What is smoky eye makeup, how is it done? Detailed explanation

What is Smoky Eye Makeup?

Smoky eye makeup is a makeup technique obtained by carefully distributing and softening eyeshadows, eyeliners and mascaras that are concentrated on the eyelids. While this makeup technique makes your eyes look bigger and more prominent, it also adds a touch of mystery to your eyes.

The smoky eye makeup technique, as the name suggests, aims to create a cloudy, misty effect in eye makeup. This effect is achieved by softening the shades of the eyeshadow on the eyelids and blending the shadows together. This makes the eyes appear larger and deeper. Smoky eye makeup is generally not preferred for everyday makeup, it is usually applied for special occasions, invitations and night makeup.

How to do smoky eye makeup?

Smoky eye makeup

Black eyeliner and black mascara are what you need for smoky eye makeup. First of all, we draw the eyeliner to the frame of our eyes. Having drawn the pencil in our eyes, we begin to distribute it. We can do this with headlight brushes. By scattering we make transitions from dark to light. We finish our makeup by drawing the black pencil into our eyes. We apply black mascara by curling it on our lashes. This is all. Let’s see how to do smoky eye makeup in more detail.

1. Apply primer

To make the smoky eye makeup look charming all day, be sure to apply primer on your eyelids. Thanks to the primer, the headlight looks permanent and perfect from the first moment.

2. Use a neutral color on the eyelid

When doing dark eye makeup, you should first do your eye makeup by applying a neutral color to the entire eyelid. Thanks to the neutral color, it is easier to mix the darker colors that you will apply in the next step. If you apply a dark color to your eyes first, you will get an awkward result.

3. Shade the eyelid

If you want to add depth to your eyes with the smokey eye make-up, choose the darkest color you want to use in your eye make-up and apply it to the fold line of your eyelid and distribute it well over it. This will accentuate the crease line of the eyelid and give it a better look.

4. Bring your eyes out

After revealing the crease line of the eyes, it’s time to do a very sneaky trick, apply the metallic tone in the eyeshadow palette to the center of the eyelid, at the level of the pupil, and distribute it well. The diffusion process is very important in smoky eye makeup. You must do this for a natural steamy look.

5. Define Lash Bottoms

It is one of the most important steps. Voluminous eyelashes are one of the most important steps of eye makeup. To accentuate your lashes, you can fill the lower and upper lash base with a dark eyeshadow, if possible with a brown eyeshadow.

How do you do light smokey eye makeup?

Smoky eye makeup

To make smoky eye makeup in a natural shade, the first thing you need to know is that the cream shadow is applied to the entire eyelid. Then apply your brown or red eye shadow in the outer corners of the eyes and distribute it well. By doing this, you make your eyes stand out more. If you have small eyes and you complain about it, use light colors instead of dark colors and give intensity to the outer corners of your eye makeup. Especially metallic shades make your eyes look bigger.

How To Do Black Smoky Eye Makeup?

Smoky eye makeup

Black smokey eye makeup is one of the most commonly used eye makeup. With a special invitation or on a first date… With your black smoked eyes you can easily impress the other person. For dark eye makeup, you can choose an eyeshadow palette with black and gray tones.

How to make practical smoky eye makeup?

Smoky eye makeup

are you in a hurry? You can make your eyes smokey in 5 minutes. To make practical smoky eye makeup, draw eyeliner at the bottom of your lashes, divide this line with your finger to give a smoky look. Apply dark eye shadow all the way to the outer corners of the eyes and just below the brow bone. While doing this, you can get help from a flat or medium brush. Then divide it well. Yes, you only spent 5 minutes on makeup.

How to do smoky eye makeup with a single eyeliner?

Smoky eye makeup

Did you know you can do smoky eye makeup using just eyeliner? Before using the eyeliner, soak it in hot water for 20 seconds. Take it out and wait for it to cool down a bit. When it comes to the temperature that can be applied, apply diffusely to the areas of the eyelids near the base of the eyelashes. Do the same for the lower lashes. You can repeat this process if you want a darker color.

How to do smoky eye makeup?

To make smoky eye makeup, you must first apply a base on the eyelids. Then color it with a matte eye shadow from the outer corner of the eye to the corner of the eye. Next, apply a light-colored eyeshadow towards the center of the eyelid to shade. Finally, blend the eyeshadows well on the eyelids to get a smoky look.

What colors can be used for smoky eye makeup?

Natural and matte colors are generally used in smoky eye makeup. Brown, gray and black colors are often preferred to get a steamy look. You can also mix different colors to get a smoky look.

What brushes can be used for smoky eye makeup?

Small brushes are generally used to create smoky eye makeup. A small eyeshadow brush or eyeshadow applicator helps to gently apply the eyeshadow to the eyelid. You can also use a soft eyeshadow brush to blend the eyeshadow well on the eyelid.

What eye shapes can smokey eye makeup be applied to?

Smoky eye makeup can be applied to any eye shape. Smooth eyes, sunken eyes, or almond eyes can look great with this technique. However, it is important that you consider the shape of your eyes when shading.

What products should be used for smoky eye makeup?

Basic products such as a matte eyeshadow, eyeshadow primer, eyeliner and eyelash curler can be used to create smoky eye makeup. In addition, eye shadow brushes can be used to blend the eye shadow and get a more natural look. You can use make-up fixing spray to fix your eye make-up.

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