Why are people afraid to get married? Symptoms and causes

In this article, we look at the causes of marriage anxiety and how it can be overcome. If you are also afraid of getting married, then this article is for you!

Why is marriage feared?

Marriage is seen as a very important step in human life. But for some people, getting married can be a frightening thought rather than an exciting decision. So why are some people afraid of getting married? Are the responsibilities and changing living conditions of marriage a cause for concern or are there deeper psychological reasons? We answer all your questions in this content.

Future concerns

Marriage is seen as a very important step in human life. But for some people getting married is a problem that causes anxiety about the future. These concerns include concerns about the person’s living conditions after marriage, financial responsibilities, and future plans.

Living conditions after marriage can be worrisome for many people. People who prefer to live alone may especially fear the life patterns that marriage will change. Since it is necessary to create a new home, a new environment and a new order of life with marriage, the person may worry about adjusting to these changes.

Financial responsibilities are another issue that causes anxiety before marriage. Worries about marriage, common expenses, home loans, child expenses can make people afraid of getting married. Economically insecure people in particular may be concerned about the greater financial responsibilities that come with marriage.

Future plans are also an issue that affects the shaping of life with marriage. Especially if people have different career goals and life plans, there may be concerns about how these plans will take shape with marriage. Uncertainties about what life will be like after marriage can increase people’s anxiety about the future.

Family busy

Why is marriage feared?

Although marriage is seen as an important step in human life, it is an issue that causes family pressure for some people. Mainly due to traditional family structure and social expectations, unmarried individuals may come under pressure from their families. This pressure can cause the person to worry about getting married.

Families’ marriage expectancy is generally felt more, especially among individuals who are not married after the age of 30. This expectation can become a family-imposed situation, regardless of one’s own wishes. In this case, even if the person does not want to get married, the person may feel forced to get married due to family pressure.

It is also common for unmarried persons to be pressured to get married because of the marriage of other members of the family. The marriage of relatives can create an expectation in the family and encourage unmarried individuals to get married. This can cause the person to worry about getting married.

However, facing family pressure about marriage doesn’t mean you have to force yourself to make a decision you’re not happy with. Having an open dialogue with the family and being firm in personal choices can reduce marital anxiety. It is also important to consider one’s own values, goals, and priorities before making a decision about getting married.

Financial difficulties

Why is marriage feared?

Marriage is one of the most important decisions in our lives. However, many factors are taken into consideration when making a marriage decision. Among them, financial difficulties also occupy an important place. Financial difficulties are an important factor for people who are afraid of getting married.

Getting married entails a lot of costs. You may need to spend a lot of money to get married, such as weddings, rings, household items. In addition, there are many financial responsibilities during married life. Expenses such as house rent, utility bills, child expenses can be quite a burden for people who are afraid of getting married.

Especially today, financial difficulties have increased due to economic difficulties. Factors such as unemployment, low income and high inflation can deter people who want to get married because of financial problems.

Financial problems are one of the main factors that influence the marriage decision. Before making a marriage decision, it is important for individuals to properly assess their financial situation and plan for future expenses. At the same time, it is important to make a joint effort and support each other in financial matters in marriage.

Marriage Phobia Symptoms

Why is marriage feared?

Marriage phobia is a condition experienced by people who are afraid of getting married. These people feel great anxiety and fear about making a marriage decision or entering into a relationship. Marriage phobia symptoms appear with the emotions and behaviors the person is experiencing.

fond of independence

People with marriage phobia love their independence and are afraid to share with someone else. Instead of making joint decisions, making joint plans and acting together, they prefer to act alone.

future fear

People with marriage phobia are very worried about their future. In marriage, uncertainty and worry about the future increase, as it is necessary to make a specific plan and act together in the long term.

fear of intimacy

People with marriage phobia also worry about intimacy and emotional attachment. Instead of opening up to another person, expressing their feelings and showing concern, they prefer to build their own walls.

obsessive thoughts

People with marriage phobia may have obsessive thoughts about making a marriage decision. They may spend their time constantly looking for “the right person”, having the perfect relationship, or dealing with negative thoughts about marriage.

sabotage the relationship

People with a marriage phobia may consciously or unconsciously sabotage their relationships. They may exhibit behaviors such as avoiding intimacy with their partner, ending their relationship beforehand, or constantly thinking something is wrong.

Marriage phobia symptoms are a reflection of the fears the person experiences when making the decision to get married. These symptoms indicate that the person should evaluate their thoughts about marriage and seek help if necessary. Experts recommend that people with marriage phobia seek therapy and face their fears.

Positive aspects of marriage

Why is marriage feared?

Marriage is an important step that strengthens the bond between two people and offers many benefits. People often only associate marriage with responsibilities and challenges, but marriage also has many positive aspects. Here are some of the positive aspects of marriage:

a happier life

Studies show that married people generally lead happier lives. Marriage gives meaning to one’s life by creating a strong bond and makes one feel more secure.

a longer life

Married people generally live longer and healthier lives. Marriage reduces stress, positively affects mental health and helps a person adopt a healthy lifestyle.

financial security

Marriage also offers many financial benefits. Spouses support each other, combine their income to create a stronger financial situation, and work together to achieve each other’s financial goals.

better communication

Marriage improves communication between two people and helps them establish healthy communication. Communication skills such as trusting and respecting each other, talking openly about problems and supporting each other can be more easily developed in marriage.

new experiences

Marriage allows one to discover oneself and gain new experiences. Traveling together, taking up new hobbies and teaching each other new things are just some of the positive aspects of marriage.

Marriage is a step that brings many benefits and gives meaning to people’s lives. These positive aspects are things to think about if someone is concerned about their marriage. Marriage can bring responsibilities and challenges, but marriage is also a beautiful journey and one of the best ways to support each other.

Why are we afraid to get married?

Getting married brings with it many responsibilities and changes. These include financial responsibility, family pressure, fear of marital failure, loss of personal freedom, etc. takes place. These reasons can put people off marriage.

What is Marriage Phobia?

Marriage phobia is a term used for people who fear and avoid marriage. These people feel fear, anxiety, and anxiety, thinking about the responsibilities and changes that marriage brings.

What should you do before getting married?

Things you can do before getting married include taking enough time to get to know each other, plan for the future, discuss financial situations, understand if you share your values, and have a home that meets your needs.

When is the right time to get married?

The right time to get married is a personal decision and is different for everyone. If you’re ready to get married, if you feel like you and your partner know each other well enough, and if you think your future plans are compatible, then it might be the right time to get married.

What must be done to be successful in marriage?

To be successful in marriage, you must respect each other, communicate, maintain a sense of trust, support each other, spend time together, and openly express mutual expectations. Also, it can be helpful to see a therapist if there are problems in the marriage.

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