What is Vehicle Inspection? How is a vehicle inspection performed?

Vehicle testing is a process that checks vehicles in traffic to ensure they have the appropriate passenger and road safety qualifications. This process is mandated in accordance with Article 34 of the Road Traffic Act No. 2918. Inspections are carried out to prevent accidents and eliminate possible defects of vehicles in traffic. TÜVTÜRK is the only authorized institution responsible for conducting these studies in our country. Vehicles that have not been inspected lose their right to use the road and risk fines.

Our content, which we have prepared based on all of these, provides detailed information on vehicle inspection. Here are the things you need to know before going to the exam…

What is Vehicle Inspection?

Vehicle inspection is a procedure to check the technical and safety suitability of vehicles. This inspection includes a series of tests involving the vehicle’s mechanical, electronic, braking, lighting and emission systems. In addition, the mandatory equipment that must be present in the vehicle is checked. The exhaust gas emission measurement of the vehicle is also carried out during the inspection. This is done to assess the impact of the vehicle on the environment. As a result of the inspection, the vehicle is assessed as faultless, slightly defective or seriously defective.

Is vehicle inspection mandatory?

How is the inspection performed?

Yes, it is mandatory to have a vehicle inspection. It is mandatory to have all motorized and non-motorized vehicles driving on highways inspected. The inspection period differs per vehicle type. From the age of 3 it is necessary for passenger cars to have an inspection every 2 years and for commercial vehicles every year from 1 year. This obligation ensures that possible safety and technical problems in vehicles are detected and prevented.

Documents to be prepared before going to the inspection

How is the inspection performed?

You must make an appointment for the car inspection. You can make an appointment on the telephone number of TÜVTÜRK 0850 222 88 88. Before you go to the exam, you must complete the following documents.

1. License and Identity

You must have your registration certificate and identity card with you. In addition, you must have the registration certificate or the motor vehicle traffic document with you when buying/selling vehicles.

2. Traffic Insurance

Check if your car insurance is valid. The insurance date must be current.

3. Exhaust gas emission measurement certificate

If your vehicle has a valid exhaust emission measurement certificate, keep it with you. Otherwise, your vehicle will not pass the inspection.

4. Debt Status

Check if you have debts such as traffic fines or bridge highway tolls on the vehicle. Make sure that you do not have such debts when you go to the exam. Otherwise your vehicle will not be inspected.

5. Power of Attorney

If the vehicle is not yours and is registered in someone else’s name, you must obtain a power of attorney for the vehicle that you want to have inspected.

6. If LPG is installed, this must be included in the permit

If your vehicle has an LPG installation, it must be registered and the label on the LPG tank must be legible. If defects are found in the LPG installation during the first inspection, a new gas-tightness report will be requested during the second inspection.

Required equipment in the vehicle

How is the inspection performed?

The equipment that should be part of the vehicle inspection includes a first aid kit, two warning triangles, a 1 kilogram fire extinguisher and a usable spare wheel. New vehicles or vehicles with run-flat tires may have a tire repair kit in place of the spare wheel.

How is a vehicle inspection performed?

How is the inspection performed?

After preparing the necessary documents for the inspection, park your vehicle in a suitable place and proceed to the inspection station. At the inspection station you will need to enter your vehicle registration number and get your appointment ticket. Then go to the vehicle admissions section to wait for your queue number. After entering your vehicle’s license plate number, the system will provide you with your serial number. Then pay your fee by handing over your documents to the official. Inspection costs are paid in cash, no other payment method is accepted.

After delivering your documents, the agents will ask you to take your vehicle to the area to be examined. Pull your vehicle to the right place and wait for the agents to carry out the inspection procedures. Make sure the first aid kit and reflectors are in an easily accessible place.

How many years is inspection carried out?

How is the inspection performed?

The inspection period differs per vehicle type. For passenger cars from the age of 3, an inspection is mandatory every 2 years. It is mandatory for commercial vehicles to have an annual inspection from the age of 1 year. For wheeled tractors, an inspection is mandatory every 3 years from the age of 3.

Conditions that prevent investigation

How is the inspection performed?

When preparing for the exam, pay attention to the following situations:

  • Required documents are missing
  • Have traffic fines or toll debts
  • Fuel or gas leaks
  • Incorrect vehicle height for large vehicles
  • Failure to start the vehicle during the inspection

What do inspection results mean?

How is the inspection performed?

1. Flawless

No defects are found on the vehicle. There is no harm in keeping the vehicle on the road until the next inspection.

2. Somewhat imperfect

Small defects that will not cause problems are detected in the vehicle. A certain amount of time can be given to correct these defects. In this case, it does not hurt to keep the vehicle on the road until the next inspection.

3. Serious defect

The vehicle has serious defects that endanger road safety. In this case, the defects must be remedied within the period established following the inspection of the vehicle. If the defects are not rectified, the vehicle may be banned from traffic.

How do I make an appointment for a vehicle inspection?

To make an appointment for vehicle inspection, you can make an appointment by calling TÜVTÜRK telephone number 0850 222 88 88.

What documents do I need to prepare for the vehicle inspection?

For vehicle inspection, you need to prepare documents such as license, identity, traffic insurance, exhaust emission measurement certificate.

How can I find out the result of the vehicle inspection?

You can learn the result of the vehicle inspection through a report that you can get from the inspection station or online on the TÜVTÜRK website.

What should I do if I fail the vehicle inspection?

If you fail the vehicle inspection, you will be given a certain amount of time and you will be asked to correct the defects. During this period you must come again for the inspection after carrying out the necessary repairs. After remedying the defects, you can check the result by having your vehicle inspected again.

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