What is tapeworm, why does it happen? How is tapeworm repelled, how is it treated?

Tapeworms, which can live up to 30 years and grow up to 25 meters in height, can certainly be gotten rid of with medication or naturally. There are many types of tapeworms around the world. In our country, beef tapeworm is the most common.

What is a Tapeworm?

tapeworms; Tapeworm is a type of infection caused by intestinal parasites. tapeworms; It needs another living thing to survive. These parasite species that can’t live alone; They live in human or animal intestines. There are 6 different types of tapeworms, three types are especially common.

What Causes Tapeworm?

The places where tapeworms are most common; raw or undercooked meat. As a result of their ingestion, tapeworms infect the body. Tapeworms also differ depending on the type of food. Tapeworms infected by pigs; Taenia Solium, tapeworms of cattle; Tenia Saginata and tapeworms infected by fish; It is called Diphyllobothrium Latum. tapeworms; It consists of nodes called segments. There is egg production in each of the knuckles. It is a health problem that is likely to be global and even considered commonplace.

How does tapeworm shed?

Tapeworms are one of the easiest infections to treat. This treatment is given to prevent reinfection. Tapeworm treatment is done in two ways. This;

– medicines,

– It is in the form of a hygiene calendar to be applied for 6 weeks.

It is stated that the drugs used for drug treatment should be used by everyone in the house. This infection, which has a very high risk of transmission within the family, is generally recommended to be used by all family members to control everyone in the family.

What is tapeworm, what causes it

How is tapeworm treatment performed?

Medication is generally preferred for the treatment of tapeworms. In addition, there are herbal methods. However, for a definitive solution, it is necessary to consult a doctor who is an expert in this field. In many people, tapeworm treatment is very short-lived and can be overcome with a few doses of medication. Surgical intervention may be necessary for advanced cases. Herbal treatments that may be recommended for tapeworm worms are;

– Turmeric: Turmeric, one of the very useful plants; It is one of the auxiliary plants for the excretion of tapeworms in the intestines. Turmeric, which makes parasites sick; It kills the eggs and makes it easier to expel them from the body. However, turmeric should be consumed with caution. Excessive use can cause health problems. The amount of turmeric that should be consumed during the day is a maximum of 2 grams.

– Onions and Garlic: Garlic ensures the disappearance of parasites with the sulphurous substances it contains. Onion, which has similar properties to garlic, is a very strong antioxidant. Onion, which helps to quickly clean the intestines, helps to remove parasites from the body. Garlic, generally consumed with meals, will eliminate parasites if consumed twice a week.

– Wormwood: It supports the reduction of tapeworms in both the excretory system and the intestines. This plant, which is cooked and consumed, is a very strong anti-parasite.

– Coconut: With its rich nutrients and oric acid it contains, it helps to break down parasites in the intestines and remove them from the body. Coconut, the milk, fruit or oil of which can be consumed, is the enemy of tapeworms.

– Pumpkin seeds: Pumpkin seeds, which, with its laxative effect, show the laxative effect and help cleanse the intestines; It helps to remove tapeworms from the body. Pumpkin seeds can be consumed without any processing.

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