Why are people afraid of the dark? Causes and treatment

Most people are afraid of the dark, or have fear, even though they are not afraid. So why are we afraid of the dark? We have researched for you why people are afraid of the dark.

Psychological reasons for being afraid of the dark

Fear of the dark is a common human fear and many people have felt this fear at some point in their lives. But what are the psychological reasons for this fear? Why are some people more afraid of the dark?

The nature of darkness is directly related to human perception and fears. People often see darkness as an unknown, uncontrollable state. When our eyes stop working in the dark, we don’t know exactly what’s going on around us. This is a natural mechanism that we evolved to survive in the wild as a hunter-hunter species.

But in the modern world, darkness is generally considered a manageable condition. However, some people are still afraid of the dark. One reason for this is traumatic experiences, especially during childhood. Being left alone in the dark, watching a horror movie, or being afraid of something in the dark can cause a person to develop a fear of the dark.

Some research suggests that genetic factors may also influence fear of the dark. So, if there are people who are afraid of the dark among relatives, the reason for this may be a genetic predisposition.

Methods of dealing with the darkness

Why are people afraid of the dark?

Fear of the dark is a fear experienced by many people and this fear can cause problems in many aspects of daily life. However, there are many methods available to deal with the fear of the dark. Here are the ways to deal with the darkness:


Illuminating the darkness is the simplest and most effective method of reducing fear of the dark. Provide adequate lighting in your bedroom, hallway and other living areas to reduce fear of the dark. By using night lamps or light sources, you can subtly illuminate your room.

Trust yourself

Self-confidence is an important factor in overcoming the fear of the dark. Confidence helps you overcome the darkness and reduce your worries. You can alleviate your fear of the dark by doing something that makes you feel safe. For example, knowing every corner of your house or walking with a friend will give you confidence.

Slow and deep breathing

Deep breathing is an effective method of reducing anxiety, such as fear of the dark. By breathing slowly and deeply, you calm and relax your body. As you inhale, focus on your breath and focus only on your breath.

Think positive

Negative thoughts can increase fear of the dark. Instead, try to think positively. You can help yourself by saying positive phrases such as, “It’s just dark, everything is fine.” This can help reduce your fear of the dark.


If your fear of the dark is severe and affects your daily life, you may want to consider seeking professional help. Therapy is an effective method of treating anxiety disorders such as fear of the dark. Therapists can offer techniques and strategies to help you overcome your fears.

Dark phobia and its treatment

Why are people afraid of the dark?

Dark phobia is a serious anxiety disorder experienced by people who are afraid of the dark. This phobia can affect everyday life and take people out of social, work or school life. However, phobia of the dark is a treatable condition. Here are the approaches and treatment options for phobia of the dark:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT is the most commonly used type of therapy for the treatment of phobia of the dark. Therapy focuses on changing the thoughts and behaviors that cause the dark phobia. During CBT therapy, you and your therapist will identify the thoughts and behaviors that are causing the dark phobia. You then work together to change these thoughts and behaviors.

Exposure therapy

Exposure therapy is an effective method of treating phobia of the dark. This therapy helps overcome fear by exposing the person to darkness. During exposure therapy, your therapist may leave you in a dark room. In the beginning you are only allowed to stay for a few minutes and this time increases with time. With this therapy, you can gradually expose yourself to overcome your phobia of the dark.


Hypnotherapy is another form of therapy used to treat phobia of the dark. During this therapy, the therapist hypnotizes you to distract you from your fear of the dark. Hypnotherapy is an alternative method of treating phobia of the dark.


Some anxiety disorders, such as a phobia of the dark, can be treated with medication. Medications such as antidepressants and anxiolytics can be used to relieve the symptoms of a phobia of the dark. However, drugs should only be used as prescribed by a doctor, not as a method of therapy.

What is night terror?

Why are people afraid of the dark?

Night terrors are an anxiety disorder commonly seen in children, also known as fear of the dark. However, it can also occur in adults and cause serious nuisance. The causes, symptoms and treatment methods of night terrors are described below.

Night terror causes

The causes of night terrors are often related to the rapid development of a child’s imagination. Children may be afraid of imaginary monsters, ghosts or villains who are in the dark. Also, night terrors can occur when the child is physically tired and stressed. In adults, fear of the night is usually caused by a phobia of fear of the dark.

Symptoms of night terrors

The symptoms of nightmares can be different in children and adults. In children, night terrors are often accompanied by behavioral symptoms such as crying, shaking, screaming, or getting out of bed. In adults, it manifests with night terrors, sweating, palpitations, shortness of breath, panic attacks, and dark phobia.

Why are some people afraid of the dark?

People are afraid of the dark because they have had a negative experience at some point in their lives or because they have an imaginary fear of the dark. Also, darkness is seen as something unknown and uncontrollable, which can worry some people.

How is dark phobia treated?

Dark phobia can be treated through therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and exposure therapy are types of therapy commonly used for phobia of the dark. In some cases, medications may also be used.

What are the things that cause night terrors?

The causes of night terrors can be factors such as imaginary fears of the dark, negative experiences in the past, physical fatigue, stress and anxiety.

How to treat night terrors?

Childhood night terrors can usually be treated with parental approach and relaxation techniques. CBT and hypnotherapy can be used in serious situations such as night terrors.

What can I do to get rid of night terrors?

To get rid of nighttime anxiety, you can relax your body by using relaxation techniques. It can also help to make your bedroom a relaxing environment before you step out of the dark. You may also consider getting therapy to combat night terrors.

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