Which foods contain B vitamins?

B vitamins can be found in some foods. Evaluating foods rich in B vitamins can help create a healthy and balanced diet. We have collected extensive information on this subject for you.


It is necessary to provide the body with the vitamins it needs by eating a balanced and healthy diet. Vitamin B is especially important here. Vitamin B contains eight types. Rash, loss of appetite, fatigue, mental disorders can occur with a deficiency of B vitamins. On the other hand, a person with vitamin B deficiency may also experience shortness of breath and an irregular heartbeat.

Vitamin B can be taken naturally or topically with supplements. Especially women and the elderly belong to the risk group with regard to vitamin B deficiency. Especially today, vegans may feel a deficiency of this vitamin.

B vitamins in general; makes growth possible. It is especially necessary for skin health. It makes the skin brighter and tighter. Vitamin B is also an essential vitamin for the central nervous system and digestive system. While it helps to digest fats, it also prevents diarrhea. Vitamin B also ensures regular and correct functioning of body cells.


Vitamin B is important in many ways. Deficiency of this vitamin can negatively affect the person both physically and mentally. The most notable feature of vitamin B is its water solubility. Vitamin B is in green vegetables. In general, fish, eggs and dairy products contain B vitamins.

This vitamin is also present in figs, lemons, peppers, nuts, bananas, broccoli, almonds, spinach and zucchini. B12 in particular can cause forgetfulness. B vitamins are found in many vegetables, fruits and seafood.


Hazelnuts, walnuts, peanuts, almonds, pistachios, chestnuts, wheat, peas and chickpeas contain vitamin B1. Vitamin B2 is mainly found in red meat, fish, eggs, spinach, tomatoes, bananas and kidneys. Vitamin B3 is available in salmon, tuna, turkey and asparagus foods.

B vitamins are mostly found in the liver. At the same time, there are plenty of B vitamins in meat, eggs, shellfish, offal such as brains and kidneys. Tuna and mackerel, fish species, contain large amounts of B vitamins. Vitamin B itself consists of several components.

Nuts, beef, cheese, peas and potatoes contain vitamin B5. Garlic, wheat, hazelnut are very rich in vitamin B6. Egg yolks, boiled potatoes and dairy products contain vitamin B10. Vitamin B11 is found in lettuce, oranges, bananas and liver. Vitamin B12 is present in kefir, milk, yogurt and soy milk.

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