What should be done for heart health?

Heart disease is the leading cause of death. Looking at the average age, 80 percent of those who die from heart disease are over 60 years old. Men are more likely to have heart disease than women. So how can we protect ourselves from heart disease and how can we take good care of our hearts? We told them in our content.

What should be done for heart health?

Heart disease has become the disease of our time. A sedentary lifestyle and an unhealthy diet accelerated the onset of these diseases and many people began to have cardiovascular problems. Especially if there are people with heart disease in the family, the rate of heart disease increases by 25%. But people who live an unhealthy lifestyle can also fall into the risk group.

Therefore, we must take good care of our hearts. We must make an effort by eating healthy and exercising, we must not invite the disease into our body.

Here’s what to do to protect the heart:

1. Control your blood pressure

High blood pressure is one of the most exhausting diseases of the heart and blood vessels. It can lead to deterioration of vascular structures and heart attack. With high blood pressure, the heart starts to work hard and gets tired after a while. This also leads to heart failure. For this, the blood pressure must be balanced at all times.

Salty foods should be avoided and a healthy diet should be avoided to prevent blood pressure. If there is a blood pressure disease, doctor checks should not be interrupted and medicines should be used regularly. In addition, a stress-free life is very important for blood pressure patients.

2. Balance sugar

Things to do for heart health

Diabetes causes narrowing of blood vessels. With the narrowing of the arteries, blood flow is obstructed and heart disease becomes more common. Heart attacks are common in diabetic patients. It is very important for people with diabetes not to skip their medications and to watch what they eat.

3. Correct vitamin deficiencies

Things to do for heart health

Some vitamins are very important for the body. A deficiency can cause cardiovascular problems. For example, palpitations are experienced with vitamin B12 deficiency. People with vitamin D deficiency are more likely to have heart disease. This can strain the heart. For this reason, vitamin deficiencies, a balanced diet and foods containing vitamins should be taken into account.

4. Quit smoking

Things to do for heart health

Smoking causes bad cholesterol in the blood to rise and vascular occlusions to develop. This causes heart disease and increases the risk of a heart attack. For this reason, quitting bad habits like smoking and hookah is very important for heart health.

5. Lower cholesterol

    Things to do for heart health

Cholesterol is one of the leading causes of heart disease. As cholesterol levels rise, vascular occlusions increase and many vital problems, including heart attack, can occur. For this, the consumption of foods of animal origin should be reduced, foods containing trans fat should be avoided, and fried foods should not be consumed.

Oil consumption should be reduced. Olive oil is preferable instead of margarine. Also use low-fat products in milk and yogurt.

6. Eat a healthy and balanced diet

Things to do for heart health

Add healthy foods to your meals to protect your heart. Increase vegetable meals and eat fish 2 times a week. If you cannot consume fish, you can use fish oil. Fish oil may protect the heart and blood vessels by reducing blood clotting. Consume plenty of red, black, and purple vegetable fruits that are high in antioxidants.

Do not skip breakfast and have a varied breakfast. Also make room for vegetables in your breakfast. Drink plenty of water throughout the day and use less salt with meals. Increase consumption of meaty foods.

7. Avoid stress

Things to do for heart health

Stress is one of the causes of many diseases you can think of and it is very harmful to the body. It is very important to avoid stress, which can also cause cardiovascular diseases. A stress-free lifestyle should be established and events that upset and bore you should be avoided. Relaxing activities should be done, hobbies acquired, and time spent on favorite pastimes.

8. Exercise

Things to do for heart health

A sedentary lifestyle causes many diseases, including heart disease. To protect the heart, enough exercise should be done, at least a walk should be taken every day. It is especially important for people who work at a desk to energize the body with walks.

Common misconceptions about heart health

Things to do for heart health

There are many misconceptions about heart health. They say that heart patients cannot exercise, but heart patients are advised to exercise to strengthen their heart muscle. However, if there is advanced heart failure, valvular heart disease and severe arrhythmias, it may be necessary to avoid exercise.

It is completely wrong to think that quitting smoking after years will not benefit heart health. Within three years of quitting smoking, the risk of a heart attack is halved.

Do not believe those who say that those who have undergone heart surgery have difficulty moving. Because no matter what operation they have had, heart patients can fully resume their daily lives after recovery without difficulty moving.

It is also wrong to believe that people of ideal weight who exercise regularly do not get a heart attack. The presence of risk factors can lead to heart attacks. If you think there is no heart attack risk if there is no family history of heart disease, you are wrong. Genetic predisposition can cause heart disease in a person.

I wish the information that heart attack is not seen in young people was true. Risk factors such as increased smoking, sedentary lifestyle, obesity, unhealthy diet in recent years are increasing the incidence of heart attack in young people.

What harms the heart the most?

The most harmful things for the heart are smoking, cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure and an unhealthy lifestyle. Eating too greasy and very salty meals, leading a sedentary life and adopting bad habits are enemies of the heart. These people have an increased risk of developing heart disease.

What to do to strengthen the heart?

Cardio exercises can be done to strengthen the heart and heart muscle. Cardio exercises strengthen the cardiovascular system and prevent the body from getting tired quickly. Heart vessels and cardiovascular systems are activated. It is necessary to exercise at least 3 times a week. With regular and vigorous exercise, the heart can be strengthened.

Does too much walking hurt the heart?

A lot of walking is not harmful to the heart, on the contrary, it is very beneficial for heart health. Even just walking reduces the risk of heart disease. You can energize your body and protect cardiovascular health by walking and exercising for half an hour to an hour every day.

What is the heart’s best friend?

Heart-friendly foods include garlic, onions, beans, rice, nuts and olive oil. Many vegetables are heart-friendly because they are low in calories. Fish and fish oil also contribute to heart health. You can take good care of your heart by including such foods in your meals.

What is not good for the heart?

Packaged foods, animal products, fatty foods, fried foods, smoking, alcohol, salt, and sugar negatively impact heart health. Consuming too much of such things leads to deterioration of heart health. Bad habits should be given up and body balance maintained with a healthy and regular diet.

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