What is weld hair? How is the extension hair attached? All information

Hair extension is one of the hair extension methods and it makes your hair look fuller, longer and more voluminous. However, trying this method without sufficient knowledge of hair extensions can cause many problems. In this article we have answered all frequently asked questions about hair extensions.

What is weld hair?

Extension hair is a method used to make hair appear fuller, longer and more voluminous. In this method, the hair strands added to the hair are integrated into the natural hair. The hair extension method is especially ideal for people with fine or short hair. Unlike hair transplantation, the hair extension method is a temporary solution and allows you to regain the natural look of your hair.

Hair extensions are usually made using artificial hair strands made from human hair. In this way, the added hair strands have a harmonious appearance with your natural hair. There are different types of welding hair methods and the processing time can differ per method. But when done correctly, hair extensions can look great and make you feel more confident.

How is the extension hair attached?

What you need to know about hair extensions

The hair extension method allows you to achieve a fuller, longer and more voluminous look with artificial hair strands added to your hair. However, it is important that the extension hair is applied correctly. There are several methods of attaching extensions, and the method you choose may vary based on factors such as processing time and cost.

1. Micro rings

Microrings use small metal rings to attach strands to natural hair. These rings provide a secure attachment by firmly attaching the hair strands to the natural hair.

2. Glue for welding hair

This method is based on the principle of sticking the ends of the hair strands to the natural hair by covering them with special tapes made of an adhesive substance. This method offers a faster application time and is also easy to remove.

3. Weaving method

This method is applied by placing the hair strands between the braids. The hair strands added in this method are braided with natural hair and provide a fuller appearance.

What are the benefits of welding hair?

What you need to know about hair extensions

The hair extension method is a method used to make hair look fuller, longer and more voluminous. This method has many advantages and is especially ideal for people with fine or short hair.

1. Fuller and more voluminous appearance

The hair extension method allows you to achieve a fuller and voluminous appearance with the hair strands added to the hair. In this way, even people with thin or sparse hair can have fuller and more voluminous hair.

2. Long-lasting

The hair extension method can be permanent for a long time if done correctly. So you can keep your natural and beautiful look on your special days or holidays.

3. Natural look

The hair extension method creates a natural look by integrating the hair strands into the natural hair. If applied correctly, the added strands can look harmonious with natural hair.

4. Different style options

The hair extension method offers different hairstyle options thanks to your longer hair. This way you can comb your hair in different ways and try out different styles.

5. Trust and confidence

Extension hair makes your hair look full and voluminous, making you feel more confident and confident.

What are the disadvantages of welding hair?

What you need to know about hair extensions

Las hairs also have disadvantages and these disadvantages mean that you should do proper research before applying. Before getting this treatment, it is important to learn about the potential downsides and how to properly care for the extensions.

1. Hair damage

A disadvantage of extension hair is that the hair follicles and scalp can be damaged. Long-term use in particular can damage hair follicles and cause scalp irritation.

2. Maintenance Challenge

Extension hair requires more demanding care than natural hair. This hair can easily tangle and become unmanageable, especially if it gets damaged and dry.

3. Limited service life

Hair extensions have a limited lifespan and significant hair loss can occur with prolonged use. Also, removing the source hair can damage the hair follicles and cause hair loss.

4. Price

Hair extensions are very expensive and the maintenance costs can be high. This may not be an economical option for many people with regular maintenance.

5. External influences

Welding hair applications are more sensitive to external factors such as sea water, swimming pool water and UV rays. Therefore, if you go to the sea or swimming pool in the summer, you may need to take extra precautions to protect your extensions.

How is welding hair care done?

What you need to know about hair extensions

Hair extensions need quality care to look beautiful and stylish. If you want your hair to stay in shape for a long time, you should definitely take good care of it.

1. Brush the hair

By brushing your extensions properly, you extend the life of your hair. You should brush your hair extensions in the morning and evening every day. This prevents your hair from tangling and promotes hair growth by increasing blood flow to your hair follicles.


Washing your extensions with shampoo will keep your hair clean and healthy. However, avoid using excessive shampoo to preserve the natural oils of your hair roots. Shampooing once or twice a week is sufficient.

3. Rinse

Rinse your hair extensions thoroughly after shampooing. Shampoo residue can build up in your hair follicles, causing itching and irritation.

4. Moisturize

Keeping your hair extensions moist ensures that the hair stays healthy. You can moisturize your hair by using a moisturizing conditioner or oil. However, be careful not to apply it to the root of your hair extensions. Moisturizing products applied to the root area can cause premature hair loss.

5. Be careful when drying

Pay attention to the temperature of the hair dryer while drying your hair extensions. High heat can cause damage to your extension hair. When using a hair dryer, use a low heat and low speed to avoid tangles.

6. Gently sculpt

You can use a hair straightener or tongs to style your extensions. However, keep in mind that high temperature settings can damage your extensions. When styling, use the temperature on a low setting and make sure your extensions are protected.

7. Perform regular maintenance

Regular care of your extension hair helps keep your hair healthy. Keep your hair healthy for longer by getting professional help with hair care.

What is weld hair?

Hair welding is one of the hair extension methods. It is made from real human hair and makes your hair look longer and fuller.

What are the benefits of hair extensions?

Hair extensions can make your hair look longer, fuller and more voluminous. It also offers more options for hairstyles and style changes.

What are the disadvantages of hair welding?

Hair extensions can be expensive and time consuming to maintain. Improper application can lead to hair loss or damage. In addition, because the extension hair has a different structure than your natural hair, it can be difficult to take care of your natural hair.

Does the extension hair have any damage to our natural hair?

Improper application or improper care can cause extensions to damage your natural hair. However, with proper application and care, your extension hair can be used for a long time without damaging your natural hair.

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