Why do men keep quiet? Is the loving man silent?

Why do men keep quiet?

One of the most common questions asked by women is why men don’t answer in discussions, why are they silent, why are men not speaking, why are they silent. Because we women can’t talk without it. Of course, we do not understand men of the opposite sex in this respect. So why are men silent in relationships? is there a reason for this? Is the man who loves silent or is the man who does not love silent? Why do men who argue during intercourse remain so insensitive?

Here is the question “Why are men silent?” and “Will the loving man keep his mouth shut?” answers to your questions;

Is the loving man silent?

Men are usually the silent party when it comes to problems in relationships. Of course, the reason why men in love remain silent is not because they don’t want to solve the problem or because they don’t care. However, they are often misunderstood in this regard. Women also think that men are always running from trouble. Men are seen as the one avoiding the problem, of the two sides that constantly own the problem. In fact, he is often blamed for this. They are also exposed to mouthfuls of words.

Do you know why men are silent? Because the main reason men keep silent is because they don’t believe problems can be solved by talking to each other. So much so that they bring the issues of relationships to the table, and when the dynamics of the relationship are discussed, they are disadvantaged against women. Women are much stronger than men in this. That’s why men don’t seem to stand a chance against women; Men always withdraw. Of course, it would not be correct to attribute it to a single reason. There are dozens of reasons behind this. Another reason is that they are bound by the gender rules that stem from their social structure. Arguing is often seen as a feminine act, so men prefer not to talk. Even though it is not a correct pronunciation for a man who talks a lot, it is even said “what kind of woman are you talking”. For this reason, men may think that if they participate too much in the discussion, they will be ridiculed or compared to women. Since it is very difficult to overcome such age-old sexist thoughts, men often choose to remain silent.

One of the reasons men keep quiet about problems is because they don’t get a chance to defend themselves. It has been noticed that men have often stated that they are right or wrong in arguments regardless of whether they are right or wrong. Due to the nature of women, the fact that they constantly think about things that have been experienced or said before, even remembering them word for word and not skipping them, greatly reduces the chance of men to defend themselves. At the same time, it is very exciting for women to constantly bring up the issues discussed beforehand and come to a conclusion. For this reason, he prefers to remain silent, thinking that “even if we fix it, it will get heated and put back in front of me”.

Why do men prefer to remain silent?

Why men shut up

So why is a man silent? One of the main reasons men remain silent is because they are angry. According to many men, when they are angry; They are the reactions they give when they are hurt, criticized, labeled as disrespectful, alone or upset. Men often do not understand why their anger arises. Therefore, silence is a safe haven for them. Therefore, silence is the best option for them. We know that men’s silence and silence almost infuriates women.

Men usually prefer to keep quiet about the woman they love. It’s not because you don’t care about him, it’s because you appreciate him. They prefer to remain silent because they are afraid that if he speaks, he will offend the woman in front of him. Generalizations about men are natural to an extent. Who knows, maybe silence is a man’s character. In other words, it doesn’t matter whether it is a man or a woman, silence, talkativeness is a concept related to one’s character. We may not know what the person has been through in their past or why they are silent because sometimes there can be many underlying reasons. For example, a person’s past experiences…

When are loving men thirsty?

Why men shut up

Men generally prefer to remain silent. So much so that men also have many things they want to say under their silence. This is why men are silent;

  • When a man is hurt or afraid of being hurt, he keeps silent.
  • If you have nothing to say
  • If he has decided to go
  • when he gave up
  • when he is angry
  • When the words to say are heavy
  • If he doesn’t care
  • when you are sad
  • when it’s hard

Do men who really love leave by keeping silent?

Why men shut up

As we mentioned above, most men prefer to remain silent so as not to hurt the woman they love or appreciate. However, this is not the only reason. It would be helpful to look for other reasons as well.

  • While men who suddenly leave a relationship have different personal reasons, many men believe it has to do with fear of commitment.
  • Because of their natural differences, it is very difficult for men to become completely attached to one person, devote themselves to a single person and give up their other pursuits. On the other hand, men who delay marriage to later ages may run away because of women’s pressure to get married.
  • Seeing that the relationship is going serious or the situation where the woman has forward-looking wishes on this subject can lead men to leave quietly.
  • Having trouble explaining his feelings, the man suddenly disappears saying “I don’t want to hurt him, he’ll understand anyway” instead of expressing why he wants to break up with the woman. However, he does not know that this situation hurt the woman in front of him even more.

Reasons for male silence

Why men shut up

Here, let’s hear from them why men keep silent. The answer from several men we asked was along these lines;

  1. “If he has made a mistake against you and is aware of it, he will keep quiet. So much so that he will walk away so as not to insult and upset you even more, but people get along by talking. No one has got it anywhere by being silent. If we can’t talk by sharing our problems, that relationship is already over.”
  2. “According to girls, men experience most of what they experience inside. Men get a lot of criticism from the opposite sex because of this characteristic. According to men, this is not a snapshot, but something that has been thought about for a few months. So everything is not happening all at once like you think. Even in these cases. It’s kind of hard to talk to. What will a man say whether it doesn’t work with you or without you. It’s best if he’d rather walk away without getting hurt or hurt.”
  3. “As Fuzuli said, if I say it, it has no effect, if I keep silent, the heart is not satisfied. If we know that it will have no effect and nothing will change, I think the most important thing is that we will leave because the landscape will become ugly and memories will be destroyed during the separation.”

Why is a loving man silent?

Why men shut up

While women express their feelings at every opportunity, men act wisely because, according to her, expressing their open feelings is seen as a weakness.

  • Because men don’t want to appear too enthusiastic, they don’t call all the time and prefer to keep their mouths shut.
  • Men are just as emotional as women. But they can’t live it in society because that’s what society has taught them. Therefore, they do not like to reflect their feelings.
  • Men do this to please women. Many men believe that nice men finish last and that women of a certain level want bad guys.
  • If you look weak, people will use you. Some men say that if she shows her feelings, she will use them.
  • Besides, if he doesn’t love or care about you, he’s silent. Maybe there are important things he hides from you and he prefers to keep quiet because he can’t tell you about them. Let’s say if the guy is quiet, give him some time. It would be more correct to approach him as if you have a problem (instead of saying why you are behaving this way) rather than accusing him, can you tell me. This way, instead of interrogating him, he will notice that you care and express yourself for this reason.

Remark: The person who writes pages to explain the reasons for men’s silence is called a woman. Women are like that. He is the one who thinks and expresses men’s problems more than men. Who knows, maybe women wouldn’t talk so much if men didn’t prefer to be so quiet.

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