What is Rip Stream? What are the ways to get rid of?

It is very important to be conscious in order to get rid of and save the drownings that we often encounter during the sea season that begins with the arrival of summer.
Don’t say: “Nothing will happen to me”, “I can swim”, “I am not swimming alone, I am with the crowd”. It is necessary to act consciously in such currents that even good swimmers have difficulty with.

What is Rip Stream?

The rip current that arises from the coast to the sea is caused by the pressure exerted on the sea by the waves hitting the coast.
It is seen in many parts of the world depending on the morphological condition of the coast, usually found on the coast. Rip currents are caused by waves coming perpendicular to the shore, rocks on the shore, docks, breakwaters and areas where many people swim due to the interruption of the linear course of the waves.

How do we know a rip current is coming?

Strong current

Rip currents are usually recognized by looking closely. Although the current region has a darker color than the sea in general, the sea surface is wrinkled. Regular foam formation towards the sea can be seen.
In the past we have regularly encountered news such as “the boy who was swimming suddenly disappeared from sight and drowned”. For this reason, you should check the state of the sea before entering the sea and watch your children playing on the beach all the time.

Rip current features

Strong current

Rip current is a type of ocean current that is common in seas and oceans and can pose a threat to human life. These currents are much stronger than surface currents in the sea and only occur under certain conditions.

The most important characteristic of a mouse stream is its strength. The speed of these currents varies from 1-2 meters per hour, but in some cases can be as high as 5-6 meters per hour. As a result, people can float uncontrollably through the water and end up in dangerous situations.

Another characteristic of rip currents is that they usually occur in the open sea and at the ends of beaches. As such, they can be particularly dangerous to surfers, swimmers and other water sports enthusiasts.

A rip current, unlike other ocean currents, only occurs when the direction of the water current on the sea surface changes. The main reason for this current to occur is that the wave motions carry the water towards the shore and this water returns when it hits the shore. During this return movement, a gravitational effect occurs in the areas close to the coast and the water flows towards the coast at high speed. The speed and strength of this current determines the properties of the mouse current.

Rip currents can also be identified by changes in the color of the water. In an area with rip currents, the water may have a darker color, which can be seen as a warning sign to swimmers.

What to do when encountering a rip stream?

Strong current

The mouse current reaches a speed of 1-2 meters per second. It is very difficult even for good swimmers to swim 1-2 meters per second while risking drowning in such currents. In such cases;
• First of all, one should not panic and keep calm.
• It should not swim towards land in a flapping manner.
• Swim parallel to the shore to avoid the current.
• Call for help.

A rip current is a natural phenomenon that usually occurs on the coast. It is seen in many parts of the world depending on the morphological condition of the coast. Rip currents are caused by waves coming perpendicular to the shore, rocks on the shore, docks, breakwaters and areas where many people swim due to the interruption of the linear course of the waves.

Don’t take your eyes off your children at sea!

Strong current

Samsun Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU) Yaşar Doğu Faculty of Sports Sciences Dean Prof. Dr. Osman İmamoğlu drew attention to the cases of drowning, which increased with the opening of the summer sea season. İmamoğlu said: “Despite the warnings, drownings occur every year.

Most drownings occur in the Black Sea during the sea season in Turkey. To swim in the Black Sea, you need to know a few things. The coast of Samsun is a place where the ‘moving current’ event is intensely experienced. It is known that ‘migratory currents’ are the main cause of drowning, especially on crescent-shaped coasts. The sudden disappearance of sand underfoot, colloquially referred to as a ‘sand slide’, causes rip currents.” Said.

Prof. Dr. Osman İmamoğlu said: “Even those who can swim should stay away from the sea, especially when the waves hit perpendicular to the shore and when it is extremely choppy and windy. While children are at sea, the eyes should not leave them for a moment. In choppy and windy conditions, small children should not put their feet in the sea. When faced with a mouse current, first of all, do not panic. Then swim parallel to the shore, not towards the shore.

After leaving the watershed, swim to shore. If we see a drowning person, if we cannot swim, if we are not experienced in this subject, if we do not have the proper training, we should never try to save them by swimming. We absolutely must seek help from others, not try to interfere. If there is a rope, life jacket, life buoy, throw it at the person. If all else fails, if you can swim well, wear a life jacket and go to the right help.”
İmamoğlu stated that even those who can swim very well are at risk of drowning, saying: “We have to make sure that nothing has happened so far, not because we can swim well, but because we have not encountered a strong gulf current. . The thought ‘I won’t open anyway, but I swim up to my waist’ is also wrong. Because rip currents start right from shore and at ankle level. “A lot of people suffocate when they’re on the floor and they feel safe,” he continued.

Why do rip currents arise?

Rip currents occur when tides in seas and rivers change the movement of water. In addition, wave motions in the sea can contribute to the creation of rip currents.

What are the dangers of rip currents?

Rip currents can pose a serious threat to humans. The speed of the spraying water can cause swimmers and sailors to lose control. People who end up in rip currents can get lost or drown in the open sea.

What precautions can be taken against rip currents?

Measures against rip currents include: Persons wishing to swim in a sea or river should first check the speed and direction of the current and choose swimming spots accordingly. When swimming in a rip current area, it is important that people use safety equipment such as life jackets and swim snorkels.

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