What things stop you from losing weight

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What things stop you from losing weight?

Medicana Bursa Hospital nutrition and diet specialist dietician Tuğba Küçük stated that usually wrong diets are practiced with the desire to lose weight quickly, “But these can make it difficult to lose weight. Unfortunately, many people make the same mistakes about nutrition, regardless of whether they are eating healthy or how often they exercise.Besides being aimless pursuits that make dieting tired and distracting, it also causes more weight gain, while deteriorating health.

What are the biggest weight loss mistakes?

Dietitian Küçük listed the 10 diet mistakes that prevent weight loss as follows;

It is very wrong to be weighed every day. It is the main factor that can demoralize you during a weight loss diet. Changes can occur even during the day. Since edema, constipation can affect the overall weight, it can be seen as weight gain as you’re on the scale. It’s also one of the mistakes made to cut the foods you love from your life. But rewarding yourself from time to time will boost your motivation. Don’t neglect to drink plenty of water.

Prevention what almost everyone gets wrong about weight loss

Water is essential for digesting nutrients, removing metabolic wastes, speeding up metabolism and thus weight loss. During a diet, it is desirable that the calorie is less than the normal requirement. However, it should not be forgotten that the quality and content of the food consumed are much more important than calories. Targeting 1,500 calories in the diet program and dividing it into 6 meals and trying to get 250 calories in each meal puts the person in trouble and is no longer a correct method of application.

How to stop weight loss due to stress

One of the most common dieting mistakes is the thought that ‘I can lose more weight if I always eat the same food’. This is not a correct approach, as it can cause loss of muscle strength, not just fat weight. Eating time should be extended as much as possible. In this way, both will eat less and digestive enzymes are secreted. Vegetables are low in calories because they contain a lot of water and fiber.

List of foods to eat when trying to lose weight

Lettuce, mint, parsley, arugula, pepper, tomato, cucumber can be preferred raw. For some reason, people who are on a diet; They always consider fruit to be calorie-free and think that they can consume without limit. However, fruit changes such as watermelon, grapes and figs should be consumed at a limited level due to the fructose sugar in their content.

When striving for weight loss, approaching the goal can affect the person’s motivation, leading to more avoidance and less action. But remember that the hardest weight to go is the last 2-3 pounds, and that’s the period when you need to be careful and increase the movement.”

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