What should be considered when buying chicken?

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Chicken meat is an extremely beneficial source of nutrients. Its main advantage is that it is rich in protein. 120 grams of chicken meat alone can meet 65 percent of the daily protein requirement. To reduce fat and take advantage of the proteins it contains, the skin must be scraped. Experts say skinless chicken meat is lean! Recent research in chicken has shown that this white meat is rich in niacin. Niacin is extremely beneficial in regulating blood sugar levels. Due to its effect on our gene structure, chicken meat helps protect us against cancer! Chicken; Thanks to the zinc, selenium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium and AB vitamins it contains, it helps us get the energy we need and also plays a role in strengthening our immune system. As with any food source, the storage and consumption conditions are very important for chicken meat. If you keep chicken in the freezer, let it thaw slowly in the refrigerator instead of thawing on the counter. Keep raw chicken meat separate from other nutrients as much as possible. When cooking chicken, use low to medium heat. Chicken cooked at high temperatures loses its protein quickly. Prepare your chicken meals as much as you can consume in one meal, as reheating also causes protein loss. To get the expected benefit from chicken meat, you need to choose the right chicken. The only way to do this is by ‘knowing’. So when you go to the market to buy chicken meat, which has so many benefits, do you know what all the things on the package mean? Let’s see what the words on the packaging mean…


If it says ‘Natural Chicken’ on a package; this means that there is nothing but chicken in the package. In other words, it is stated that what you buy is only chicken and there is no extra fabric. This sentence gives no information about where and under what conditions the chicken was raised or what it was fed! However, unconscious consumers, when they see the natural writing, believe that the product they buy has been produced as it should be! FROZEN Although we don’t often see this expression on parcels in Turkey, it is necessary to know what it means when we come across it. When we think of refrigerated or frozen chicken, we think of hanging chickens exposed to cold air just before shredding. However, the situation is very different. The cooling process involves washing the suspended chickens with cold water. Chickens bathed in cold water almost absorb the water generated during the process due to their skin structure. This causes both a decrease in the intensity of their flavor and an artificially heavy weight!


The expression “free range” was translated into Turkish as chicken. This expression is also used in many packages. Free range chicken refers to chickens raised from cramped cages that have been allowed to roam in their natural habitat. To use this expression on the packaging, it is necessary to really let go of the chickens and have the right production facility. However, how long this application is made is very important. Yes, free-range chickens are more beneficial in terms of nutritional value as they are more active than caged chickens. Released at certain times of the day, these chickens live under the same conditions as other chickens at other times. Just because it says free range on the packaging doesn’t mean they are always in their natural habitat and free, and it doesn’t give any information about their diet! This is a useful but insufficient explanation. Unfortunately, the inspections show that this practice is only held at a technical competence level. Unfortunately, the image of a chicken roaming in the meadow that comes to mind when you read the expression free range is not true.


Cage Free (out of the cage) we see a lot on packaging lately. The laws have these and similar expressions to be written on the packages, bound by a few rules. When the conditions are met, such sentences can be written on the product. When the cages are removed from the facilities, the first and most important condition is fulfilled. In most such facilities, the chickens are kept outside the cage, but almost on top of each other. They cannot go out or move where they are. Most importantly, this statement makes no guarantees about what the chickens will be fed or to which drugs they will be exposed.


All chickens are kept on the farm. Just because it says farm chicken on the package doesn’t mean you can believe it’s healthy. To write this on the packaging, it is enough that the chickens are raised on a farm! This sentence; It doesn’t give any information about their diet, the medications they take, or whether they roam free. Farm chickens are raised in narrow cages without moving and taking medicine. Chickens raised in groups and together are usually fed antibiotics to prevent them from getting sick and infecting each other. The antibiotic is excreted from the body some time after its use is discontinued. Antibiotic-free chicken means there is no antibiotic activity in the packaged meat; Doesn’t mean he hasn’t taken antibiotics all his life!


In recent years, the production of organic food has seriously increased with consumer awareness. Obtaining an organic food certificate in our country is only possible with the approval of the companies authorized to issue the certificate, after thorough checks. The relevant ministry keeps the organic food certificate safe by guiding the companies authorized to issue certificates through about 20 different checks. If there is an organic chicken phrase on a chicken package, it is; This means that the hens roam free in their natural habitat and are not given hormones or antibiotics to grow faster or lay eggs more efficiently. The expression ‘organic chicken’ means that all favorable conditions are fulfilled together as it should be. As the number of conscious consumers increases, manufacturers will also take action and try to produce the right product.

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