What to do if water gets into the ear in the sea or pool?

In general, the vacation becomes poisonous because the resorts are far from the major health centers and it is not possible to reach the specialist doctor every hour. Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist Prof. Dr. Yavuz Selim Yıldırım provided information on the subject.

What should we pay attention to in order not to experience this annoying problem?

First of all, those who have an allergic structure in the ear canal, those who often itch in the ear canal,
Those who have already removed earwax before,
Those who have previously had ear surgery,
People who have previously had problems due to blockage of the ear canal

Before going on vacation, he should see an ENT specialist and have his ears checked. It should clean the dirt in the ear canal, otherwise, when water gets into the ear during vacation, wax that comes into contact with water will block the ear and cause unpleasant sensations. While playing with the ear, the ear begins to ache and clog, and the painful times begin in the holidays, as you know…

Let’s say we couldn’t get water out of the ear during the holidays, it bothers us, what should we do?

Firstly, since the structure of the ear canal is very sensitive, too much playing and mixing can have negative effects in itself. Therefore, do not insert anything into the ear canal.

Lie on the clogged side and wait for the water, wax, etc. in the ear canal to come out with the effect of gravity.

Do not pour substances such as onion juice or olive oil into the ear.

Clean the visible parts of the ear canal with earwax, etc., using a soft napkin.

What should we do to prevent ear problems on holiday?

Before entering the sea and the swimming pool, use a quality hat that also covers the ears,

Do not use earplugs in the ear canal – the plugs absorb water and cause swelling, watering and blockage of the ear canal itself.

People with ear problems should go to the ENT doctor before the holidays,

Do not enter foul pools and seas,

Do not go into too hot water, hot water causes itching and tearing in some ears and causes fungus in the ears.

After getting out of the water, do some jumping and jumping moves,

Do not hold the hair dryer to your ear

Do not use earplugs

You can clean the moisture in the external ear canal with a soft napkin.

When should we go to the doctor?

hearing loss,
Pain and pain in the ear,
Pain when we touch the auricle,
In case of dizziness and fever, you should go to the nearest ENT doctor.

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