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Prof. Dr. Yavuz Selim Yıldırım, ” operations on the tonsils, which were performed more often in the past, are now being investigated much more closely. Thanks to the developing laboratory technologies, it is easier to understand whether or not tonsil surgery is necessary with culture and antigen tests. This way you avoid unnecessary operations.

In adult and pediatric patients who come to the hospital with sore throat, malaise, high fever and difficulty swallowing, culture and antigen tests from the throat are first used to correctly determine the existing cause. prescribed and sent to every patient who went to the hospital with a sore throat, fever and difficulty swallowing. Antibiotic resistance increased in people who took antibiotics unnecessarily, and antibiotic treatments were applied to viruses.

Dr Yıldırım said: “The general concern is that bacteria and viruses that are absorbed through the throat after the tonsils are removed will descend into the lungs and make people sicker, leading people to think of approaching tonsil surgery with fear. Scientific studies have shown this cannot justify this concern of people It is necessary to avoid unnecessary and excessive treatments in order to protect it to the end and fully perform its functions.

When should the tonsils be removed?

If recurrent fever, sore throat and difficulty swallowing occur more than 5-6 times per month per year, this should be carefully evaluated.

Examples include stunted growth and development due to constant illness, falling behind in school and developing resistance due to excessive use of antibiotics.

It may be considered whether tonsillitis is common enough to make an abscess in the mouth.

Tonsil removal may be considered in patients with very high fever that does not respond to antibiotic treatment and recurs.

In case of any risk in the joints, kidneys and heart after tonsil infections, it would be better to remove the tonsils.

In some patient groups, when the tonsils are excessively large without any tonsillitis, it blocks the airway and prevents breathing, causing sleep apnea, especially at night, causing sleep apnea.

If there is a suspicion of serious disease in the tonsils in adults, it may be necessary to remove the tonsils for diagnosis and treatment.

Some tonsils are very recessed due to their structure, and food debris that enters these recesses can stay here and cause sore throat and bad smell, and in this case we solve this problem by shrinking the tonsils.

What happens when the tonsils are removed?

Since there are other tissues that perform the job of the tonsils in terms of the immune system, there is no weakening of the immune system or getting sick more. Removing part of the tonsils without removing all the tonsil tissue to also remove the tonsils reduces the frequency of infection significantly. Prof. Dr. Yavuz Selim Yildirim said: “It can completely solve the problem by reducing tonsils in patients who cause bad breath, prevent breathing and do not have antibiotics.”

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