What is Whatsapp Out of Memory Error, how to fix it?

What is a memory error?

A memory error is an error that prevents an application from working normally. The appearance of this error may mean that the device’s memory is full. Insufficient memory error is a common problem among WhatsApp users and can occur because the device memory is full or there is a problem with WhatsApp’s memory management.

Insufficient memory error can cause users to experience issues such as being unable to send and receive messages, share media files, and open WhatsApp. Therefore, users can try different methods to fix this error.

One of the most common reasons for this error is that the storage of the device is full. In this case, the WhatsApp app may throw a memory error as it cannot save the new data. In some cases, WhatsApp’s inability to properly manage media files can also cause a memory error problem.

To fix the memory error, users can check their device’s storage space and free up space by deleting unnecessary files. They can also change the “Auto-download media” settings to let WhatsApp manage media files. To do this, they may need to go to the WhatsApp settings menu, click on the “Storage and data” section and select the “Automatically download media” option.

If the problem persists then users can update the WhatsApp application. Current versions of WhatsApp can provide more stable usage by fixing memory management issues. As a last resort, resetting the device to factory settings can also fix the memory error problem. However, this method resets the device to default settings by erasing all user data, so backups are recommended.

What Causes a Memory Error?

WhatsApp is one of the most used instant messaging applications worldwide. However, sometimes app users may encounter the “memory full” error. This error usually appears when WhatsApp is out of memory space. However, this problem can have many different causes.

  1. Insufficient storage space: One of the most common reasons for this error is insufficient storage of the device. When the device storage is full, apps cannot work normally and you may get out of memory error.

  2. App Update: WhatsApp releasing a new update version can sometimes cause bugs. In particular, this problem can occur if there is an interruption or the Internet connection is lost during the update installation.

  3. App cache: WhatsApp uses cache to store frequently used data. This cache grows over time and can eventually fill up the memory space of the device. This problem can occur if the cache is not cleared after a certain amount of time.

  4. Slow internet connection: WhatsApp is an application that works over an internet connection. A slow or intermittent internet connection can prevent messages from loading completely and cause this error message to appear.

  5. Virus or malware: If your device has a virus or malware, this could be the cause of the problem. Such software can fill up the memory space of the device and prevent applications from working normally.

Insufficient memory error is usually caused by these reasons. However, it can also occur for various reasons. Whatever the cause of the problem, there are some steps to fix it.

How to Fix WhatsApp Out of Memory Error?

What is Whatsapp Out of Memory Error, how to fix it?

  1. Restart your phone: A memory error could be related to an app crashing on your phone. So try to fix the problem by restarting your phone.

  2. Clear Cache: Cache is the data that the app stores to run faster. However, the cache grows over time and can cause a memory error. Go to Settings > Apps > WhatsApp > Clear cache data to clear the cache.

  3. Delete media files: WhatsApp uses your phone’s memory to store your photos and videos. If these files fill the memory, you may get an out of memory error. In this case, you can try to delete or backup the media files in WhatsApp and remove them from your phone.

  4. Update App: Using the updated version of WhatsApp is important to fix bugs and issues. Update WhatsApp from Google Play Store or App Store.

  5. Update your phone: The operating system on your phone is important for apps to run smoothly. If an update is available for your phone then apply the update to fix this problem.

  6. Uninstall and install the app: If the problem persists, you can completely uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp. This can solve the problem by restarting and reconfiguring the app to fix the errors.

Any of these methods can fix the out of memory error. However, if the problem still persists, your phone may have a more serious problem and you may need technical support.

What can be done to prevent a memory error?

What is Whatsapp Out of Memory Error, how to fix it?

  1. Delete unnecessary files: WhatsApp uses it to store files in the phone memory. These files contain data such as app cache, media files, downloaded files, and backups. Clearing app cache, deleting media files, and deleting unnecessary backups can free up more storage space.

  2. Regularly delete backups: WhatsApp provides a feature that allows users to backup their messages and media files. However, backups should be cleaned regularly. This can be done both to free up storage space and to make the app run faster.

  3. Update WhatsApp: WhatsApp is constantly releasing updates to make the app run more efficiently and with fewer bugs. So, using the latest version of the app can prevent problems like memory error from appearing.

  4. Clean regularly: Cleaning your phone regularly can help it perform better. These can include steps such as uninstalling unnecessary apps and files, clearing caches, and closing apps.

  5. Upgrade your phone: Older phones often have issues like memory error. If your phone is too old, it may not have enough memory or storage space to use WhatsApp. In this case, upgrading to a newer phone can prevent this error from appearing.

How to recover data if memory error occurs?

Many users are concerned about the risk of losing data on their phone when facing memory error. However, there is no need to worry as you have a chance to recover your data. Here are a few things you can do to recover your data when you encounter this problem:

  1. Backup: WhatsApp provides automatic backup feature. Review your backups and back up more often if possible. This reduces the risk of losing your data. You can restore one of your backups to restore your data.

  2. Manage WhatsApp files: We share a lot of photos, videos, audio files and documents on WhatsApp. You can free up storage space on your phone by regularly deleting these files. This prevents memory errors.

  3. Use file manager: File manager apps help you organize files on your phone and delete unnecessary files. These apps prevent memory errors by optimizing the storage space on your phone.

  4. Uninstall apps: Apps that you don’t use can clutter your phone storage and cause memory issues. Therefore, you can free up storage space on your phone by uninstalling unnecessary apps.

  5. Clear cache: WhatsApp creates cache files in your device’s memory during use. These cache files can also cause memory problems over time. Therefore, clearing cache files can reduce memory errors.

What is a WhatsApp memory error?

This error is a memory issue that affects the functionality of WhatsApp. This problem can occur because your phone’s memory is full or WhatsApp is using unnecessary memory.

How to Fix WhatsApp Memory Error?

You can follow the steps below to resolve this error:

  1. Delete unnecessary files on your phone.
  2. Update or reinstall WhatsApp.
  3. Delete junk files in WhatsApp chats.
  4. Delete unnecessary apps to increase the memory on your phone.

Why does a memory error occur?

Insufficient memory error can occur when the phone memory is full or because WhatsApp is using unnecessary memory. It can also cause this error if your phone has a virus or malware.

How to avoid a memory error?

To avoid this error, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Delete unnecessary files on your phone.
  2. Delete junk files in WhatsApp chats.
  3. Delete unnecessary apps to increase the memory on your phone.
  4. Regularly scan your phone for viruses and malware.

How can data be recovered when facing out of memory issue?

You can use third party data recovery software to recover data lost due to memory error. However, keep in mind that there is always a method that cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, it is the best practice to make regular backups and avoid losing your data.

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