What is skin analysis? How is it applied?

If you want to know what imperfections your skin has and want to prevent future problems from puberty acne, a skin analysis can help you get concrete data.

So, what is skin analysis? Why is it done and what does it do?

Skin analysis provides indirect but still realistic data about the health and appearance of the skin. By analyzing multiple factors of the skin, it also helps you get information on how to direct your skincare routine. It looks at many different features of your skin, including wrinkles, sun damage, texture, pores, skin blemishes, red areas, and bacteria. Looking at all of these factors will point you toward treatments and products that can improve your face and protect it from sun damage in the future.

Bahar Denizoğlu said: “Skin analyzers have been used for more than 10 years. Aside from showing if your wrinkle amount, UV damage and color changes are excessive for your age; One of the main features of these devices is that they determine your actual skin age. It does this by comparing your skin condition to a database of other people’s skin analyses. Maybe your skin age is 33, which is a little over 30, which is your actual age.” said.

Why should I have a skin analysis done?

Think about what your skin has been through so far; acne in adolescents, severe sunburn, acne in adults, their scars There may be some visible flaws on your skin that you do not know what to do with.

So, are the spots on your right cheek acne scars or do you have hyperpigmentation?

Are the wrinkles on your forehead worse than those of your peers? With skin analysis you can find answers to all these questions.

Think of your unprotected sunny days

As much as we love the sun, let’s think about all the years we spent under the sun without any protection. Since childhood, we usually spend the summer months swimming and sunbathing. And sunscreen for many of us is a product that we only use on vacation or at the beach. Also, adding in the tanning beds we go to to get tanned skin can increase our risk of sunburn and, even worse, skin cancer. With skin analysis you can see with concrete data what the damage is after all those years of knowing that you do not protect your skin against the sun.

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