in the front row of the protocol. Only the president’s pen is found in the vehicle assigned to the president.

On the vehicles assigned to the members of the Presidential Council of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, the President of the Commission and the Vice-President of the Group, plates with numbers in yellow metallic script on a red background are given. Regulations regarding the numbering and order of these plates are carried out by the Presidency of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey.

These license plates, which are divided into different categories based on their color, are used on vehicles owned by civil servants and civil servants at various levels of the state. These are the types of state protocol plates:

green plate:

The green plate is used by the vehicles of the foreign diplomatic missions operating in Turkey. They can often be seen in cities where diplomatic institutions are located, such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya and Trabzon. Four different middle characters are used on diplomatic plates with white numbers and letters on a green background. The letters “CC” are used in consular vehicles, the letters “CG” are used in the vehicles of consular officers with diplomatic immunity, the letters “CD” are used in ambassadors’ vehicles, and the letters “CM” are used in vehicles of embassy officials with diplomatic immunity.

yellow plate:

Yellow plates are temporary plates used for vehicles that have not yet been registered. The characters on these plates are written in black letters on a yellow background. There is a white colored stripe running from the top left corner to the bottom right corner. Temporary plates can usually be issued for 1 week, 30 days or 1 year. Yellow plates are used in cases where the vehicles are prototyped and road tested, when the importer galleries temporarily put the vehicle on the road and when the vehicles to be sold are held in customs.

What is Official Plate?

Yellow Red Plate:

Red license plates, also known as protocol plates, are used by high-ranking government officials. There are yellow characters on a red background and numbers only. These red number plates are used in the office vehicles of important state officials such as the President, the Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, the President of the Constitutional Court, the Chief of the General Staff, the Governor and ministers. For example, the plate of the President of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey consists of the numbers 0001. These plates can be seen on vehicles representing the highest officials of the state and are a symbol of dignity and authority.

Red white plate:

Red and white license plates are used in the vehicles of officials such as the rector, chief constable and district governor. There are letters and numbers with the city code on the red plate on a white background. These plates are used to identify important officials and represent their authority.

blue plate:

Signs with white letters on a blue background are used by official police vehicles of the General Directorate of Security. The city code is followed by the letters A, AA, or AAA, and these letters represent the office or branch the police team operating the vehicle is affiliated with. These signs represent the police force committed to maintaining law and order and ensuring the safety of the community.

State protocol plates are equipped with colors and symbols, each representing a different meaning and authority. These license plates are used in the official vehicles of the people who work in official and important positions of the state, and they provide the symbolic transfer of this authority and importance to the society and other drivers. In the chaos of traffic, these license plates are the banners of the state and define the vehicles that enjoy a privileged position in the eyes of society.

Order of official plates

What is Official Plate?

  • Vehicle with registration number 0001 President of the General Assembly
  • Vehicle with registration number 0002 Prime (formerly)
  • Vehicle with registration number 0003 President of the Constitutional Court
  • Vehicle with registration number 0004 Chief of Staff
  • Vehicle with registration number 0005 Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Vehicle with registration number 0007 Deputy Prime Minister
  • Vehicle with registration number 0011 Minister of State for Sports
  • Vehicle with registration number 0016 Minister of National Defence
  • Vehicle with registration number 0017, Minister of the Interior
  • Vehicle with registration number 0018 Minister of Finance
  • Vehicle with registration number 0021 Minister of Health
  • Vehicle with registration number 0023 Minister of Food, Agriculture and Livestock
  • Vehicle with registration number 0025 Minister of Science, Industry and Technology
  • Vehicle with registration number 0026 Minister of National Education
  • Vehicle with registration number 0027 Minister of Culture and Tourism
  • Vehicle with registration number 0028 Minister of Energy and Natural Resources
  • Vehicle with registration number 0029 Force commander
  • Vehicle with registration number 0030 Minister of Environment and Urbanization
  • Vehicle with registration number 0033 Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication
  • Vehicle with registration number 0035 Minister of Justice

Except for the authorities mentioned above, the governors in the provinces use red license plates. The governor plates bear the code of the province where they are located and the number 0001.

What is the official plate?

The official plate is the special plate used by the senior officials of the state, diplomatic representatives and government officials in their official vehicles.

What color are the official number plates?

Official plates can have different colors. For example, colors such as red, yellow, green, red-white and blue are used.

How to get an official license plate?

The official plate is assigned to the relevant persons according to the criteria established by the competent authorities of the state. It is usually organized depending on authority and duties.

What is the difference between a civil license plate and an official license plate?

Civil license plates are generally used on individual vehicles, while official license plates are used on government vehicles.

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