What Is Tongue Conflict, Why Does It Happen? What are the symptoms of numbness in the language, how does it pass?

Tongue paralysis causes loss of consciousness, resulting in speech problems. In addition, a bitter and foul taste is created in the mouth. There are several causes of tongue numbness. In this case, it is necessary to pay attention to the immediate situation.

What is Language Match?

numbness of the tongue; It is not a disease in itself. However, it generally appears as a symptom of another condition. Numbness of the tongue, which appears in the form of pins and needles on the tongue, loss of sensation, tingling, is a condition that must be treated and taken seriously. Tongue paralysis is treated according to the underlying disease.

There are several symptoms of tongue numbness. Severe loss of taste is one of the most common symptoms of tongue numbness. Tingling all over the tongue or on the tip of the tongue, a feeling of pain in the mouth is seen as numbness of the tongue. Symptoms such as difficulty speaking or inability to speak are seen in severe language numbness findings.

What Causes Tongue Conflict?

Conditions that can cause numbness of the tongue;

– Numbness of the tongue due to injury causes loss of feeling in the tongue.
– In case of deterioration of the sensory nerve, numbness of the tongue can last for months.
– Numb tongue and reduced taste; burning mouth syndrome can be caused by discomfort. It causes numbness in the teeth, gums, lips and tongue.
– Traumas or blows to the jaw can also cause numbness in the tongue.
– Tongue paralysis occurs as a result of local anesthesia during dental treatments and damage to the nerves in the tongue.
– Diseases of the thyroid gland can cause numbness of the tongue.
– Tumors on the tongue can cause numbness in the tongue by pressing on some nerves.
– Problems with the spinal cord and brain can cause numbness in the tongue.
– Paralysis causes a decrease in blood flow to the brain, and taste cells in the brain are also damaged. With the decrease of these senses, numbness occurs in the tongue.
– There may be numbness in the tongue due to blows to the brain.
– Surgical procedures in the throat or mouth can cause numbness of the tongue.
– Excessive metal poisoning can also lead to numbness of the tongue.
– Some nervous attacks can cause numbness of the tongue.
– B12 deficiency can cause numbness of the tongue.
– Some mineral deficiencies such as potassium and calcium can also cause numbness in the tongue.
– Radiation rays can also cause numbness of the tongue.
– Alcohol and cigarette consumption cause numbness of the tongue.
– Side effects of drugs cause numbness of the tongue.

What Are the Symptoms of Numbness in Language?

It would be correct to list the signs of numbness in the tongue as follows;

– Problems with taste,
– The unpleasant taste in the mouth,
– have difficulty breathing,
– speech problems,
– urinary incontinence,
– Severe headache
– Pain in the neck,
– loss of feeling in the face,
– hallucinations,
– It may be listed as vision problems.

How is language conflict passed on?

To treat numbness in the tongue, it is important to first find the underlying cause of this condition. To determine the exact cause of the numbness, the doctor will need to perform some tests. If the cause is trauma or damage, the doctor should not prescribe medication.

However, if the numbness is caused by a more serious problem, it is important to be hospitalized for a period of time. In severe cases, treatment should not be interrupted. numbness of the tongue; It is a health problem that should be taken seriously.

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