What sweets should be consumed in iftar? Date Güllaç recipe from an expert

Noting that it is necessary to pay attention to the choice of food and the duration of the meal in order to eat healthily in Ramadan, nutrition and diet expert Dyt. Seda Nasuhbeyoğlu drew attention to the risks that can arise from a drop in blood sugar due to the fact that the body remains hungry for a long time until iftar and the points to be considered when consuming sweets.

“No more than 2 servings per week”

Dietician Seda Nasuhbeyoğlu, who underlined that sweet crises can occur due to low blood sugar due to long hours of starvation during Ramadan, said: “If you do not have diabetes, milky desserts may be preferable, limited to 2 servings per week. If you want to consume sweets in Ramadan, by reducing your right to 1 glass of milk, 1 sandwich, 1 medium fruit from your diet program; You can consume 1 serving of milk dessert, 1 serving of fruit dessert or 1 serving of gullaç once a week.

“Prefer milk desserts that you can make at home”

Emphasizing that the main point to consider when consuming desserts is to give preference to milky desserts that we make ourselves at home and know the contents of, rather than buying ready-made ones, Nasuhbeyoğlu said: “Dumplings with excessive syrup and fried oil should be avoided in iftar. Consumption of sweets during or immediately after iftar can cause digestive problems and decreased blood sugar. For this reason, it is better to consume it at least 2 hours after iftar.

“Fruit desserts satisfy the need for pulp”

Dyt, who made statements about which sweets would be appropriate to consume during Ramadan. Nasuhbeyoğlu said, “Dairy desserts such as rice pudding, gullaç, pudding and ice cream are preferred during Ramadan. It is therefore fed with little energy and a high protein, calcium and phosphorus content. Desserts that combine fruits and milk, compotes prepared with fresh seasonal fruits and compotes made with dried fruits such as dried figs, apricots, dates, grapes are the right choice for dessert consumption. Favoring desserts prepared with fruit will also contribute to the daily fiber requirement.”

Date Güllaç recipe

this. Seda Nasuhbeyoğlu gave the recipe of Güllaç with dates, one of the popular Ramadan desserts, as follows:

6 rosemary leaves
15 dates
1 liter of milk
8-9 walnuts

Preparation: Soak the dates in hot water. Then take the cores. We take 1 glass of milk from 1 liter of milk and grind the dates in the robot with this milk. Then combine the milk and heat it to a degree that does not burn fingers. Arrange Güllaç leaves in my debt, pour milk on each layer. 3. Put the walnut on the floor. Repeat the other steps. You can decorate the top as you wish. You can also add 1 tbsp of honey if you like, it will be ready to serve after it has been in the fridge for 3-4 hours.

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