Why do we dream? What should I do if I have nightmares?

The cause of dreams and nightmares is a topic many of us wonder about. Dreams are mental images or activities that take place while sleeping. You can dream at any stage of sleep, but your most vivid dreams usually occur during rapid eye movement sleep, or REM sleep. This is the sleep period when your brain is very active, your eyes move quickly behind your closed eyes, and your muscle tone is temporarily lost. Events, sights and sounds that emotionally touch, excite and frighten people are hidden deep in our minds, they are not easily forgotten and reappear as nightmares or frightening dreams when we sleep at night. Perhaps you have not experienced anything frightening in your daily life. Some horror movie scenes that are meant to scare people can keep people from sleeping comfortably for years. All the children who came to me to consult me ​​because of their fear started to get scared after watching a movie or playing a game.

In this case, if you want to get rid of your fears, the first precaution you take is not to watch horror movies and play computer games that contain scenes of horror and violence. We had a nightmare, what should we do? Nightmares are dreams that frighten and excite people. When we wake up from the nightmare, our hearts are beating fast, we are sweaty and excited. Instead of struggling with this situation alone, you should ask your parents for help. The safe arms and soothing voice of a trusted elder will soothe you. If we wake up as soon as we dream, we remember the dream better, and if we tell someone about this dream at that time or if we wake up and think about it, we will never forget that dream.

Do you want to remember or forget the nightmare you had?

Wake up if you want to forget. These suggestions are the first steps that can be taken to overcome night terrors. Most fears can be overcome with these simple yet effective steps. But sometimes the fears can be so intense that they require professional help. Then it is necessary to seek help from a psychologist or psychiatrist. There are programs to overcome fear that are made for fears. In these programs you can overcome your fears step by step in 6-8 sessions with the help of your therapist.

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