Where do constellations come from?

Horoscope is one of the most basic concepts of astrology. It is believed that our zodiac sign, which is determined by the month and day we were born, influences the position of the stars and planets, our character and life. Zodiac signs are also represented by symbols. So, what is the origin of the zodiac symbols? In this article, we provide detailed information about the history of the zodiac symbols, their meanings and how they are determined.

What are Constellations?

Constellations are symbolic shapes that represent constellations. Humans have expressed astrological signs for thousands of years by using zodiac symbols. Zodiac signs are a symbolic expression used to describe a particular zodiac sign.

History of the Zodiac Symbols

Zodiac Symbols

The origin of zodiac symbols dates back to 4000 BC. Ancient Sumerian and Egyptian civilizations created astrological calendars by observing the movements of stars and celestial bodies. Later, interest in astrology and zodiac symbols increased during the Greek and Roman period.

Where do constellations come from?

Each person has a zodiac sign according to the date of birth and these signs are represented by different symbols. However, have you ever thought about where zodiac symbols come from? It is known that the Greeks were full of creatures, myths and stories about the constellations. Here is the meaning of the zodiac symbols:


Zodiac Symbols

Aries is represented by the golden fleece ram, whose Latin name is Aries. In Greek mythology, Aries was tasked with stealing the skins of Jason and his Argonauts from King Aietes of Colchis. Aries has become the symbol of Aries with its strong and brave character.


Zodiac Symbols

Taurus is represented by a bull whose Latin name is Taurus. Constellation, BC. It is known that in 15,000 BC he was compared to a bull. According to Greek and Roman mythology, the constellation appears as either Jupiter disguised as a bull to tame Europa, or the Bull of Crete captured by Heracles.


Zodiac Symbols

Gemini, the Latin name Gemini, the twins Castor and Pollux look like stick figures among the stars. The twins, the brothers of Helen of Troy, whose kidnapping started the great Trojan War, and Clytemnestra, who killed her husband Agamemnon after the war, are associated with horsemanship and seafaring. Pollux and Helen hatch when Zeus disguised as a swan and raped their mother Leda; Another egg hatched from Castor and Clytemnestra, whose father was Tyndareus. Only Pollux is immortal, Zeus makes his other brother immortal in the sky.


Zodiac Symbols

Cancer is represented by the crab whose Latin name is Cancer. The crab helped him transform the Hercules Lerna Hydra in Greek mythology. Hercules crushed him with his foot and sent him away. Cancer is associated with the protective properties of the crab, which has a strong outer shell.


Zodiac Symbols

Leo is represented by the lion, whose Latin name is Leo. The constellation was noticed by the Mesopotamians in the early period around 4000 BC. The Greeks and Romans associated the lion with the myth that Hercules killed the Nemean lion. Leo is associated with strong, courageous and leadership qualities.


Zodiac Symbols

Virgo is represented by a female figure whose Latin name is Virgo. The ancient Babylonians identified her with Ceres, the goddess of agricultural fertility, that is, of grains and plants. The Romans represent him with a fern. Virgo is associated with detail-oriented, meticulous, and practical traits.


Zodiac Symbols

Libra, the Latin name Libra, the stars that form the scales were the stern of the constellation Scorpio in the Greeks. In Romans it turns into a different constellation as the two pans of the scales. In the past, the constellation Libra appeared during the autumn equinox, while the day and night immediately warn of it. Now this equinox coincides with Virgo. Libra is associated with fair, balanced and sociable traits.


Zodiac Symbols

Scorpio is represented by the claws of the scorpion, whose Latin name is Scorpio. Although picked by the Romans, the Scorpion’s pincers are close to the constellation of Orion (the Hunter) and are an enemy that Orion flees from. It was sent by Diana to avenge Orion’s actions, or by Earth in response to her boast that she could kill any creature. Scorpio is associated with passionate, intense and mysterious.


Zodiac Symbols

Sagittarius, the constellation Sagittarius, whose Latin name is Sagittatius, is depicted as a centaur (half man, half horse) aiming at the scorpion with his bow and arrow. Sagittarius is associated with adventurous, courageous and open to exploration.


Zodiac Symbols

Capricorn is represented by the Latin name Capricorn, half ibex, half fish. It appears during the winter solstice on December 21. The constellation was named Pan or Faunus. According to the myth, the monster sent to fight the gods hides from Typhon and enters the Nile to escape and transforms the lower part of his body into a fish. Jupiter makes him immortal to reward him. Capricorn is identified with ambitious, disciplined and strong qualities.


Zodiac Symbols

Aquarius, the zodiac sign of Aquarius, whose Latin name is Aquarius, appears as a man who pours water from a jug. Zeus falls in love with the bucket, who is identified with a young boy named Ganymede or Catamitus, and in order to kidnap him, transforms into an eagle and places him on Mount Olympus as the gods’ wine server. This story is illustrated in the constellation Aquila. Aquarius is associated with innovative, free-thinking and independent traits.


Zodiac Symbols

Pisces is represented by two fish tied with ropes whose Latin name is Pisces. He appears as Venus and her son Cupid, fleeing from the terrible creature Typhon, who came to slay the gods. As Faunus (Capricorn) enters the Nile to swim, the duo turn themselves into fish. Pisces is associated with sensitive, sensitive and romantic traits.

Why are zodiac symbols important?

Zodiac signs play an important role in making astrological calendars, as they symbolically represent a particular zodiac sign. Astrology enthusiasts try to understand the personality traits of the zodiac signs through the zodiac symbols.

How are horoscope symbols determined?

Zodiac symbols are determined by choosing a symbolic expression that reflects the characteristics of the zodiac signs. Astrologers consider the movements of the stars and planets when determining zodiac symbols.

Are horoscope symbols determined based on the movements of the stars?

Yes, zodiac symbols are usually determined based on the movements of the stars and planets.

Are zodiac symbols chosen to represent the characteristics of each zodiac sign?

Yes, zodiac symbols are chosen to represent a particular zodiac sign, and these symbols are chosen to represent the characteristics of each zodiac sign.

How did the zodiac symbols of ancient civilizations get to the present day?

Zodiac symbols date back to 4000 BC. Ancient Sumerian and Egyptian civilizations created astrological calendars by observing the movements of stars and celestial bodies.

Are Zodiac Symbols Only Used in Western Astrology?

No, zodiac symbols are used in various astrological cultures around the world.

What characteristics are expressed by zodiac signs?

Zodiac signs symbolically express the characteristics of a particular zodiac sign. For example, the Aries sign symbolizes courage and leadership qualities.

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