What is Okratech (ORT) Coin? ORT Coin Review

He has made quite a name for himself lately. Okratech (ORT) coin started to be a concern of investors. As such, “What is ORT Coin? The number of studies on ” has also increased, and today we are with you. ORT coin Why? We look at the problem together.

What is Okratech (ORT) Coin?

ORT Coin is a self-governing DAO powered by DeFi, designed to act as a decentralized and comprehensive platform. The working principle is designed with the highest quality not only for B2B (Business to Business) but also for P2P (Peer to Peer).

Thanks to the impeccable user interface ORT coin will also help find freelancers for job openings worldwide. The most notable feature of the platform is the absence of commissions and transaction fees. Okratech Coin With this working principle, it works to satisfy both the employer and the employee.

What is the purpose of ORT Coin?

  • Discomfort with the current situation in the market ORT coin managers is working to end large wage inequalities in the workforce.
  • younger generations cryptocurrency Seeing the interest in the sector, they wanted to make this sector more sustainable and reliable.
  • Noting that over 60% of the current global workforce is in the United States okratech stressed that this situation will change significantly in 20 years.
  • Declaring that in the coming years we will move to a completely different dimension from the current workforce, ORT coin stated that they want to take their place in this market early. The team stated that there is no decentralized platform in this market yet and that they intend to fill this gap.

ORT coin; “We believe that the technology will continue to evolve in the future. Blockchain technology will play a very important role in the future. Freelancers will work on decentralized platforms rather than work under multinational companies. Our future is built on a small workforce.” said

What is OrtJob? OrtJob . Features

For the employer;

  • Post your project: Users can publish any project they want for free and easily. They can receive offers from freelancers in minutes.
  • Choose your freelancer: Browse freelancer profiles. Chat directly. Choose for yourself the best and easiest to deal with.
  • Satisfaction Level: We have developed the Milestone Payment System so that employers can pay securely. This way you make the payment, but the money stays in the pool. After the order is completed, it will be submitted for your approval and when you approve, the money will be transferred to the freelancer’s account.

For the employee;

  • Job selection: You choose the jobs that suit you best. Find clients in your field in whatever field you are proficient (SEO, Website Design, Marketing, Author).
  • Duration: For each job, you get a period that you determine together with the employer. Complete the job in that time.
  • Delivery: Hand over your completed work to the employer.
  • To make money: Receive your payment in the currency you want and easily withdraw your money in your own wallet.

How much is ORT Coin Supply?

Okratech Coin officials are aware of the major issues posed by unlimited supply projects, especially the recent Luna incident, which restricted supply.

  • The total and maximum supply is limited to 900,000,000 (900 million) units.
  • The circulating supply is 91,856,000 (91.85 million) units.
  • The current market value is 1,006,759 ($1 million, $6,000).
  • The current price is about $0.01149.

How and where to buy ORT coins?

After reading this article and doing your own research ORT coin You may have decided to invest in

Okratech (ORT) coin, is not yet listed on most major exchanges, but there are 4 exchanges you can buy. These exchanges are Mexc, Bittrue, BabySwap and Pancakeswap.

  • You can easily make your trade by choosing an exchange that you think is most convenient and safe for you.
  • In the next step after choosing the exchange, you can get the ORT coin and keep it in your wallet by doing the money loading process.
  • For this transaction, we can read our article about the things to consider when choosing the cryptocurrency exchange we wrote about before, and we can easily choose the most suitable exchange for you.

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