While Air and Train Passengers Increase, Bus Passengers Decline – Last Minute Economy News

Mustafa Yıldırım, President of the All Bus Drivers’ Federation (TOF) and President of the TOBB Road Passenger Transport Sector Assembly, recalled that the mid-term break in schools will begin on Friday, April 14, including the Ramadan feast.

Yıldırım said they expect holiday travel to intensify from tomorrow: “Compared to the past holiday season, there has been a 40 percent contraction in passenger mobility. On the one hand economic reasons, on the other hand the election process is seen as the main reasons for the reduction in this mobility.

At the same time, while the share of airlines and railways in the sector is increasing day by day due to low wages, the bus transportation market is shrinking day by day due to unrecorded pirate transportation activities caused by the inadequacy of inspections and sanctions.

Yıldırım pointed out that while the number of daily flights has been around 22 thousand on normal days in recent years, it has dropped to 14 thousand in the recent period, Yıldırım said:

“There is a movement at the beginning of this holiday. Most companies can take extra trips. Despite the decrease in trips, the Ministry has made the necessary arrangements for our companies who want to take extra trips so that they do not experience victimization, such as in every holiday.”


Yıldırım said that in the past they expected a movement of 5-6 million people during the 10-day holiday holidays and said, “There is a balance in travel, student movements, holidays and those who go to their hometowns. There is no major movement during the holidays.” said.

Yıldırım pointed out that there is no new increase in ticket prices and said that 30 percent discounts applied during the winter months can be applied during the holidays.

Yıldırım pointed out that ticket prices may be increased in summer depending on oil prices, and advised citizens who were planning to travel at the time to consider this as well. Yıldırım also warned about pirate tickets and stated that citizens should not travel without a ticket.

Yıldırım also stated that vehicles departing from outside bus stations should not be respected, saying:

This and similar situations To the call center of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure on 444 27 07 and report it to the security forces. On the other hand, we recommend that you use public transport instead of private vehicles as much as possible during the holidays to reduce the risk of accidents.

Yıldırım added that it is important to buy return tickets to avoid problems on the way back from the holiday.

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