What should be paid attention to against a stiff neck?

Noting that the pain is usually caused by over-stretching the muscles that support the head and neck, Akpınar said, “This can be caused by lifting something heavy, over-exercising, work activity, wrong desk work, sleeping in the wrong position , high pillows, bad travel conditions, keeping the head still all the time There are many reasons, such as sleeping on a hard and uneven place such as a sofa, suddenly turning the head to one side. In addition, staying in the draft and frequently used air conditioners are among the factors that make it easier to stiffen the neck.

“Good to keep warm”

Physiotherapy specialist Dr. Akpınar explained what needed to be done as follows:

Keeping the painful area warm, applying a hot water pack or a heated towel with an iron will provide some relief. Gentle, non-forcing massage can also be beneficial, but harsh movements should be avoided. If these do not relieve the complaint, it is necessary to consult a doctor before taking any medication.Physiotherapists treat neck stiffness.After due examination, neck stiffness can be treated by deciding on medication, exercise, injection in the neck area, massage, taping, physical therapy or other therapeutic methods.

Saying that apart from simple causes, the treatment can be somewhat more difficult and time-consuming in problems such as neck calcification, cervical hernia, narrowing of the spinal canal, rheumatic diseases, spinal slip. Akpınar said that for this reason, neck stiffness that lasts more than three days should not be taken lightly and a specialist should be consulted.

What needs to be done?

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Specialist R. Berrin Akpınar listed the 10 factors to consider to prevent neck stiffness:

“Never lift, pull or push heavy objects. Don’t keep your neck bent forward or in the same position all the time. Do not sit behind the computer or desk for a long time, take a break at least every 50 minutes. Do not squeeze your neck and shoulders while talking on the phone. Avoid being in air-conditioned or airy environments after sweating; If possible, protect your neck with a cotton scarf. While sitting, keep your back straight and lean back. Do not fall asleep on hard or uneven places other than the bed. Do not sleep with a pillow that is too high or too hard, use an orthopedic pillow if possible. Arrange your terms of employment properly. Live a stress-free life. Do exercises that strengthen your neck muscles.

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