What is the e-school system? What modes are included in the system?

With the rapid development of technology, transformations in the field of education have become inevitable. One of these transformations is the e-school system. E-School Parent Information Service is a service prepared for parents of students studying in public and private elementary schools. This system is a web software for school management information systems that was commissioned by the Ministry of Education in 2007. This system, which covers the processes from student enrollment to graduation, was developed by the Directorate General of Educational Technologies.

Based on all these, we have gathered the things curious about e-School. Here are the questions about e-School…

What is the E-school system?

E-School System is a platform that allows students, parents and school administrators to monitor their educational processes. Public and private primary schools, kindergartens, private educational institutions and secondary education institutions can conduct their transactions through this system. The e-School system provides access to a wide variety of information and allows parents to track their children’s educational status.

What information is accessible through the E-School system?

With the E-School system, parents have access to a lot of information about their children’s education process. You can access the following information through the system:

1. Announcements

Announcements to be sent by school administrators or teachers are included in the system. These announcements are sent individually or collectively.

2. Study program

The student’s weekly course schedule, course start and end times, and instructor information can be viewed in this section.

3. Absence Information

Information on student disability and unauthorized absence during the semester can be tracked.

4. Grade information

Scores related to the exam, project, and performance work created by the student are displayed in this section.

5. Exam and project information

In this part, the student takes the exam of which course unit and when he/she has to submit his/her project.

How do you log in to the Parent Information System?

What is the e-school system?

To log in to the E-School System, follow the steps below:

  • First, you must have a computer or mobile device that can access the Internet. You can conduct your transactions using any internet browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc.).
  • To login to the E-School Parent Information System, you need to go to the official E-School website. You can reach the home page on the website of the Ministry of National Education or directly by typing the address of the E-School in the address bar of your browser.
  • When you get to the login page, you will need to enter the student’s TR ID number and school number. If the student’s TR identification number cannot be found, the temporary number provided during registration with the e-School system can be used.
  • After entering the TR identity number and the school number, you must enter a 4-digit security code in the appropriate box for security reasons. This code is automatically generated and displayed on the screen.
  • After entering the required data correctly, just click on the “Login” button. In this way you will be logged in to the E-School Parent Information System.

What is the E-school system?

E-School System is a digital platform that allows students, parents and school administrators to monitor their educational processes.

How can I log in to the E-School System?

You can log in to the E-School system with the TR ID number and the student’s school number. You can access the system by entering the security code correctly.

What information can I access through the E-School system?

You can access a lot of information via the E-School system, such as course schedule, absenteeism information, grade information, exam and project information.

How do I access the exam results in the E-School System?

Exam results created by the student in the E-School system can be viewed in the “Grade Information” section.

How can I view the student’s class schedule in the E-School System?

In the E-School system, the student’s weekly course schedule is included in the “Course Schedule” section. Here you can see which classes are at which times.

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