Where does the color of the wedding dress and honeymoon come from?

Bridal dress and honeymoon tradition, the main tradition of weddings, occupies a unique place in every culture. White wedding dresses and romantic honeymoons create unforgettable memories that many people dream of.

Wedding is one of the happiest and unforgettable memories around the world. Among the wedding preparations, the choice of wedding dress is also very important. But why is a white wedding dress preferred? Where does the honeymoon custom come from? Here are the curious historical details…

When and why did white wedding dresses become common?

Wearing a wedding dress has become a tradition in the Western world. The tradition of wearing wedding dresses dates back to ancient Roman times. In Roman times, brides did not wear white. Brides would dress in other colors such as yellow and red.

The custom of white wedding dresses originated in the 16th century. At that time, brides of the royal family wore silver wedding dresses. However, Queen Victoria of England broke with tradition and insisted on wearing a white wedding dress. In this case, English and French writers began to treat the color white as a symbol of innocence. The tradition of the white wedding dress soon became widespread due to the fact that virginity was an important condition in marriages at that time. Wearing a white wedding dress helped young girls declare their virginity to society.

How did the white wedding dress become widespread in Turkey?

How did the white wedding dress and the honeymoon come about?

The dress culture in the Ottoman Empire was shaped by the influence of different cultures and beliefs and was widespread in a wide geography. Young girls generally preferred simple and unobtrusive colors, as it was considered disgraceful to dress flashy. Married women, on the other hand, could wear fancy clothes, and a wedding dress was considered the first step to dressing fancy. Although the colors and clothes that young girls could wear for marriage changed until the early years of the Republic when this tradition was maintained, the rule of simplicity did not change.

In Ottoman culture, the style of wedding dresses varied according to social class. The wedding dresses of the palace dynasty differed from those of those who lived in the countryside and in the city. While the color red was preferred in the palace dynasty, different colors were used in the public. The first white wedding dress, II. It was worn at the wedding of Abdülhamid’s daughter, Naime Sultan, in 1898. Along with the Westernization movements, white wedding dresses became popular in the Republican period. Today, all types of wedding dress models are accepted in Turkey and with the “vintage” style coming into fashion in the west, interest in old wedding dresses is on the rise.

What is Honeymoon?

How did the white wedding dress and the honeymoon come about?

Honeymoon is a holiday for newly married couples to celebrate their marriage. This vacation allows couples to get to know each other better, make romantic memories and live an unforgettable experience. Honeymoon has a special meaning because the first vacation couples spend together. Honeymoon vacation can be done anywhere in the world and offers many different activities.

How did the honeymoon go?

How did the white wedding dress and the honeymoon come about?

The vacation we call honeymoon defines the first month after marriage. Although the translation of the English word honeymoon is correct, the word “moon” here comes from the word “moon”, not “moon”. The custom of honeymoons dates back to that time of the Babylonians and the European countries. Couples drank a wine called “mead”, first during the ceremony and then for 30 days. It is said that the death of the Hun emperor Atilla was caused by the drink he drank after the wedding ceremony.

The reason for using the word “moon” was that it was believed that women in particular had periodic changes that corresponded to the periods of the moon phases and that this would always continue once the first period of marriage was over.

According to another story, the honeymoon is combined with the kidnapping of girls. Kidnapped by a young man from a neighboring village, the girl hides with him until she becomes pregnant. Then the couple shows up and the happy ending is reached. According to historians, honeymoon here does not mean time.

How does the tradition of wearing wedding dresses differ around the world?

The tradition of wearing wedding dresses differs around the world as each culture has its own unique styles and colors of wedding dresses. For example, Japanese brides wear red wedding dresses instead of white ones.

How long does the honeymoon tradition last?

The use of honeymoons goes back at least to ancient Roman times.

Why is the honeymoon important for the married couple to strengthen their bond?

A honeymoon helps the married couple get to know each other better, keep their romance alive and feel more connected to each other.

How did wearing white wedding dresses become common in England?

Wearing a white wedding dress in Victorian England became common when Queen Victoria wore a white wedding dress. This was also effective because the color white symbolizes innocence and purity.

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