What is the evil eye and how is it transmitted? Ways to get rid of the evil eye

Information about the evil eye

The evil eye, the evil eye and the spiritual power known as the evil eye are a common belief among the people. The “evil eye”, which is seen as a superstition by some people, is the very bad energy, negative energy, for some people. What is the evil eye in this content and how to remove it? We will share the answers to your questions with you.

Here is the meaning of the word “evil eye”, which has always existed in our culture, and ways to protect it…

What is the Evil Eye?

The dictionary meaning of the word evil eye means to look, see and like something. The exact equivalent in Turkish means looking at something admired with envy and envy, impressing it with negative energy. The term “eye touched” is used for the evil eye, which is also called “eye” among the people. The evil eye belief is a belief that is thought to date back to 4000 years BC among Arabs, Turks and even BC.

Is there an evil eye in Islam? Is evil real?

What is the Evil Eye?

There is an evil eye, and according to our belief, there are verses about it. It is not the evil eye that is not to be believed, but the efforts made to remove the evil eye. By explaining what the evil eye is, we will tell you what to do in case of an evil eye.

The evil eye is called a demonic gaze. Evil eye is even in the form of touching oneself. For example, 2 hours after you say “I have smooth skin”, acne appears on your face. This evil eye is not bad. However, some evil eyes are very effective for humans. For example, the person who is very successful in the exams will no longer pass the exams.

How is evil worth evil?

What is the Evil Eye?

When you are exposed to the reflection in the eyes of someone who is extremely jealous, you can be exposed to the evil eye. In this, those who have many evil eyes wear evil eye beads, which we call blue beads. Evil eye bead is not just a superstitious belief according to some religious scholars; They believe that the evil eye bead has a preventive effect because the reflection enters the eye and breaks on this bead at the time of the evil eye.

It is said that the evil eye usually affects people of color more than their gaze. It is like that because; The fact that most people in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean regions have blue eyes, and the evil eye is high in these regions, and there is no evil eye in the region that we call the Far East, because there are hardly any people with colored eyes in the Far East.

How can we protect ourselves from the evil eye?

What is the Evil Eye?

We must put superstitions aside. By wearing evil eye beads on unprotected babies, you can prevent the buildup of bad energy on them, but this is not a surefire solution. To be protected from the evil eye, it is enough to read the evil eye prayers. Nothing can protect you like prayer. Read this prayers when the evil eye is touched then you will find healing. Casting lead, casting spells or resorting to other superstitions is absolutely wrong.

Prayers for protection from the evil eye

What is the Evil Eye?

To get rid of the evil eye, you need to read the following surahs and prayers in order. You can read the evil eye prayer for yourself as well as for someone else.

  1. Al Fatiha
  2. Ayetu’l-Kursi
  3. Surah Falaq
  4. Surah An-Nas must be read.
  5. Evil Eye prayer must be read.

Evil Eye Prayer Turkish Writing

What is the Evil Eye?

“Bismillahirrahmânirraîm bismillahi azîm-iş-şani şedîd-il birr ma şâallahü kane habisun min hacerin yabisin ve şihâbin kâbisin. Allahümme innî radedtü ayn-el âini ayn-el âinia yn-el âniâbbâyâni ahâkilahen kâbîn radedtü ayn-el âini ayn-el âinia yn-el âniâbbâyâni ahâkilahen kâbîn ve hâbisun summer a yekülici dakise summer yekülici in the summer of 2019. I think I don’t like doing what I want. men dehale hisni emine min azabi. Sadaka rasulullahi sallallahu ta’ala ‘alaihi wa sallama’.

What is an evil eye bead?

The evil eye bead is an object used in many cultures where belief in the evil eye is common. It is usually made of blue glass and protects people by absorbing the bad energy on them.

Can belief in the evil eye be scientifically proven?

Belief in the evil eye cannot be scientifically proven, because this belief is essentially a spiritual belief and has no concrete evidence. However, there are scientific studies on the belief in the evil eye and some studies show that people experience stress and anxiety when exposed to negative energies.

In which cultures is the belief in the evil eye common?

Belief in the evil eye is common in many cultures, especially in Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Balkan and South Asian cultures. The evil eye belief is widely used in countries such as Turkey, Greece, Italy, Iran, Egypt and India.

Why is the evil eye bead blue?

Blue is the color of the evil eye beads used in many cultures to protect against the evil eye. This color is believed to protect people by absorbing the bad energy on them. And because blue is associated with the sea and sky, it makes people feel safe.

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