Whoever ate the persimmon like this was burned!

Healthy eating is very important. Because if you do not follow a balanced and regular diet, you can get sick and lower your immunity.

There are some well-known misconceptions about nutrition. In particular, some foods consumed on an empty stomach bring more harm than good to your body.

It makes the body sick. It can even cause hospitalization when consumed unknowingly. We have compiled the foods that should never be consumed on an empty stomach.

Orange juice is one of the most popular drinks, especially for breakfast.

Oranges or orange juice, which are rich in vitamins, should not be consumed on an empty stomach.

Because orange is very acidic due to its structure. This can cause the stomach to produce more acid than usual when we send it to an empty stomach, and in the long run it can cause diseases such as gastritis and reflux.

Fruit yogurts, which are irresistible with their taste, harm the health of the body when consumed on an empty stomach. Ready-made fruit yoghurts contain a lot of chemicals.

Chemicals, sugar, or sweeteners in fruit yogurts can suddenly spike your blood sugar, quickly making you hungry again and leading to more serious conditions in the long run.

Tomatoes are very beneficial to the body. However, it is necessary to consume tomatoes at the right time. Because tomatoes, like oranges, contain very acidic properties. Therefore, if you are hungry, it is better to find companions instead of just eating raw tomatoes.

Otherwise, you will inevitably experience pain or a burning sensation, as this will increase the amount of acid in your stomach. Especially those who have problems such as reflux and gastritis are advised to be careful when consuming tomatoes.

This fruit, known as persimmon or persimmon, is very much consumed. However, when consuming the date of paradise, you should pay attention to whether it is ripe or not. There are about 13 grams of sugar in 100 grams of the unripe persimmon.

Because it has such a high sugar content, it is recommended not to eat the fruit if you are hungry. The reason for this, of course, is that it causes a rapid rise in blood sugar levels.

This nutrient, which is a source of healing, has both advantages and disadvantages. Raw, it can be poisonous if consumed.

Capers have the ability to attract excessive amounts of sodium water. This results in an increase in blood volume. Another downside is that it can reveal the risk of heart disease.

You can get osteoporosis because of high sodium levels.

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