When is Summer Game Fest 2023? Everything that was known before Summer Game Fest

Summer Game Fest 2023 is an event of announcements and announcements among game developers. So when is Summer Game Fest 2023?

Attended by Capcom, Disney, EA, Sega and many more game developers, the Summer Game Fest event is eagerly awaited by gamers. Two surprise games are expected at the event, which will be held tomorrow (June 8).
Death Stranding 2, whose trailer was officially released last year at the Game Awards 2022, may be announced tomorrow. Additionally, the game’s developer, Hideo Kojima, announced the Mac version of the game at Apple’s WWDC 2023 event. Kojima can provide information about the Death Stranding Director’s Cut during this event.
The game’s distributor and developer, Paradox Interactive, is one of the Summer Game Fest partners. When announcing Cities Skylines 2 earlier this year, the company may be providing more detailed information about the game’s release date and tomorrow (June 8).
Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, which will be released exclusively for PlayStation 5, is expected to take place during this event. It has been reported that we have a chance to see another trailer or update on the game. In a statement published on Final Fantasy’s official Twitter account, Yoshinori Kitase announced that they are progressing smoothly and according to plan and that they are currently trying to set a release date for the game. Based on this, it can be said that an announcement can be made about the release date of the game.
Baldur’s Gate 3 is currently available on Steam as an early access release for PC since October 6, 2020. The full version of the game for PC, Mac, and PlayStation 5 was announced on August 31, 2023. At the event, it is stated that the developer of the game will be Larian Studios while new information about the game may be given.
EA Games’ presence at Summer Game Fest means a lot of things. The exact release date of Skate 4, which was announced to be released for free upon release, is not yet known. While it was stated that the game testing was done earlier this year, an announcement about the game is expected at tomorrow’s event.
It was reported that EA, Lucasfilm Games and Respawn teamed up for the FPS style game Star Wars. There may be an announcement for this exciting project tomorrow at the event.
Bloober Team, the game’s developer, denied rumors that Silent Hill 2 is ready for release with an announcement in March. While there is no clear information on the game’s release date, information on the release date may be given at the Summer Game Fest, which will be held tomorrow.
Naughty Dog has announced the multiplayer mode for The Last of Us 2. It was reported that the company may make an update for the part 1 version of the game on June 14, the anniversary. He stated that a new single-player experience is in development, which the developer has confirmed this update.

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